One of the hardest things that could happen during the global pandemic is pinpointing your lost child's location. There are various GPS trackers specifically designed for your kids that could help you monitor their current location. Here's a simple guide on how to pick the best one for your kids. Tom's Guide stated that those moments at beaches, parks, or any public places when you look around and can't spot your child in a crowd, can be put to an end by the best GPS tracker. 

With all the newest GPS trackers around, how can you pick the best one? First, you need to check if the GPS is reliable or dependable by checking if it gives you accurate updates about your child's location whenever you need them. Checking the design is also a must, you need to make sure that the GPS can be worn comfortably by your child just like a watch or can be clipped onto a backpack securely. 

It must also have an SOS alarm that can give a signal to alert the parents and other family members when there's a problem or two-way calling that will allow you to contact your child or your kid to contact you. When it comes to the price, you need to consider any additional monthly service charges for network connectivity. Here's Amazon's top child GPS tracker you can choose from.  

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This child GPS is the latest version of the popular GL300. It is very portable because of its compact and small design, allowing your child to easily carry it in pockets, vehicles, backpacks, boxes, and cases. It can be used for almost every tracking purposes such as assets, vehicles, employees, family, and more; it also saves 1 full year of historical data. This device can detect events such as parking, movement, device on/off, speeding, in and out of zones, low battery, and even front button pressed.   

Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

This child GPS tracker is great for outdoor activities since it is swim-friendly, durable, and has features kid-approved designs. Its 1-year battery life will allow you to use it any time without worrying about power run-out. It also comes with a free, parent-controlled mobile app. It has a feature that enables parents to manage and assign chores, as well as giving rewards to enforce good behavior positively.   

Mini GPS Tracker TKSTAR

This child GPS is also an anti-theft real-time tracker. It is also strongly secured because of its strong magnet feature combined with its ultra-light design. The device can be firmly fixed on any magnetic surface, with its super-adhesive tape connecting the GPS to its magnetic piece.  

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