3 Ultimate Instagram Tips by Beauty Blogger Melina Taj
(Photo : 3 Ultimate Instagram Tips by Beauty Blogger Melina Taj)

Beauty blogger Melina Taj is akin to an encyclopedia of quick beauty-fixes. A big advocate of using natural products to achieve flawless beauty, Melina Taj's posts and videos on social media platforms go viral in a matter of a few minutes. In a recent conversation, Taj shared what goes behind creating such powerful beauty content. Here are three tips that aspiring beauty bloggers can learn from the Queen of Insta Beauty - Melina Taj:

1. Explore the Power of Unique Content

Melina shared that creating content that resonates with your ethos and beliefs is the first step towards creating unique content and finding success online. Imitating others is a surefire recipe for saturation in the long haul. Melina also added that being a beauty influencer and blogger comes with a responsibility to endorse products that you strongly believe in yourself.

2. Keep it Short

Melina shared that millennials and Gen Z have a shorter attention span; therefore, she splits her beauty and makeup tutorials in short videos of 1-2 minutes and likes to share multiple short video clips in a single post.

3. Consistency

Consistency is critical when it comes to your posts on Instagram. Melina shared that it's essential to have a brand kit that sets a consistent tone for your Insta grid. She also added that in order to keep your engagement rate high, the frequency of your posts should also be regular. Influencers and beauty bloggers must also delve on Instagram analytics and see which times garner maximum views and engagement for their posts.

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