Best Business Phone Services for Hospitals
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A healthcare provider's first obligation is to their patients, where customer service takes on far greater significance than in any other business. Whether it's a health emergency or a simple telehealth check in, consistency and strong technical support are essential. Many providers depend on a network, connecting one location to another. A reliable business phone service is the link for all these needs. 

There are a number of different systems commonly in use, and each one has different costs and benefits. From PBX to cloud based systems to VoIPs, we're here to recommend the best options for small health practices or larger hospitals. These systems will allow for logging calls, recording voicemails, creating digital switchboards, and allowing for texts and emails to be sent according to each organization's specifications. Your phone service is the first connection your patient makes with you, and should be there to serve them with as much care as you offer in office. Here are some of the best, most affordable options.


Nextiva is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet system) that's easy to use even as it offers a variety of features and adjustable adaptations. Nextiva offers advanced call routing, unlimited free domestic calling, voicemail to email and text, online faxing, and text messages. The admin panel for Nextiva is web-based, making it possible for managers to navigate them remotely. 

The package includes:

  • Desk Phone

  • Conference room phones

  • An app that functions for computer phone calls, texts, and emails

  • App accessibility through mobil device

  • External app integration selections, like CRM and Live Chat

There are three available plans, with a price range that allows for adjustability for your business size. Whether you're a small private practice with a handful of users or need a system for multiple facilities and hundreds of employees, Nextiva has the right plan for you. These are the starting rates for each plan, per user, as based on an annual contract:

  • Basic - $19.95 per month

  • Pro - $20.95 per month

  • Enterprise - $27.95 per month

Basic level includes unlimited calls, call queuing, automatic call forwarding, hold music, free online fax, free local and toll-free numbers. For the Nextiva app, unlimited conference calls, pre-recorded greetings, and text messaging, the Pro Plan will cover all your needs. The Enterprise plan includes call recording, voice analytics, and voicemail to text delivery.

These upgraded plans allow for online surveys and call analytics, so you can determine how Nextiva is working for your business.


This is a cloud-based phone system commonly used by the  healthcare sector, but which doesn't require a physical telephone line or even a SIM card. Internet connectivity is all that's necessary for healthcare professionals to connect. Their "Team Collaboration" dashboard keeps clients, call, and team members organized. CallHippo has basic features like call transfer, call logging, and call queuing, and additional options like three way calling and call barging for supervisors to track training initiatives.

They have multiple levels, Bronze, Silver, Platinum, priced at  $14, $18, and $30/month respectively. The Bronze levels includes:

  • Free Number1

  • Forward-to-device 

  • SMS 

  • Voicemail

  • Teams

  • Call Recording

  • SDAP : Patent Pending Technology

There is also an Enterprise level that requires calling in and arranging with customer service, as the price and necessity is flexible.

Medtel Communications

This company builds phone systems catered to different industries, so they approach healthcare systems with specific intent, focusing on centralized patient appointment management, billing support, satisfaction surveys, and test result delivery, which is not something that can be found in a standard VoIP. They have options for recording calls and video conferencing from any video compatible device, which is great for patient to care provider telehealth. Medtel allows for multiple care locations to unify, which is great for a larger scale operation.

They're also HIPAA-compliant, meaning they guarantee that customer calls and messages are encrypted, protecting your patient's data and protected health information. Pricing is a bit ambiguous and may require contacting the company directly to inquire about your own needs.


Ooma is a great choice for many businesses, but they have their own special healthcare specified VoIP system that facilitates for faster response times, integration with appointment calendars, ordering supplies, and billing, and an easy systems for doctors to stay connected to patients even when not in the office. You can connect Ooma to your office or phone, or to a desktop or mobile device. Ooma allows you to create a customized virtual receptionist and offers multiple extensions for all employees. 

They advise people call to speak with a customer associate about various options, but the basic plans are:

  • Ooma Office $19.95/user/month

  • Ooma Office Pro $24.95/user/month

  • Ooma Enterprise $34.99/user/month

There is a significant different in features even between Office and Office Pro, like:

  • Desktop App

  • Call recording

  • Enhanced call blocking

  • Overhead paging

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Higher usage limits for: Extension Monitoring,

  • Call Park, Audio Conference Room Participants

Enterprise includes even more features.


Vonage is a very versatile choice if you're a smaller practice still figuring out how a professional phone service can best fulfill their needs, with a wide variety of plan and line number options. They offer the standard cloud VoIP services, and make it possible to support online meetings and video conferencing with Amazon Chime, if you choose a Premium or Advanced plan that allows for CRM integration.


  • 1-4 lines - $19.99 per month per line

  • 5-19 lines - $17.99 per month per line

  • 20+ lines - $14.99 per month per line


  • 1-4 lines - $29.99 per month per line

  • 5-19 lines - $27.99 per month per line

  • 20+ lines - $24.99 per month per line


  • 1-4 lines - $39.99 per month per line

  • 5-19 lines - $27.99 per month per line

  • 20+ lines - $34.99 per month per line

The control panel allows for mobile access to make it easy to set up, add new users, and manage your calls even while working remotely, or for team members who can't be attached to their desktops all day. For a practice where a lot of people wear different hats and can't be tied to the desk every second, this is a good option to explore until you're ready for more commitment.

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