Where to Buy TikTok Likes, Followers, and Views; Here are 20 Options For You!
(Photo : Image by antonbe from Pixabay) Where to Buy TikTok Likes, Followers, and Views; Here are 20 Options For You!

In today's lockdown, where everyone is complied to stay at home, a Chinese app named TikTok became a worldwide trend. It has everything you need-- a social media and a video-sharing platform to enjoy with your friends. 

But that isn't the only reason why TikTok is addicting. It can also bring you money. Once you had a huge number of likes, views, and TikTok followers, a huge sum of money also awaits you in the end. Yet everything comes with a price. 

A lot of websites online now offer a faster way for you to gain likes, views, and followers on TikTok. To help you get started, here are the top 50 websites that genuinely sell likes, views, and followers-- for fair prices. 

 1. TokSocial

If TokUpgrade doesn't match what you need, another alternative is TokSocial. TokSocial goes brilliant in every way. Once you visit its website, it immediately tells you that they do not offer spam or fake followers on TikTok. It means that only legitimate and real accounts will follow your account. 

2. Tik Social

TikSocial guarantees you that they won't leave you behind. This website takes you to a different level of sustainable results for your TikTok account. With its claimed fast-delivery and customer support system open 24/7, TikSocial will fly you towards what you aim for in the TikTok world. 

3. Instasamy

Based in Milan, Italy, Instasamy.com has everything it needs to upgrade your TikTok account. Customers won't need to give any of their private details to protect your personal info. They have the best services of TikTok Shares in the market.

4. TokUpgrade

For our first recommendation for TikTok likes, views, and followers, TokUpgrade is a big fish you must catch. This marketing website offers ultimate pricing, whether you're still a beginner in taking videos on the app or already looking to expand your audiences online.

5.  Leo Boost

Unlike other websites, Leo Boost does not accept Paypal as payment for its services. But it is still a good place to start garnering audiences, especially if you're new as an influencer. 

6. Bouxtie

Bouxtie believes that for you to trust them with your money and data, you need to know them a little more besides what's written on the website. In order to do that, they will sit and talk with their clients and offer them great pricings for each TikTok likes, views, and followers they like to have.  And since clients will personally talk with Bouxtie, they can also offer you alternatives, just in case you don't have enough budget.

7. Buy Social Buzz

Buy Social Buzz is a popular choice for many, which is why they've got so many positive customer reviews. It is more expensive compared to other websites, though.

8. Feed Pixel

Feed Pixel is a go-to to all TikTok starters that aim to get additional likes and followers without spending too much money on the line. For the minimum price of $9 up to over $150, you can freely choose your packages from the number of likes or followers you need online. 

9. TikTok Palace

For those who find themselves unlucky with getting the right content for your TikTok videos, maybe adding your followers is all you need. TikTok Palace, just like the rest of the websites, offers a real and genuine set of followers to keep you busy all night long.

10. TikTok Full Promotion

When someone says nothing is free, that's not true at all. TikTok Followers Free isn't just for promotion, this website literally gives away free TikTok followers with few easy steps. 

11. Active IG

One thing that will automatically capture your eye on visiting Active IG's website is the instant delivery of services. This website guarantees quick services-- like no other.

12. Hashtags for Likes 

Hashtags for Likes is commonly used for Instagram growth. It allows Instagram posts to reach its target audience and gain likes and engagement within an account. But this website doesn't just apply to 'gram. You can also use this to reach out to TikTok followers and follow you back. 

13. The Royal Key

If you're looking for 24-hour services company in garnering TikTok views, likes, and followers, The Royal Key is the answer. What makes them unique is that customers can choose the country they wanted their followers to be from. Making it easy for you to create content. 

14. TikTok Guru

TikTok Guru allows you to gain enough followers charging for only the cheapest rates you can find out there. Though its lower prices, the website guarantees to give you quality followers to fit what you need each time uploading a TikTok video. 

15. Tik Fuel

Tik Fuel was said to be one of the leading service providers in the TikTok world. Customers will only have to choose a package, provide a username, and services will successfully make after 12 to 24 hours.  

16. Mr. Insta 

Another website worth considering to purchase likes, views, and followers on TikTok is Mr. Insta. This website offers a wide selection of packages on TikTok likes for you to have the perfect fan base on your videos. To make your transaction more worth it, clients can also attach their Instagram account once you signed up for Mr. Insta. Just like 'hitting two birds in one stone.'

17. TikTop

Gather TikTok views from a minimum 500 up to 50,000 with TikTop and reach your way unto the top of the viral ladder. Use any payment method you like such as PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and others. 

18. You Me Viral 

You Me Viral serves on its main purpose for email support. But that's not the only one that matters for the website, as it also goes hand-in-hand with you through achieving that fame on TikTok.

19. Tik to the Tok

When it comes to choosing a set of TikTok followers, you aim to only have the quality ones. Tik to the Tok boasts to give "quality services, secured payment, and 24/7 live chat support." 

20. Trollishly

Trollishly believes that they can do 'viral marketing made simple.' Since everyone does not have time to complicate processes, especially when looking for content to put online, Trollishly aims to be your backup on your account.

21. Instant Fans

Instant Fans isn't only great for adding Instagram followers, this website also assures you a stable number of TikTok likes, views, and followers within only a few hours. 

22. Alessin

Alessin claims to have helped over 12 million clients since its first release. So what makes it popular for TikTok influencers? Alessin has a simple technique. Lower charges, faster delivery, and easy way of transaction. That's how Alessin works for all its clients.

23. Wise-XY

Unlike other websites, Wise-XY promises to provide long-lasting followers on your TikTok account. If the company won't accomplish what you want, they will refund the payment you sent. 

24. TikTok Luv

Clients at TikTok Luv can start purchasing followers and likes for a price of $55 and head your way to a broader audience. Just like the other websites, TikTok Luv only offers legit and real followers-- no spam or fake profiles in here!

25. Celebritik

Celebritik, the website that features #TikTok Fame at your fingertips. Unlike superstars, having thousands of followers online are not easy, but not for Celebritik. 

26. Share Fans

Share Fans claims to be one of the best companies that offer marketing for any social media platform. The process is also simpler compared to others. All you have to do is give your username and complete your order right away.

27. SocioTraffic

Having a 4.6-star rating on Trust Pilot, SocioTraffic will help you reach your target audience for the price of a minimum of $4 up to $48. Just like Wise-XY, SocioTraffic also welcomes a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.   

28. TikTok Viral

Grow your TikTok audiences and community for only less than $2 through TikTok Viral. To help you with all the details you need to know, this company has its 24/7 customer support to accommodate you for your inquiries regarding signing up or packages you like to have.

29. Social Fried 

Contrary to Feed Pixel, Social Fried is for those people that already had its audiences but wants to widen it on different platforms. Social Fried boasts that they are one of the quickest websites to get premium quality followers to follow your account.  

30. Free TikTok

Free TikTok is not just a promotional stunt for the website to gain traffic. It really offers free TikTok likes, views, and followers.

31. King Views

Most commonly used for Youtube views, King Views also runs TikTok orders, just in case you need some boost on the platform. King Views promises real and genuine followers to prevent you from being banned on the platform.

32. TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame claims to be the world's number one provider of purchased TikTok views and likes. If you visit its website, the first thing that you might notice is how this website has a lot of testimonials to back up that claim.

33. So Chill Panel

So Chill Panel boasted as one of the leading SMM and SEO markets in town. If you're already professional in the content business in social media, So Chill Panel can be one of your options to widen your reach. 

34. Musically Po

Musically Po may not be the first company to pop in your head once you search for the best purchaser of TikTok likes, but it sure is a perfect company if you're looking to be viral. With cheaper rates of $1.99, faster delivery of outputs, and wide options to pay purchases, Musically Po is one of the websites to look out for. 

35. Social Viral

Social Viral offers a wide variety of packages that you may choose from. Compared to other websites that offer the same services with Social Viral, this website respects customer privacy-- especially with the mode of payment.  For 50 likes or 50 followers, Social Viral charges you for only $2.19, respectively. For 1,000 views, a cheap amount of less than $1 is all you need.  

36. Media Mister 

For an average of 10,000 views, Media Mister will provide you great service by featuring a market for likes, followers, and views for a fair price on your TikTok account. 

37. FollowersUp

FollowersUp is certified easy-to-use and gives quicker services compared to others. This company promises to control your fan base in all your social media accounts, even on TikTok. 

38. FastLykke

Since 2009, FastLykke is a guaranteed service provider of social media likes, views, and followers. For the starting price of $10, you can get started on your business online. 

39. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers certifies safe and convenience with its payment. By using PayPal, you can get-- not just your own fans club on Instagram-- but even on TikTok. 

40. TikFantok

Starting for the price of nearly $3, TikFantok allows you to have thousands of TikTok likes, views, and followers, for only a few hours. If you want a faster way to bring life to your TikTok account, here's what you need.  

41. Popularity Bazaar

Popularity Bazaar is so easy-to-use for anyone looking to add numbers on their social media. Follow these simple steps: pick a package, enter order details, and proceed to payment. 

42. Instasamy

Based in Milan, Italy, Instasamy has everything it needs to upgrade your TikTok account. Customers won't need to give any of their private details to protect your personal info. 

43. Tik-Boost

A bit pricey compared to other websites, Tik-Boost charges its minimum 100 TikTok followers for only $4. However, aside from followers, you can also have TikTok likes, views, and even video shares. 

44. Instant Famous

Instant Famous is not only concerned about making you famous. This website also wants you to upload quality videos in order to easily and quickly reach your quota for the day. For nearly $3, you will have 100 followers in no time.  

45. Get All SMM LTD

If you want to get them all, make sure to inquire on Get All SMM LTD. This TikTok website assures its customers with instant delivery, cheap prices, and 24/7 live chat support, just in case you need some help. 

46. QQ Tube

QQ Tube brings a wide variety of packages to choose from depending on your budget. And if you have other social media accounts too, you can bring them to QQ and populate your audiences. 

47. Woorke Services

There's a lot to love about Woorke Services. This website is one of the most trusted in their field and will make the process of making you famous a gradual but in a sure way. For nearly $8, you can get 50 likes on your page. 

48. Social PR Boss

If you're looking for an average additional number for your TikTok followers, Social PR Boss makes the difference. Any prices bought from the company will have a 30-day refill guarantee to keep you protected and assured at all times.  

49. HypeTik

For a dollar worth, HypeTik website is another TikTok marketing site everyone must check out. This website does not just offer cheap prices for your followers, HypeTik also gets your services within minutes. 

50. Manager Gram

Manager Gram is the last choice in our top 50 but definitely not the least. Just like a personal marketing assistant, this website gives you the freedom to choose to have a one-time follower or monthly followers on your account.  

Why hire a company?

TikTok has become an official app for Gen Z. Forget Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, and this video-sharing social networking service is a must for all teens and young adults out there. 

But this app is not just made for fun. If you become famous on the platform, you will be rewarded with financial consolation until you reach your target. 

According to BBC, an annual income from $26 to whopping $32,000 can be your earnings once you become a TikTok influencer. Of course, to do that, you need to make investments such as purchasing likes, views, and followers on your account.

And this top 20 list surely will help you with everything you need. 

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