Himalayan Salt Lamps
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Himalayan Salt Lamps are home decor lights that have increasingly grown popular throughout the years. Often used for decoration at home, salt lamps actually claim to have numerous health benefits! These lamps are believed to purify the air and help maintain the cleanliness of indoor air quality in your home, thanks to its hygroscopic properties. No wonder there's a growing number of people just hankering to have one of these aesthetics placed in their homes. There are a lot of cool brands and types of salt lamps available in the market. However, only a few have attested in terms of quality. To sum that up, here's a list of the Top 5 Himalayan Salt Lamps available in the market!

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Himalayan Glow Multicolor USB Lamp 

To start off, we have Himalayan Glow's Multicolor USB lamp, a new edition to their vast collection of lamps. This lamp, in particular, comes out different, from its unique design that resembles a shape of a heart to its features that include having the lamp to automatically change its color from time to time to create this fun and interesting ambiance throughout the room. The base of the lamp is a 100% natural neem wooden base, which makes it naturally antibacterial. The lamp has six different types of color, all of which create this distinct, luscious glow.  

Levoit Kana Salt Lamp

Levoit is no stranger to the market. With a range of products stretching from Air Purifiers to Humidifiers, and even having awarded best design by iF in 2020 with a particular product of theirs. It's no question that Levoit has a lot to bring to the table. Here's where the Kana Salt Lamp comes in, handpicked only with the finest rock salt, this salt lamp was forged to have everything you want to create that cozy feel to your home with its warm amber glow. 

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D'aplomb Natural Himalayan Salt lamp

Certain products were only made to appeal to the consumer's eyes, yet don't have the function to maintain its quality. This next Salt lamp is a perfect example of looks and quality. D'aplomb has come up with a Salt Lamp that has a design similar to a rose. That means it can also be the perfect gift, especially on mother's day. This salt lamp proves that it maintains its quality while giving the people around the room something to mesmerize to. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Basket

Quantity and quality all in one unique designed basket. This Himalayan salt lamp basket is the perfect decor in any part of your house! The basket acts as a sort of protection, keeping the salt crystals in place. Every bit of crystal is eye-catching and will definitely create an ambiance every home deserves. This also goes great as a gift! Lamps? In a basket? It rings just right!

Majestic Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

The name says it all, Majestic's Pink Himalayan salt is as vibrant as it can be. The Lamp Produces this deep orange glow that will fill any room with warmth and coziness. It is the perfect decor for any home, a decoration that provides cleanliness. Majestics vows to provide superb quality for its products and quality for life.  

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