Galaxy Buds 2 are under development, set to take on the second generation of AirPods.
(Photo : Samsung Philippines)

The fight continues between the Apple AirPods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds. Contrary to popular belief, Samsung actually beat Apple on the race to release the first truly wireless earpiece in the market. However, the Samsung Gear IconX, which released almost half a year ahead of Apple's AirPods, immediately got buried by the AirPods' superior quality and design.

In response to the AirPods' popularity, Samsung continued to improve its gear. The tech company eventually released the newly-Christened Samsung Galaxy Buds February this year. It released alongside its flagship smartphone device, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Rumors and leaks about the upcoming release of the Galaxy S11 is also paired with similar rumors about the successor to Samsung's wireless earphones. It looks just like the S10—the S11 will be released alongside a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Matching the Competition

The Apple AirPods 2 was released this March with an improved bluetooth connection and came with an optional charging case. It easily got over the by-then newly-released Galaxy Buds. The AirPods 2's best feature is its noise-cancellation, a feature that the Galaxy Buds notably lacked.

Trying to play catch up with the competition, Samsung seems to be working towards the implementation of noise-cancellation on the new Galaxy Buds. SamMobile, a leading authority on Samsung devices, reported that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are in the works. They also reported that the new earpiece will finally have noise-cancellation features.

Given the timing of its leak, it's easy to assume that the Galaxy Buds 2 will be released alongside the S11, just like how the first Buds released with the S10.

Hands-free Headsets

Of course, Samsung and Apple don't hold a monopoly on wireless earphones, despite being the most popular choices. There are a few alternatives that consumers could consider buying if they're not willing to shell out fortunes.

The 1MORE Stylish earphones are a great alternative. Not only does it cost half than the Apple AirPods, but it also delivers good quality sound over the airwaves. It lasts just as long as the Galaxy Buds would at 6 hours, and it also comes with a charging case, which extends its usage to up to 24 hours.

If you're looking for something you could take to treks, check out JLab's Epic Air Sport. It has multiple configurations that help you find the perfect fit to your ear, although it clinging to your ears might be a deal-breaker. Its charging case allows the earpieces to stay usable for about 70 hours, perfect for long trips and treks where you'd go days without electric access. It's slightly more expensive than the Galaxy Buds, but the extra juice it offers pretty much makes up for it.

If you want a more premium choice, then the Sony WF-1000MX3 should be your choice. It flat out beats Apple's AirPods in all aspects, but it also costs more. It has better noise-canceling, better connectivity, and looks more stylish—although that last one could be subjective. It runs for six hours before running out of juice, but its handy charging case extends those hours to 32. If you could afford to spend more and aren't using Apple products anyway, then Sony's earpiece is the best alternative you could get right now.

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