QR Data Logging Startup Logmore Secures €4.5M to Help Logistics Companies Improve Shipment Monitoring
(Photo : QR Data Logging Startup Logmore Secures €4.5M to Help Logistics Companies Improve Shipment Monitoring)
QR Data Logging Startup Logmore Secures €4.5M to Help Logistics Companies Improve Shipment Monitoring
(Photo : QR Data Logging Startup Logmore Secures €4.5M to Help Logistics Companies Improve Shipment Monitoring)

The logistics industry is facing mounting challenges today. The current global pandemic aside, shippers have to implement quality assurance in transporting goods to end users. Quality management teams must stay on top of their deliveries and ensure that there are no defects or wastage.

For example, transporting perishable foods requires proper storage and refrigeration. Undue exposure can lead to contamination and spoilage. About 40 percent of the food waste in the United States is caused by failures in the supply chain. Pharmaceutical goods are also sensitive to atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature. Medication and drugs can become harmful when improperly stored or transported.

To change this status quo, Logmore looks to help logistics companies minimize spoilage and ensure the quality of their goods through its data logging solution. The cloud-based platform uses QR tags and built-in sensors to monitor condition data to alert staff members if there are unacceptable changes and resolve them immediately.

The company recently raised €4.5 million in seed funding to scale up its operations and reach more quality assurance teams across the globe. The funding round was led by NordicNinja VC in partnership with Icebreaker VC, Trind Ventures, Tekton Ventures, and Jaakkoo-Taara.

Logistics is a crucial aspect of business today considering how supply chains have become cross-border and global. However, the process of transporting and storing goods has also become complicated as shipments are now subject to various conditions. Despite this, shippers and their consignees expect their packages and their contents to arrive in tip-top condition.

Laws such as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have been put in place to help supply chain operators prevent food safety issues such as contamination and spoilage. Logistics companies are now required to maintain temperature controls and record data when transporting perishable goods. Proper ventilation and storage must also be considered when moving produce that have short shelf life.

Institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) have also established a set of guidelines for transporting healthcare products such as medicines and even vaccines. Despite these guidelines, many shipment companies fail to keep acceptable conditions during transport. For example, 38 percent of vaccine shipments in First World countries has been exposed to conditions outside of its temperature requirements.

Failure to maintain proper conditions for storage and transport is largely due to the lack of overall visibility. Staff members won't be able to resolve issues if they won't be alerted immediately about a measurement reading. Tracking shipping conditions can be especially difficult for air shipments. Traditional sensors and monitoring tools require cellular connection, which won't be available after takeoff. This makes it impossible to ensure product quality during transport.

Fortunately, solutions like Logmore look to improve monitoring shipment through its impeccable data-logging service. The service uses QR tags that are equipped with built-in sensors that measure temperature, humidity, shocks, ambient light, and tilt-conditions that can damage, break, or spoil different products.

Every new measurement refreshes the QR code to embed data on it. Staff members can simply use a standard QR code scanner or a smartphone's camera to read the QR code. The measurements are then uploaded in Logmore's cloud platform. Alerts will also notify quality assurance teams if Logmore reads an unacceptable measurement, allowing them to resolve issues quickly. Since Logmore does not require any other technologies to work, it can also be used to monitor air freights.

QR Data Logging Startup Logmore Secures €4.5M to Help Logistics Companies Improve Shipment Monitoring

Quality assurance teams can also readily view reports and deviations in Logmore's platform. This allows them to track where any damage was incurred and verify who was responsible for it. Based on this, management can then make decisions to implement new strategies and improve their processes.

Through its data logger, Logmore aims to improve visibility and quality monitoring in transporting products.

"After launching the service we've been working hard to make critical shipment condition monitoring such as temperature monitoring of food and pharmaceuticals easy, efficient, and reliable. We are very excited to bring transparency and security into the global supply chains," Logmore cofounder and CEO Janne Juhala said.

The recent influx of capital from its successful Series A funding round is expected to be spent on expansion. The company is expected to solidify its foothold in the North American, Asian, and European markets.

Since its launch, the data-logging service has been used by quality assurance teams in over 150 enterprises. The support they received from investment firms should drive its growth and improve efficiencies in shipments globally.

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