Is there a way to track an iPhone by its number? If you have an in with the phone carrier, they could do it for you. This isn't an option if you don't own the iPhone, though. Network operators are forbidden by law in most countries to share location-related details. 

How then can you track an iPhone by its number alone for free? You could use a reverse phone lookup service. These services can provide you with a general-area location of the iPhone in question. 

If you want to track someone's iPhone in real-time, however, you're going to need a spy app. These apps allow you to track any iPhone or iPad covertly. You can install them via your web browser and then track the target device via your PC or smartphone. 

This article is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 and Part 2 are how you can track an iPhone by using a spy app (in real-time). 

  • Part 3 is how you can track an iPhone by its phone number online (general area location). 

Part 1: How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number 

The first method we have for you by which you can track someone's iPhone is by using Spyier. All you need to install the app. Then you can start tracking the target iPhone in minutes. 

Spyier is a well-known phone monitoring solution. It's often featured on major media outlets online such as TheVerge, TechRadar, Mac World, and TopTenReviews. At the moment, over a million people worldwide make use of Spyier's iPhone tracking feature. 

Using Spyier to track an iPhone is quick and painless. Also, did we mention that it's super-discreet? If you use Spyier with the help of mobile signal booster you can track an iPhone without being found out. 

1.1 Spyier: The Ninja iPhone Tracking App      

Spyier is a hidden phone monitoring solution. If you use Spyier, you're guaranteed not to be detected by the iPhone user. This makes Spyier indispensable in cases where you have to be discreet, like when you're monitoring your kids or employees. 

How does Spyier's iOS stealth feature work? Spyier is a browser-based iPhone monitoring solution. That means you don't need to jailbreak the target iPhone, nor do you need to download or install any software on it. 

Instead of working with the iPhone directly, Spyier instead works with the iPhone's iCloud account. There is no app for the user to detect. Spyier works remotely via any web browser and brings you periodic location updates. 

1.2 How to Track Someone's iPhone by Phone Number Without Them Knowing 

Are you ready to get started with the iPhone tracking with Spyier? Given below are the simple steps to follow. You don't need any special technical skills to set up the app or use it. All you need is your PC and smartphone: 

Step 1: Get a free Spyier account. Use your email ID as the username.

Step 2: Purchase a Spyier monthly plan. If you want to track a single iPhone by number, you'll need the Premium plan. If you want to monitor multiple iPhones by number, you'll need the Family or Corporate plans.  

Step 3: You'll receive an email in your inbox with setup instructions. Essentially, you just need to click on the link and go to the setup page. Here, choose iOS as the target platform. 

In the page that loads up, enter the target iPhone's iCloud username and password. Then wait until Spyier syncs with the target device. This takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have now set up Spyier successfully. Log in to the app's dashboard via any web browser. The dashboard gives you a rundown of what's happening on the target device. The app's various features are to the left in the selection pane.  

You can start tracking the iPhone's location from the "Locations" sub menu. Or, alternatively, click on the "SIM Card" option to track the phone number.

1.3 Spyier Offers Precise Location Tracking 

With Spyier, you'll be able to track an iPhone with pinpoint precision: 

  • Check real-time location: You can check the iPhone's present location on an interactive map on your screen. You get regular location updates in your dashboard, depending on the set iCloud update frequency.

  • View location history: Spyier keeps track of the device's movements over a period of time. If you're wondering what the owner was doing on a particular day, take a peek at the location log at the bottom to find out. 

  • Get address details: Spyier also lists the iPhone's address details in the location log at the bottom. You can get building names, street names, neighborhoods, names of nearest landmarks, and other details. 

  • Access 3D Street View: The app integrates Google 3D street view. You can click on the Google Maps button to load Google's feature-rich virtual map. With Google Maps, you can switch to 3D Street View and see satellite photos of the iPhone's location.  

  • Receive timestamps:  Finally, Spyier also tags every location entry with a time and date stamp. With this information, you'll know when the device entered a particular location or left it.

Apart from location tracking, Spyier also offers SIM-card and cell phone number related features: 

  • Get SIM details: You can view the target iPhone's SIM card details with Spyier. You get details like the mobile carrier information, the IMEI number, and the general carrier location in the SIM card submenu. 

  • Track number changes: What happens if the person changes their iPhone number? You can sign up for a SIM change notification service. Spyier will send you an email in the event the iPhone user changes their SIM card.  

1.3 Why Spyier is the Only iPhone Location Tracker You'll Need 

Spyier is an all-inclusive iPhone location tracker. The app is feature rich and reliable - you won't regret using it: 

1. Spyier is a no-jailbreak solution 

Spyier is an advanced app that needs no jailbreak. Many iPhone location tracking apps only work on iPhones with jailbreak. Spyier is different, though. You can use it conveniently on stock iOS devices, without arousing the user's suspicions. 

2. Spyier is trustworthy and secure

Spyier's iPhone monitoring solution is used in 190+ countries around the planet by a million plus users. The app is user-verified and gets positive reviews from its users. It won't steal your personal information, nor is it a virus in disguise, unlike some other apps. 

3. You don't have to worry about your privacy 

You can use Spyier without worrying about your privacy. Unlike many apps, Spyier safeguards your privacy. Your personal data is never stored on the Spyier servers, nor is it accessible to anyone. You don't have to worry about being hacked. 

4. Spyier does more than track locations 

Spyier is a full-blown iPhone monitoring solution, not just a location tracker. As a result, the app can track text messages, iMessages, social media activity, call logs, media files, SIM card details, installed apps, and much more. 

5. The app is reasonably priced  

Spyier is priced affordably. You pay only a small monthly fee to use Spyier each month - about what you pay to buy a lunch sandwich. If you want to track the locations of multiple iPhones, you can do so at a discount price. 

Not only can you set up Spyier remotely, but you can use it remotely too. You never have to touch the target iPhone or even go near it, which makes Spyier safe and easy to use. 

Part 2: How to Track an iPhone By Number Online Free 

The second solution we have for you is called Cocospy. This is another well-known phone monitoring solution. It's mainly used by parents looking to keep an eye on their kids and people in relationships trying to track errant spouses.  

Cocospy allows you to find any iPhone's current location provided you have access to its iCloud credentials. The app is trustworthy and is used worldwide. Platforms such as The Next Web, TheGuardian, CNET, and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have good things to say about the app.

2.1 Cocospy offers super-convenient remote location monitoring 

With Cocospy, you can conveniently and remotely monitor and iPhone or iPad: 

  • Check the location of any iPhone or iPad in real-time. 

  • Receive details like house names, streets, neighborhood information, and cities visited. 

  • Use Google's 3D map view to get an up-close look. 

  • Find out details like the SIM card information and IMEI number. 

  • Get a notification when the user changes their SIM card. 

2.2 3 Reasons Why Cocospy is an Excellent iPhone Tracker 

Why should you use Cocospy to track an iPhone? The app is an effective solution: 

1. Cocospy is accessible 

Everyone can use Cocospy. The app is easy to install and use. You just need to input the target's iCloud credentials to set it up. Afterward, you can use it from any PC or smartphone. The app offers regular tracking updates direct to your private account. 

2. You receive multiple powerful features 

Cocospy is more than a location or phone number (SIM) tracker. The app offers extra iPhone monitoring features that you may find useful. The top features on offer include a call log viewer, social media monitor, and media files checker. 

3. The app is discreet 

Occasionally, you'll need to track an iPhone without the owner's awareness - like when you're trying to keep tabs on a wayward child. 

Cocospy is built to be discreet. It works via your web browser and extracts the iCloud account linked to the iPhone, which makes it impossible to detect.  

You can have Cocospy up and running in a matter of minutes. It's compatible with the newest iOS versions. It's also affordable. 

Part 3: How to Track My iPhone by Phone Number 

In Part 3, we give you an easy way to track an iPhone online with ZoSearch. All you have to do is enter the target iPhone's number. The website will then track down the phone's general location and also bring you the owner's details. 

If you're trying to track a stranger's iPhone, this is the solution you need to use.

3.1 You can use ZoSearch in minutes 

Here's how you can use ZoSearch's reverse phone lookup solution: 

Step 1: Go to ZoSearch Reverse Phone Lookup page.

Step 2: Enter the unknown phone number. Afterward, click on the "Search" button.

Step 3: Wait for a minute until the website generates your report.  

That's it! Read the report to find out the phone's present location (neighborhood). 

3.2 ZoSearch offers plenty of useful details 

While ZoSearch isn't a real-time iPhone by phone number tracking solution, it can still dig up some useful details: 

  • You can check the iPhone owner's current address. 

  • View their past address history. 

  • Get the owner's personal details like names, email addresses, aliases, and relatives. 

  • Receive social media details. 


You can quickly and conveniently track any iPhone by its number by using either Spyier or Cocospy. Both these apps are trustworthy solutions. Or you can use ZoSearch to track an iPhone's general location and get details about the owner. 

There are other ways to track an iPhone by its number, but unfortunately they're available only to the military and the government.  

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