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SetSchedule's focus on the intersection of technology and real estate is helping them create new ways to help industry professionals find and foster better customer relationships.

Roy Dekel, the CEO and co-founder of SetSchedule, has expressed this goal in several interviews. According to Roy, one of SetSchedule's overarching goals is to create products that are "going to unite real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title officers, and other real estate professionals," thereby creating a more frictionless home base for key workers in the real estate industry.

Because the real estate industry is a face-to-face business, few companies have embraced technology as a way to supplement interactions with a data-based approach. While the technology industry itself is aiming to solve problems across industries, the real estate sector is highly specialized and localized, making it a difficult area to apply technology - unless someone with years of experience across both fields is able to integrate them.

Roy's background in the real estate business proved him a perfect candidate to take on the task of integrating tech and real estate. After spending years heading his own real estate investment funds that relied on data-heavy analytics to make key investment decisions, Roy and his co-founder Udi Dorner set out to create a company that could integrate the technology they were seeing in other markets with their area of expertise.

In 2014, the two began SetSchedule, a suite of Saas tools geared to streamline the real estate sales cycle and improve the home shopper journey and data needs. The platform offers, a variety of products for PROs as well, utilizing AI, Big Data and Machine learning to help users save time, sell faster, scale their business, and increase growth.  The tech-based tools include a transaction platform for client management, research center, virtual open house tool, and a variety of lead opportunities enhanced by deep learning algorithms, predictive data and AI technologies. 

The Lead marketplace, called Referral Radar, offers on-demand leads aggregated in real-time from a variety of popular and well-known lead generation websites all in one unique S.M.A.R.T agnostic leads marketplace product. Backed by AI technologies and machine learning, the marketplace learns behaviors recognizing leads that would most interest users based on individual activities. In the development of these products, Roy and his team have increased efficiencies in the deal flow for both consumers and professionals.   

Referral Radar's creation was explained by Roy as a "solution and not just another tool," demonstrating the CEO's forward-thinking nature. To this, Roy added that he believes "we redefined a category that didn't exist before SetSchedule, order to deliver better business efficiency to real estate professionals." And while some real estate agents rely purely on traditional methods, it's hard to argue that this technology-based solution isn't working: to date, the platform has introduced over $1 billion in real estate transactions successfully.

"Real estate is an industry that relies on networking and collaboration," said Roy in correspondence with BusinessWire, "so by helping our members connect with other valuable figures, we add value." This core tenet of the company extends to new product offerings like SetAds.

Much like the SetSchedule platform's use of AI in finding leads, SetAds utilizes machine learning to find advertising targets. The marketing platform's specific tailoring to the real estate industry has allowed the internal algorithms to be more refined, delivering unique results that more generalizable models may not fully realize. And by broadcasting directly to the platform's network of qualified realtors, the advertising and marketing platform allows for more direct communication among realtors, property managers, and even lenders and appraisers.

The success of SetSchedule's software suite and their recent advertising platform points to their foothold in an area that many real estate companies are looking to expand in, but are struggling to find a foothold. While companies like Zillow and Trulia have cemented their place in the real estate tech scene - and one could argue into the mainstream consciousness - few professional-centric apps have reached the same integrative standard.

Realtor's home hunting app allows interested homebuyers and real estate agents alike to scan through homes on the market. Apps like DocuSign and CamScanner offer intriguing solutions to common real estate issues like the extensive paperwork that goes into deals but aren't specifically designed for real estate agents. Other aspects of the real estate industry like marketing insights and customer relationship management are often ancillary programs and don't offer much info on mobile apps.

SetSchedule's core team pinpointed this gap in the professional market and rolled out many of these industry-specific features in their own app. Udi Dorner pointed out that "today's realtors are rarely at a desk, so providing them with a mobile app is an essential progression". Features like easy access to leads and automated meeting generation allow the app to "provide the ability for agents to consume leads and virtually nurture their pipeline," a much-needed way for agents to keep in touch with leads during this time of self-isolation and quarantine.

The company isn't stopping there, however. Roy is eager to continue growing the company's offerings, creating solutions and integrated workflows for even more professionals across the country. "We knew that we wanted SetSchedule to expand into the revolutionary real estate marketplace that it is today," Dekel said in another statement to BusinessWire, "We have no plans to slow our growth!"

The upward trajectory of SetSchedule and their consistent rollout of new products is ever-increasing. Recently, the company announced plans to release a total revamp of its platform in the Fall of 2020. The SaaS platform will see some significant upgrades, including a much more streamlined user interface that makes it easier to onboard new users. It'll also feature simple workflow automations, letting real estate agents and companies reach out to other professionals and interested parties easily. Though details are sparse currently, this upcoming change will also likely expand the user group of the program to align with Roy's overall company vision.

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