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With 4G LTE networks all around the world, it's now easier to transmit any data while outdoors. With 5G coming soon, devices that rely on wireless data connections will increase. Monitoring devices and systems for vehicles have seen increasing popularity because of demand. We have compiled 5 of what we think are the best monitoring devices for any vehicle. 

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MOTOsafety 4G Real-Time OBD Tracking Device for Kids & Cars & Vehicle Monitoring System

MOTOsafety is the perfect GPS tracker for anyone who wants to monitor a student driver. You can check a vehicle anywhere it goes in real-time, and for an added peace of mind, the manufacturers have consulted several driving instructors and law practitioners to make sure that anyone who's driving will be safe and sound.  

The MOTOsafety tracking device also comes with a free application for parents to monitor their teens. A daily report card will also be generated to summarize every activity that the driver went through.

Another good feature that the device provides is its route replay capability that may prove useful in many circumstances. Its geofence capability is also on-point, which is a virtual boundary that you put on a map.

LoneStar Tracking GPS Tracker For Vehicles

This water-resistant GPS tracker is for drivers who like to go into rugged driving trips. Battery life lasts longer and would depend on how long it's on the wake-up state. The device can easily go to sleep when not in use and can be activated right away.

As an addition, it's back up battery is perfect for a worry-less adventure.

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Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Vyncs made an all-in-one driving aid device that promotes safety and surveillance into the next level. 
Its precise and real-time GPS technology works even if the engine of your car is turned off. Updates are also delivered within every hour to provide a comprehensive breakdown of your trip.

With Vyncs, you can detect any problems before it gets even bigger. This allows you to prepare for possible maintenance and even replacements.Geofencing is also enabled, but this time, a more powerful one. Users aren't restricted to a singular shape, but rather, they can put any shape they want, at any angle. 

Vyncs is also encouraging third-party tracking as long as permission is granted. The Vyncs group feature makes it easier for families to track each other without any hassle. Curfew hours is also enabled so that you would know whether a driver is driving out late at night, or past your allowed driving time.

Vyncs also provides both freedom and control to its userbase by giving access to third-party applications and services like Amazon's Alexa and more smart devices. 

Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker with Live Audio Monitoring

Logistimatics improves real-time tracking by adding an audio feature to it. Users can hear anything that is happening around their tracker wirelessly, and all of these occur in real-time.

It has a magnetic backplate that is also detachable to make things a lot easier when it comes to swapping locations. Geofencing is also enabled, and the device will notify its user if the tracker exits or enter a specific area.

Its long battery life and well-made tracking system are perfect for longer driving hours. 

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