Network analytics is so much more than just a way for IT admin to monitor traffic. Today, such analytics are part of a global $3.6 billion (£2.8 billion) market that addresses the need for businesses to have efficient, high-speed, secure networks.

Your network infrastructure is the support system for virtually every aspect of your business, from customer engagement to internal file sharing and collaboration.

It is therefore vital that you have access to the necessary tools to analyze every aspect of your network and identify where there are weak spots and room for improvement. With that in mind, here are some essential network analysis functions that you need to be taking advantage of. 

Network Analytics Functions You Should Be Taking Advantage of Today
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Cloud Server Monitoring 

According to recently published statistics, 91% of all businesses now use cloud servers for at least a portion of their essential business activities. With this in mind, it has never been more important to be able to effectively monitor and troubleshoot any issues that might arise in the cloud-based servers that you rely on for everyday functions. Emerging analytics tools can now track and trace every single network node, meaning that users can enjoy full control, even beyond the confines of their local network.  

Wi-Fi Analysis

Relatively few providers have taken notice of the importance of Wi-Fi infrastructure to the functioning of networks. However, the comprehensive Wi-Fi Analyzer by SolarWinds addresses this with a platform that seamlessly accelerates Wi-Fi troubleshooting across all wireless networks. The platform is able to automatically discover network devices, map network paths, and measure performance all at once, ensuring that your Wi-Fi network is as strong, effective, and secure as it can possibly be. 

Network Analytics Functions You Should Be Taking Advantage of Today
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Network Discovery 

Modern network infrastructure now relies on dozens, if not hundreds, of different devices, so it can become exceedingly difficult to track as your business grows. However, with network discovery, you can automatically detect all SNMP-enabled devices on your network and monitor them in real-time. Such tools allow you to map out your entire network on a single interface, ensuring that you don't miss a thing and are able to immediately detect any anomalies that might arise. This means that you can dramatically reduce potential security threats in your network by avoiding infiltration by rogue devices, which is an increasingly common form of cybersecurity threat in today's world. 

Link Analysis 

The IT industry is aware of the difficulty that many users face when trying to troubleshoot services and applications that live outside of that user's network. Thankfully, with the recent rise of link analysis tools, this common problem is finally being addressed. Link analysis capabilities allow you to monitor all of the links that extend out from your network, meaning that you can quickly identify any third-party problems and take decisive action before they seriously affect your operational capacity. This ability to see beyond your own IT network is invaluable for countering threats. 

With these groundbreaking network analysis tools, you will be able to bring your network up to the next level, ensuring speed, efficiency, and security. 


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