Why should You Buy a 4K Monitor - Reasons You Might Not Know
(Photo : Why should You Buy a 4K Monitor - Reasons You Might Not Know)

When we are faced with a new monitor purchase, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the technical specifications and the time old question of 'is it worth it''. When new technology is released on a regular basis and components become outdated in a matter of months, is 4k worth it? Here we let you know why you should consider upgrading. 

They're Actually Not That Expensive

If you were looking to upgrade to a top end monitor, the price difference between a none 4K and a 4K monitor isn't actually that much. You don't have to spend too much more money to get a top of the line, brand new 4K, so it is not out of reach or out of budget if you were already in the market for one! 4K isn't brand new technology, it was released back in 2013, but because consumers didn't see a need for it and ultra HD content wasn't yet a thing no one really bought into it. A few years later the prices started to become more affordable, so now there is content that is made for 4K monitors and they are now very reasonably priced. You can see also 4kmonitor.net for further details. 

You Can Get A Bigger Screen

If you have been gaming on a 1080p monitor, you'll know that the sweet spot is about 24inch diagonally. If you game on a screen any larger than that at that resolution, you will start noticing individual pixels which can ruin game play. 4K technology packs in more pixels per square inch than we have seen before, resulting in bigger screens with better resolutions. You won't have pixelated game play if you upgrade to the sweet spot 4k monitor and you can be sure that when they release 4K games, you'll be ready with the right resolution and processing power to fully benefit from it. 

Better In Game Visuals

If you have been playing on a 1080p monitor, you will instantly notice a difference when you switch up to a 4k. Games developers have been rushing to make sure they don't fall behind when it comes to in game resolution, so you will be benefitting from their development and your upgraded monitor. 

You Are Future Proofing

It almost sounds ridiculous to say it, especially in terms of gaming and tech, but there is a certain amount of truth to it. Before 4k became widely available, companies like Sony and Microsoft started scrambling to make sure their consoles and games would be able to run on this new resolution. Some are still in the early days of 2k development, but it won't be long until more games are widely available in 4k and as this resolution gets more popular, the availability will increase further. Whilst prices aren't set to go up, if you buy a 4k now, the games will be catching up soon and you will already be ahead of the curve. 

It Is Far Superior to 1080p 

1080p is widely accepted as the default for gaming monitors at the moment and that is because games development hasn't quiet caught up with screen development, but it will get there. 1080p has 4 times less pixels than its 4k counterpart, so whilst your games on your 1080p monitor may look good now, by early next year they won't. You will start seeing more 4k games and consoles coming through as companies fight to get theirs out first and when this happens you will want to be running the best monitor possible to benefit from this new technology. 

Final Considerations

When we are thinking of upgrading our PC gaming gear, the last thing we ever think is that we are future proofing ourselves. This is because technology moves so quickly that it is usually impossible, but when it comes to 4K tech, this isn't the case. This is one of only a handful of times where you can effectively future proof yourself and be confident that you don't have to spend that much money to do it. 4K technology is far superior to that of 1080p and because it has been around since 2013, you also benefit from reduced prices. So if you are in the market for a new monitor, why not upgrade to 4K.

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