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Everyone's favorite portly plumber is becoming a plastic toy, so one can wreck your foot if you accidentally step on it. Nintendo and Lego are teasing a collaboration with a purpose to turn Super Mario right into a plastic figure. However, both gaming and toy companies have to confirm if they'd roll out a new line of toys, a brand new game, or both.

The collaboration is the first time Nintendo and Lego have ever worked together, despite Traveller's Tales freeing Lego video games on its platforms for years. British retailer Game said the plan was announced through a Nintendo Direct presentation.

 However, the event did not happen, and the announcement went missing from the page. Either the game had gone off half-cooked, or Nintendo changed its plans, nobody knows what's in store for Mario and Lego. The fans' arms are crossed for a Lego set of Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64, together with its permeable coatings.

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Lego teases Mario, but big brother somewhat protects the portly plumber

Despite Nintendo and Lego not working together before, the latter's "Ideas" page is used to solicit toy requests. The toy company often receives Nintendo mock-ups. One of those turned into based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and acquired more than 10,000 supporters, but Lego, in the long run, decided to pass at the project. This ought to have been due to licensing issues. With Nintendo now collaborating with Lego, that might change. Before Nintendo and Lego partnered, K'NEX treated Mario Series's constructing sets. These featured shifting parts or even launching pads, so Mario ought to fly by air, as well as sets based totally on Mario Kart. Just last week, Nintendo announced a unique collaboration with Levi's too --- which sees iconic Mario designs on Levi's jeans, hoodies, and jackets. IGN said the gaming company is also preparing to open the first of its Super Nintendo World theme parks in Osaka, Japan, hopefully this summer. ALSO READ: A new glitch for 23-year-old 'Super Mario World' has been found

Announcement drew positive reactions on social media

Of course, the top information made some accurate reactions to the information on social media. Doug Bowser - the modern-day president of Nintendo of America - was thrilled to announce the information on his authentic Twitter account. Bowser said his favorite franchise is coming together. One Twitter netizen with a username @NintenDaan said 'the prophecy has been fulfilled.' Another Twitter user said the announcement is 'awesome' as enthusiasts waited for the 'release' to happen.

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