Do you have Amazon Echo Show 8 at your home? Have you already tried all the things it can do for you? Interestingly, there are tricks that you haven't maybe seen or use yet, using Amazon's Echo Show 8 device. 

Things You Never Know Your Echo Show 8 Can Do!

There are a lot of benefits that Echo Show 8 can bring to the lives of its users. Whether you have a family of your own, you're an adult or a kid, this specific Alexa-powered gadget suits your every need for every day. Aside from its standard usage at home, there are still three things you don't know that you can do with this device. 

Turn Echo Show as a digital picture frame

One of the cutest things you can do with your Echo Show 8 is to put it at the top of a table or shelf and use it as a digital picture frame. You can put your Echo Show in a slideshow preview to enable the digital picture frame setup. Isn't that cute?

Use an 'Alexa Skill' with your Echo Show 8

Alexa, the voice command installed in Echo Show 8, has always been helpful in both important jobs or a lousy Sunday. But did you know that you can download Alexa tricks that you think would come in handy? Yup, it is real, and you can do it now with your Echo Show 8. 

Watch Netflix and chill

An Echo Show 8 can almost do anything. Even letting you watch a Netflix series on the screen! If you wanted to know how to do it, read the long instructions based on Reddit. 

These are just three out of countless tricks that an Echo Show 8 device can do. And there are things that you have not discovered yet. But if you don't have an Echo Show 8 device, that would be a problem. Luckily, Amazon is here to make it happen. 

Why buy Amazon Echo Show 8?

Echo Show 8 is perfect for anyone. You can watch films, watch cooking shows while cooking by yourself, make calls, etc. So why not buy the Echo Show 8?

There is no perfect time to buy Echo Show 8 than on Friday, July 3. The Amazon Echo Show 8 is now 23 % off from the store. So that's a plus. 

This 8-inch screen can control your whole smart home system. Just connect the Alexa device, go to settings, and personalized it whatever you want. Amazon also assures that all your data using this device won't be stolen or used by infiltrators. 

Before its too late, you better go to the Amazon website and check out the prices of other Amazon products now!

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