Amazon Black Friday Sale
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It's exactly a week before the Black Friday 2019. The good news is that you don't have to wait for that big sale day to come to own a new TV, smartphone, or any other tech gadget you've been longing to have. Today, Amazon has officially offered its great Black Friday deals, which are expected to be even greater when that much-awaited date, which is Nov. 29, comes.

According to a CNET article posted on its page, "Happy HoliDeals page" of Amazon "is already populated with a slew of Black Friday is just shy of one week away." However, the leader in online shopping business isn't waiting until then to release some of its major deals for consumers looking to get a jump on holiday shopping. Amazon's Happy HoliDeals page is already populated with a slew of Amazon-branded products, with a great selection of gadgets and tech accessories all on sale before the big day.

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Featured Items on the Happy HoliDeals Page 

You can get a whole range of Amazon devices from the Happy HoliDeals page of this leading online retail store. And, for you to get discounts from this pre-Black Friday 2019 treat, you need to sign up first and foremost, for the TopCashback, Amazon's cash-back service offering an unmatched 10% rebate on the online store's devices. However, not all devices are available at this time—at least this early.

If an Echo smart speaker, a Kindle e-reader, or a Fire tablet is on the top of your list, you will have to wait until next week before Amazon unveils its discounts with these devices. Meanwhile, here are some of the items featured on the Happy HoliDeals Page. Some may already be available with marked-down price, and the others to start later this week.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones now for only $149

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones
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Amazon offers a great range of wireless earbuds, and a perfect must-have is Klipsch with its T5 True Wireless Earphones. You are treated to up to $50 savings if you buy the product early.

Amazon Echo Show 8 now at a discounted price of $100

Amazon Echo Show 8
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This is not currently available yet, but Amazon is hurrying out its first-ever marked-down price on the Echo Show 8 that can give you up to $30 savings. It's fundamentally the Echo Show 5's larger version, and you can get it at a discounted price of $100.

AirPods Pro at a sale price of $235

Apple AirPods Pro
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Apple fans will surely be delighted to discover that they'd get up to $15 savings with the Apple AirPods Pro now offered for a lower price. Amazon has just one reminder, though: this "product keeps going in and out of 'back-ordered' status. One thing seems sure, though, that there'd be no more delay in shipping. 

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