Birthday celebrations happen once in every year. And when it is your children celebrating the most important part of their lives, giving them gifts is one of those on your bucket list. Looking for a unique gift idea?

In this edition of our Amazon top products, we present to you the best 90s toys. If you were born in this decade, does anything from the list sound familiar?

Best Toys of the 90s Decade

1. Super Z Outlet Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art Board

Those who have lived during the 90s decade will remember the Super Z classic three-dimensional artboard. This features pin boars that make various art styles. They are made with metal pins surrounded by a strong black frame made with plastic. Safe to use and fun for your little ones. 

2. Jakks Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker

Looking old from the outside, but fun on the inside. Play with these creepy crawlers as you transform slime to bugs. The item creates up to 40 different boys. You do not have to worry about harming your child's health because the material is manufactured with a strong plastic.  

3. POG Milk Cap and Slammers Game

There was a moment a few years ago when POGS became popular once more, as it was revived in the market. But did you know that this is actually a 90s collectible?

Right, and children have played on them during the afternoon after school, with each of the chips designed with their favorite pop characters, may this be superheroes or trending personalities. 

4. Decony 7 Oz Jazz Wax Coated Treated Paper Cold Cups

Did you notice how fun it is to stare and play around with fastfood chain cups whenever you pay a visit? This 90s collectible toy is more of decor, but you can give them as gifts that children could play within their food and restaurant household games. 

5. Areaware Solitaire Cards

Are your kids aware of the Solitaire match? It is time to get them introduced to these cards. Made with PVC material, these cards are not harmful to the child's health.  

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Nostalgic Toys of the 90s

Elmo toys are among the most popular items of the 90s.
(Photo : Elmo / Facebook)
What are the best nostalgic toys to give your kids? Here are the gift ideas.

Now that you've known the bestsellers on Amazon let's take you down on a trip to memory lane with the most popular toys of the decade. Give us your thoughts in the comments section if you are familiar with any of these. 

Tickle Me Elmo

The classic character in Sesame Street has been converted to several products around. It could be toys, mugs, or bedsheets. This time, Tickle Me, Elmo, brings you back memories of 1996. It will shake its body when tickled in the designated spot. It appeals to both children and adults.


The Tamagotchi is unique because it is both a wearable and a digital game. It teaches the player skills to take care of others because of the nature of the gameplay. Enable this on your wrist, and you get to take care of a "monster digitally." These creatures must be fed and checked on every once in a while. This is also a reason for a teacher's call to students' behavior since this can distract the child in the class.

Barbie Doll

The Barbie doll is an all-time favorite because of the several outfits and styles that they can wear. There are also different characters available. Tech Times will have more of these lists for you. Follow us on Facebook to see the latest tech news, and more.


Powered by Nintendo, Gameboy is a 90s item that precedes the big fame of the PlayStation consoles. Did you know Super Mario was once a well-loved game on this console? Feel free to share more of your insights in the comments.

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