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For a long time, outsourcing was seen as something businesses simply didn't do. After all, wouldn't you want to keep jobs on the same shore as your company? Over time, however, that opinion softened until the outsourcing of certain jobs not only became acceptable, it became the norm.

One such sector of business is that of software development. 

Businesses understand that software development can enable expansion and profit, or the thing that could stop a company from moving forward. To that end, every CEO, CTO, and CIO understands that gaining any and all possible advantages has become a necessity. 

That advantage often means reaching beyond the shores of a company's originating country, to seek out the necessary talent to help take a company to the next level.

The types of outsourcing

There are three main types of outsourcing available to companies across the globe. Those three types are:

  • Onshore - outsourcing to a company in the same country as the hiring business. An example would be a company in Chicago hiring a development team in New York.

  • Nearshore - outsourcing to a company in a nearby country or region. An example would be a company in the United States hiring a development team in Argentina.

  • Offshore - outsourcing to a company in a country anywhere on the globe. An example would be a company in Canada hiring a development company in India.

Each type of outsourcing has its advantages, but I want to focus on the benefits of offshore outsourcing. 

Ease of hiring

When your company realizes it's time to expand its development team, the first thought that might come to any given manager's mind is, "Oh, great, I have to go through the hiring process again." 

Few in management actually enjoy the hiring process. It can be arduous, drawn-out, and (sometimes) unsuccessful. So instead of wasting that time and effort to (hopefully) hire the right team, why not leave that up to the experts-companies whose entire business model is centered around putting together the perfect teams to meet the needs of specific projects.

By going with offshore software outsourcing, you not only alleviate the hassle of hiring, but you can also be sure the team you wind up with will be perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

A much larger talent pool

If you live in the United States, and you decide to only hire onshore, the talent pool you draw from is limited. If, however, you open yourself up to offshore development teams, that talent pool grows exponentially. 

According to Slashdata:

  • There were 23.9 million developers globally in 2019.

  • Pacific Asia has the strongest growth in software developers.

  • Latin America has the second-largest growth in software developers.

  • By 2024, India will overtake the US as the largest developer population.

So in a few short years, the United States will no longer be the epicenter of software development growth. Instead, you'll need to look to India, Pacific Asia, and Latin America. By 2024 you'll want to consider placing the expansion of your company's software development in the hands of those countries, by way of offshore outsourcing.


One of the biggest reasons companies outsource software development is cost. According to Fortunly, about 300,000 jobs are outsourced each year, and about 45% of companies outsourcing IT functions give cost savings as a top priority. 

When you opt for offshore software development, not only will you not be paying salaries and benefits to developers, you'll be saving money on infrastructure. Offshore outsourcing teams will use their own hardware and networks. You won't have to find office space (and associated office furniture) for those developers. 

And because many overseas developers work for considerably less, your ROI will be significant-especially given the available talent across the globe.

When you go the offshore outsourcing route, you'll get a team of highly qualified experts that follow the highest development standards. To put that same team together via the traditional route would be exponentially more expensive.

Focus on your business

Let's face it, you've got much bigger issues to focus on than hiring and managing a new development team. You've got supply chains, customers, B2B partners, and so much more that demands your attention. 

So why spend excessive energy trying to hire new developers, when you can turn to any number of offshore software outsourcing companies such as BairesDev to handle this task. When you rely on an offshore company for the hiring and management of your software engineers, you can return your focus to the day-to-day business of being in business. This is made even more important when your business needs to pivot. Instead of, once again, having to dive back into the hiring process, that offshore development company can retool the team for you.

Once again, you're able to turn your attention to what needs you the most-your business.

Scaling the team in real-time

Let's say you've gone the traditional route and hired a team of developers. It took you months to get that team up and running. But then you find yourself in the outstanding position of having to drastically scale up to meet demand. 

You're back at the drawing board, having to hire even more developers. Had you gone the offshore outsourcing route, you could simply contact the company responsible for your team and let them know you need more staff. That company already knows your requirements and can scale that team up on demand. Within a matter of hours, you could have all the developers required to meet your new needs.  


There are so many reasons your company should consider offshore outsourcing for your software development needs. From saving money, being able to focus on your business first, accessing an ever-growing talent pool, and enjoying a high scalability level, your business deserves the best, brightest, and most cost-effective engineers you can get. You can find the best of the best via offshore software development outsourcing.

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