Bitplay AllClip and Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
(Photo : Amazon) Bitplay AllClip and Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
Olloclip Multi-Device Clip
(Photo : Amazon) Olloclip Multi-Device Clip
Moment M-Series Macro Lens
(Photo : Amazon) Moment M-Series Macro Lens

These days, it is more popular to see people taking photos or shooting videos using their phones, rather than using a full-size camera. The problem is that your typical smartphone's cameras aren't designed to accommodate all the various types of images that you may want to take. Fortunately, some manufacturers noticed this and began to produce lenses to give people more choices to take quality photographs.

With that in mind, we decided to include the best smartphone lenses for those who may use their smartphones as part of their artistic arsenal. But you can ask yourself some questions before you buy a smartphone lens, before we get started.

The Secret to Better Phone Photos: New Lenses

The problem of whether a phone is the only camera you need is moot now that most of us have the phone's become the only camera. The problem now is how to get better shots out of our cameras without using filters to spice them up.

Speak of lens attachments to your phone's camera like spectacles. They take the default view and use additional glass to amplify it. Here are four styles of shots that they can enhance, and the lenses that I consider to be up to every task.


Smartphone cameras have the so-called optical zoom, but sometimes the images are misleading. All that a phone can do without the optical aid of a lens is use software to blow up the image.

Typical mobile attachment lenses double the picture size of the handset without losing clarity. It makes the screen look more like what you see with your eye.


Good photos provide a fascinating context to a theme. But sometimes you're just too close to catching the scene. They 're perfect for group selfies as well because they let more people fit into the picture. Yet it is a significant technological achievement for a lens, and it matters about the consistency of the glass itself.


If you like large lenses then fisheye lenses will pack a whole light hemisphere into one frame.

The outcome isn't exactly natural-looking, but if you are trying to catch a beautiful all-around scene, it's helpful. You can shot the entire Transamerica tower using one - while standing under it.


Macro lenses are like magnifying phone glasses, revealing the secret life of tiny objects. It is a kind of niche photography that, if you're careful, can create great shots of food, toys, and little creatures. But you have to keep it very, very close, to get a shot in sight.

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Best cellphone lens attachments

Are you looking at the best lens attachments and adapters for the mobile phone camera? Below is a list of mobile phone lens which is compatible with almost every smartphone.

Bitplay AllClip and Premium HD Wide Angle Lens

The biggest advantage that comes with the Bitplay AllClip is its universal 58 and 80 mm adjustability range. It is due to the spring-loaded sliding lock, which makes you match it perfectly with your body. While you can purchase the clip by yourself, this kit provides you with the clip with Bitplay's HD Wide Angle lens from high-quality aluminum. The lens barrel and glass contain an aspheric feature. The overall design of the lens has a sturdy feel, and the picture quality of its HD display is excellent. When used on a rear-facing camera, it enhances the view, offering a much broader viewpoint.

Olloclip Multi-Device Clip

Olloclip is a renowned brand in the production of mobile lenses. They give professionals a fisheye lens with its triple-lens package that offers a massive 180-degree spherical field of view. At the same time, it has the usual bulging distortion. When you turn to the Super-Wide lens, this can be reduced and your field of view expanded to a whopping 120-degree. While some distortion can still occur, it is only noticeable when shooting geometric subjects. Eventually, the macro lens provides a 15x magnification that can reveal microscopic details otherwise invisible to the naked eye. These lenses connect to your phone using Connect X clip from Olloclip that slides over the top of your phone and works for both rear and front cameras.

Moment M-Series Macro Lens

Moment is a company known for its quality goods in the field of smartphone lenses, and it's clear why that is. The macro lens is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, while its length of 1 inch can be a useful guide to how close you can get to your subject while holding focus. All this information will create consistency results in some impressive close-ups, which are not possible with a regular phone camera. But you'll need a steady hand and careful focusing to get the right image because with any macro lens, the depth of field you've got is close.

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