Art can be expressed in various forms, including traditional art wherein artists use different kinds of mediums such as paint, charcoal pencil, crayons, and/or pen to paint, draw, or sketch something on a canvas or paper. It's now called traditional art since with the improvement of technology came digital art.

Digital art is when the artist uses either a tablet or computer to create their drawing. They can use a variety of drawing tools and software that they could download from the internet.

If your kid is showing some potential when it comes to art, you might want to hone that talent as they can definitely use it in the future. Besides getting them traditional art tools, here are some drawing tablets from Amazon to get them more accustomed to digital art. 

Sunany 8.5" Drawing Tablet

Sunany drawing tablet has an 8.5-inch screen, providing your child plenty of space to draw various pictures. It also has a pressure indicator wherein the pressure of your lines could tell the thickness of the lines. It's one of the key elements in digital art that could make the outcome look more appealing.

It already comes with a stylus pen as well as a replaceable battery and an anti-erasure lock. 

ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet 2 Pack

If you want to save money, this 2-pack Orsen LCD writing and drawing tablet is a great choice. It also has an LCD screen and a stylus pen where you can write or draw anything you want. 

It also supports different pen pressures, so your kid can practice with the line thickness when they upgrade to a graphic tablet later on. That said, it's a great beginner drawing tablet for kids, plus even younger ones can use it since the screen has no radiation and glare, making it safe for them.

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Huion H420 Graphic Tablet Kit

Unlike with the Sunany drawing tablet, the Huion 420 graphic tablet doesn't let you see what you're drawing unless you've paired it with a computer. It can be plugged into your laptop or desktop via USB connection and works with other software, including CorelDraw, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, SAI, and more.

Once you plug it in, you can use it directly without downloading or installing any external software. But you might want to supervise your young children when using this tablet, or it's best to upgrade them to this when they're much older.

It supports 2048 levels of pen pressure. 

Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

When it comes to graphics drawing tablets, Wacom is perhaps one of the most popular.

As with the Huion one, you need to connect it to a computer to see what you're drawing. Plus, you also need certain software to draw. Luckily, you'll get three bonus drawing software when you get this product, so you can get the full features of these software and no need to buy them online.

It comes with four customizable keys for your favorite shortcuts. It's also portable, but still has a wide area where you can draw or write.

It supports 4096 levels of pen pressure and 2540 lip.

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