Why not try out these top three games that you can find on Amazon for Valentine's day instead of going out to dinner? Playing the top games from Amazon is a much better alternative than going out to dinner with a bunch of couples where everyone is a bit too emotional for your taste. What if you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are not like other couples that want to go out and overspend on this and that and you find all the things other couples do quite boring? Why not just stay at home and battle each other out to see who the champion is?

Competitive couples do not necessarily fight, but they do enjoy games that prove that they are better than one another in one aspect. Are you ready to beat your girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Here are a couple of games to play to see who is the best!

Mortal Kombat 11 - PlayStation 4 

Cool Games From Amazon for the Cool Couple this Valentines
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website)
Mortal Kombat for Valentines Day

Fatality! Imagine how much fun it would be to just go at it and button mash your way to find out who is the best? These fighting games can be pretty graphic, which makes the whole game even more astounding! From cool voices to really brutal fighting, you and your partner might not even stay silent as the sound of victory deserves quite an amount of cheer! This classic game promises an awesome night for you and your partner as you figure out which characters to beat each other with. The graphics are on point, and the sound effects are cool enough to turn your valentines into an epic gaming evening! 

WWE 2K20 - PlayStation 4 

Cool Games From Amazon for the Cool Couple this Valentines
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website)
WWE for valentines day!

Wrestling? Why not!? The cinematics of the game makes it ten times better once you win over your partner! Imagine doing specials and combos and seeing their face when they lose! Well, you love them... but that is no excuse to go easy on them! Check out how this game can turn into a fun evening! From iconic characters from the WWE series to the roaring cheers of the crowd when you land that awesome move, there is clearly so much more fun to be experienced when playing with your partner. 

Tekken 7 PS4 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition 

Cool Games From Amazon for the Cool Couple this Valentines
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website)
TEKKEN for valentines day!

Now for the ultimate round, TEKKEN!!! The ultimate fighting game is here to determine who is the best among the rest! Try to lay down bets or punishments to make this game even more interesting. After all, it is Valentine's Day, and you and your partner better spice things up with Tekken. It is rare to find a partner full of life and competition that is cool with just staying at home and playing video games instead of going out like everyone else, which is why it is best to make the most out of it. The loser pays for pizza, and the winner gets to do anything they want!

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Spice up your valentine's day with these few games to test out who is the best among the rest! Although this should be nothing personal, it would be quite an interesting evening just to battle each other till one of you is the declared winner! These video games on Amazon are a way to make your valentines a little bit more interesting.

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