The Latest Technology Used In Foot Orthotics
(Photo : The Latest Technology Used In Foot Orthotics)
The Latest Technology Used In Foot Orthotics
(Photo : The Latest Technology Used In Foot Orthotics)

Although you're seeing new updated technologies today, there are always great ways to incorporate them to make the world a better place-especially when it comes to health. 

In this article, we're going to be discussing the latest technology updates that the medical field has been using to improve foot orthotics.

Updated Technology for Health

As our world evolves around us, there are different types of technologies that are also emerging, attempting to keep up more and more with our fast-paced lives. 

Especially if you're in that field of orthotics, you'll definitely want to research the most up-to-date resources and methods to help ease the process with your patients and help make the entire method as painless and quick as possible! 

First and foremost, the customized orthotic insole or solution is one of the most popular add-ins of technology that we've seen so far! This is quite worldwide-but the methods that doctors are using to get to that perfect insole have been changing from place to place. 

This can be done through an inverse cast of the foot, being digitally created and generated. This sort of technology needs advanced software, which generally isn't on the budget-list of most medical practices. 

These customized orthotic insoles can help with fallen feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, and even flat feet. 

These insoles can also be created by scanning and mapping the foot with foam and plaster impressions. However, you will also be seeing certain practices move that dated practice to a more new-age solution through digital scanning, 

Digital scanning isn't the only way to see the foot in a 3D way. Foot orthotics have also used the technology of 3D printing, photopolymerization, and injection molding, among others, to help give you a 3D look of the foot and its abnormalities. 

Additive Manufacturing, or AM, first models the foot digitally on a computer program and then produces a three-dimensional model via printing which can help a medical professional then create custom orthotics to help the patient as best as they can.

New Innovation Ideas

The Latest Technology Used In Foot Orthotics

If you're tired of looking for extra wide work boots but still not have the extra support you need to help relieve you of pain, then you need to be sure to check out the latest materials that are used for braces and other helpful aids. 

We've gotten to an era where we are using not only modern plastics but also foam, carbon graphite, and even nylon. Since they are much more flexible than the other materials that were used in the past, this also helps patients with their flexibility limitations and their pain. It also helps increase the life of the orthotics themselves.

The stray away from the rigid aluminum or orthotic braces also restricted a patient's gait, which can actually reduce the potential that they're going to get better and improve, as well-which can lead to a decreased quality of life. 

New technology also helps decrease the creation process, meaning that the time it takes for a patient to receive a fully decked out, customized orthotic insole can be drastically reduced. 

Another important innovation in the industry is that the orthosis isn't just created based on the shape of the foot alone. It also uses the doctor consultation and every detail of the specific diagnosis, rehabilitation course, and comfort aspects.

During your assessment, the medical professional will also go through an evaluation of your medical history, your gait, and measurements of your body dimensions. This is especially helpful when creating a customized product since the combination of those measurements are extremely unique to even patient, which can help you find the perfect fit for your brand new orthotics.

What is a gait? It's the way you walk-which is different from person to person and can be influenced by so many different unique factors, like previous injuries, gender, and age, as well as the footwear that you normally wear on an everyday basis.

After this evaluation and assessment, your doctor will be able to use the high-end technology to give you that exact, customized product that can help you and reduce your pain as much as possible.

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