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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
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KoreTrak smart watch is a top-rated fitness tracker wristband that offers all-in-one vital health activity monitoring for users who want to stay active and gain more intelligent insights into their daily well-being. Available only at KoreTrak.com, the KoreTrak Fitness Tracker smartwatch is the highly-touted prized product from KoreHealth, a leading consumer health brand with a quality selection of fitness, exercise and workout equipment to compliment the KoreTrak wristband.

For those who find yourself missing out on important phone calls or messages, is there a new solution to consider? Tired of having to download numerous fitness apps to manually keep track of your health metrics? The need to multitask led society to the creation of smartwatches, which do much of the work for consumers. Fortunately, each provider has their own take on design and features with an unlimited list of possibilities. With that in mind comes a recently launched smartwatch that seems to check all the right boxes. This is where it is fit to introduce KoreTrak.

This 2020 updated KoreTrak review will extensively cover the ins and outs of the smart fitness tracker watch, as well as a deep dive into the mastermind brainchilds behind the emergence of the KoreHealth wellness company. First, the entire overview will go into the depths of the inner workings of the KoreTrak fitness watch and then do a deep dive into KoreHealth brand too.

What is KoreTrak?

What is KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is a dual-purpose watch that is described as an extension of a smartphone with added health and fitness metrics. Simply put, individuals can gain access to information typically stored in their phones, while also keeping track of their fitness goals. Such smartwatches have recently become all the rage, as they are not only convenient to use, but evidently contribute to one's wellness.

For those who are in constant fear of assessing the rate at which their heart is beating, whether or not they slept enough and losing track of the total number of steps taken per day can find KoreTrak Fitness Tracker quite beneficial and helpful. Why? Simply because it can help individuals better understand how their bodies are working. In addition, they provide some evidence on the changes one may/may not have to make.

How does KoreTrak work?

How does KoreTrak work?

Just like any fitness tracker, KoreTrak analyzes one's movements and categorizes them within its embedded biometrics system. For instance, if the device catches that individuals are going for a walk, the number of steps will be displayed on the screen. Similarly, one's heartbeat per minute is usually identified at the wrist, providing individuals constant feedback on their health. As for its "smart" feature, KoreTrak needs to be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth technology. This will allow one to respond to calls and/or text messages at a much faster rate.

What features does KoreTrak have?

What features does KoreTrak have?

KoreTrak stands out because of its ability to serve different types of consumers. This is deemed possible thanks to the following features:

Health Tracking

As suggested on the official website, KoreTrak can measure crucial health metrics in a matter of 10 seconds, some of which include one's heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

Fitness Tracking

Aside from health metrics, this smartwatch carries multi-sport tracking and offers a 24/7 check on how many calories consumers have burned, and the number of steps taken.

Inactivity Alerts

Should individuals need the extra push to keep active, KoreTrak has been designed with a customizable system, where one can request alerts if they fail to work out within a set timeframe.

Sleep Activity Analysis

Interestingly, individuals can now gain access to information regarding their sleep patterns. This has been done so that one can keep track of the hours slept, and to see what changes need to be made to fulfill the recommended hours.

Connects to Cellular Device

If a smart watch doesn't establish a connection with one's cellular device (i.e. iOS and Android compatible), is it even smart? KoreTrak can be used to not receive and send text messages but also provides calling alerts as well.

IP67 Rating

KoreTrak received an IP67 rating, which means that it can be submerged in 1-m depth of water for up to 30 minutes. Hence, it can be worn when taking a shower or even swimming, as long as one's activities abide by the suggested restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreHealth Products

The newness, uniqueness and ultimately fondness baked into the KoreTrak Smart Watch Fitness Tracker warrants many questions and concerns for consumers. So far the KoreTrak review has covered the bulk of what this exciting new fitness tracking smart watch has to offer, but here are a few more questions and answers to tie up any loose ends before making a decision to upgrade your lifestyle with the KoreTrak Tracker.

Does KoreTrak need to be in close range to a cellular device?

No, KoreTrak does not need to be in close range to a cellular device. In fact, it can store data for up to 7 days on its own. Once it automatically gets synced with a phone, all of the health and fitness metrics will be sent to one's cellular device.

Does KoreTrak come in different colors?

No, KoreTrak is only offered in black. However, individuals can choose a wristband customization kit at checkout for not only unique colors, but styles as well.

Is KoreTrak protected by a refund policy?

Yes, the KoreTrak refund policy is said to last 30 days, which takes effect the moment one's respective watches have been received. Bear in mind that shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. That said, the only way customer service will grant a refund is if:

KoreTrak is returned in its original state and packaging (brand new and unused)

KoreTrak is returned to the right facility address provided by the team

How to get it touch with the KoreTrak customer service team?

To get in touch with the customer service team, individuals can:

Email: support@korehealth.com.

Call: U.S. and Canada: (609) 414 7087,  United Kingdom and Ireland: 08708 200084, Australia and New Zealand: (02)8607 8316

Write to Strong Current Hong Kong: Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

How much does KoreTrak cost?

How much does KoreTrak cost?

KoreTrak is currently offered at the following discounted rates (prices are in USD):

1 KoreTrak: $49.95 + $8.95 in S&H

2 KoreTraks: $99.90 + $9.95 in S&H

3 KoreTraks: $112.39 + $10.95 in S&H

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For those who would much rather invest in a device that comes with a warranty, KoreTrak's lifetime protection and replacement warranty can be purchased for an additional $9.99 (on each device purchased).

Now, let's transition into optimally understanding what KoreHealth has to offer aside from the best fitness tracker in 2020, KoreTrak Smart Watch.

Who is KoreHealth, Creators of KoreTrak Fitness Watch?

Who is KoreHealth, Creators of KoreTrak Fitness Watch?

Undefeated Mixed Martial Artist and Coach, and recent Co-Founder, Jason Manly has his name tied to a new brand called, KoreHealth. Built to support athletes and fitness fanatics at times of most despair, Manly affirms that what individuals might have once thought of as "limitations" will no longer exist.

In a June interview, Manly shared a glimpse of how KoreHealth started, mainly mentioning that he partnered with Jordan Rolband because of their shared interests in boxing and training. In the times that they did bump into each other, they always found themselves brainstorming projects the duo can do together. As for what KoreHealth means to Manly, he said:

"To me it's about the three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and recovery. It doesn't matter if you're a high-level athlete, weekend warrior, or just looking for some functionality; without incorporating those pillars into your lifestyle, your journey will be difficult."

With such a strong stance on fitness and attaining a healthier self, it became of interest to assess other factors that hold KoreHealth together. The following review will uncover the ins and outs of KoreHealth and how it aims to promote the importance of recovery and explain why the KoreTrak Smart Body Fitness Tracker is their leading product despite a range of high quality fitness equipment and gear.

What is KoreHealth?

What is KoreHealth?

According to the official website, KoreHealth is well beyond a brand that devotes to fitness, in fact, it supposedly represents the life experiences of Jason Manly. Interestingly, this brand wouldn't have existed if it weren't for Manly's journey as an athlete. Hence, let's take a closer look at what his life entailed, along with his partnership with Jordan Rolband:

Meet Jason Manly and Jordan Rolband

Jason Manly

Growing up, Manly always had his eyes set on martial arts. With every movie he watched, he would beg his parents for lessons. Initially he appreciated all forms of art, including those practiced by the likes of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

As he was exposed to different moves and techniques, it hit him that martial arts was the way to go. Today, he not only coaches, but he is also recognized as an undefeated MMA champion and one of only five fighters to have received a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under the widely acclaimed, Cesar Gracie.

Jordan Rolband

Jordan Rolband is the President and Co-Founder of DFO Global Performance Commerce, a marketing and technology company. With expertise in product development, advertising, media buying and affiliate marketing among several others, he first met Manly at an affiliate marketing summit in Vegas. With Rolband's passion for marketing and the MMA world and Manly's obvious choice of career, the duo immediately clicked, which led them to KoreHealth.

What products does KoreHealth offer?

What products does KoreHealth offer?

Aside from the flagship product of KoreTrak Fitness Tracker, KoreHealth currently offers four products/tools that aid in one's fitness journey. Below is an overview of the role each one plays in enhancing recovery:



KorePulse is a rechargeable, vibrating massage ball that has been designed to relieve one of muscle stiffness and soreness. In particular, its uses are expected to not only eliminate stress, but also to release tension using Localized Vibration Therapy. Simply put, this mean of recovering sends pulses of vibration deep into the body so that an utmost massage experience can be created.

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KoreSphere is a thermal massage ball roller proclaimed to use both hot and cold therapies. The argument here is that temperature plays a significant role in attaining relief and the combination of heating pads and ice packs have been relied upon for centuries. With KoreSphere, its hot therapy is expected to melt away tension, while its cold therapy tends to inflamed muscles.

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KoreScale is a smart weight scale that goes beyond revealing one's weight in pounds or kilograms. Through the use of Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, this respective scale is expected to scan and breakdown every possible aspect of fitness. Aside from informing individuals of the ins and outs of their body, KoreScale can help to keep one's motivation intact, while encouraging one to set reasonable fitness goals.

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KoreSurge is a rechargeable, vibrating foam roller designed to roll out painful knots in large muscle groups, accelerate warmups and recoveries and over the course of time, increase one's flexibility and range of motion.

What makes this tool unique is that it includes two forms of deep muscle treatment: the previously mentioned, Localized Vibration Therapy and Myofascial Release. Apparently, the latter is a more hands-on technique that requires the application of gentle pressure into the Myofascial connective tissues so that pain is eliminated and one's motion is restored.

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What is really nice is all of these KoreHealth products will help the beneficial nature of KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker thrive as it will monitor all fitness activity levels while you use their core lineup of exercise and workout equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreHealth Products

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreHealth Products

Above the KoreTrak review covered extensively how the smart body fitness tracker works and answered the most pertintent questions pertaining to the one of a kind KoreTrak smartwatch, but now let's shift gears and help expand upon and elaborate on the KoreHealth company.

How to use KorePulse?

First, individuals will have to turn KorePulse on by pressing down on the power button, which is said to activate the vibration feature. Next, a vibration mode needs to be selected based on one's level of pain. Finally, it is as simple as rubbing the device over the affected area; this can include one's neck, back, feet, legs or even arms.

What are the features and specifications of KorePulse?

As listed on the official website, the features and specifications are as follows:

Made using silicone rubber and plastic materials

Color: black

Dimensions: are 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches

Weight: 442g

Four vibration modes: low, medium, high, and recovery massage

Battery life: 50 minutes

360-degree maneuverability

Includes Deep-tissue pressure spikes

Increased portability for instant massaging

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What are the benefits of incorporating KorePulse?

KorePulse allegedly contributes towards improved posture, can boost muscular strength and has the ability to aid one in expanding their range of motion.

How to use KoreSphere for hot and cold therapies?

To activate hot therapy, individuals should place KoreSphere in a bowl of hot water so that the massager gets heated. This is deemed an appropriate solution for those wanting to ease stiff joints, pulled and/or strained muscles, muscle spasms and symptoms associated with the likes of myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

To active cold therapy, KoreSphere should be placed in the freezer for at least 6 hours, which is what initiates its ability to serve as a cryotherapy. Cold therapy is most appropriate for inflammation, swollen tendons, post-workout soreness, sciatica, sprains and fractures and plantar fasciitis.

How to use KoreSphere?

First individuals will have to decide whether they want to do hot or cold therapy. Second, one can either hold the device in their palm and roll it over aching muscles or place it on a hard surface and press their bodies into it. Bear in mind, that KoreSphere should be used for 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes of rest. This process can be continued as required.

What features and specifications does KoreSphere have?

As for KoreSphere's features and specifications, they include:

Made of stainless steel, plastic and thermal gel

Color: combination of black, blue and silver

Dimensions: 1.9 by 1.9 by 1.9 inches

Weight: 6.13 ounces

What are the benefits of using KoreSphere?

According to the claims made by the Manly and Rolband duo, KoreSphere can soothe aching joints and muscles, alleviate stiffness, and reduce lactic acid buildup, swelling and numbness.

What are the benefits of using KoreSphere?

How many health metrics does KoreScale track?

KoreScale has been designed to track 11 key health metrics, which include: weight, BMI, body fat, BMR, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein and metabolic age. This goes well with the benefits of the KoreTrak Fitness Tracker too.

Can KoreScale be paired with fitness apps?

Yes, KoreScale can be paired with most fitness apps including Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health.

How to use KoreScale?

First, individuals will have to download the KoreScale App on their respective smartphones (iOS or Android), or tablets. Then, KoreScale will need to be connected via Bluetooth. The rest entails placing the scale on a hard surface and standing on it for approximately 5 seconds.

What are the specifications of KoreScale?

As far as specifications go, individuals will have to keep the following on mind:

Made of tempered glass and plastic

Color: a combination of white and silver

Dimensions: 26 by 26 by 2.5 cm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Powered by 4 triple A (AAA) batteries

How does KoreSurge work?

KoreSurge is meant to build strength in connective tissues so that injuries linked to strains can be prevented. Each foam roller contains a dynamic grid texture that claims to dig deep into the different layers of the muscles. Relief is deemed possible due to waves of vibration which stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood.

What affected areas are KoreSurge appropriate for?

KoreSurge is most effective on the lower back, hamstrings, pecs and hip flexors.

How to use KoreSurge?

First, KoreSurge should be turned on by pressing the center button, then it should be placed on the floor and the tight area on one's body should be lowered onto the device.

What are the features and specifications of KoreSurge?

KoreSurge has the following features and specifications:

Made with silicone rubber and plastic

Color: black

Dimensions: 14 cm (diameter) by 33 cm (length)

Weight: 1.39kg

4 vibration modes: 900 RPM, 1800 RPM, 2800 RPM and 3800 RPM

One recovery massage mode

Battery life: 20 hours or run time

Indicates amount of power: 25%, 50%,75% or 100%

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How long will it take to receive KoreHealth products through mail?

As far as receiving a shipment goes, it seems like individuals can anticipate waiting up to 30 days. This process might prolong further depending on customs.

What happens if a product is received in a damaged condition?

The Terms and Conditions suggest that the KoreHealth team is not liable for any damages or lost products during shipment. In this case, individuals are suggested to contact the shipment carrier to file a claim. It is ideal to have all the packaging materials and damaged goods stored safely prior to filing for a claim. Replacements are subjected to a S&H fee of $10 USD per item or more.

Who to contact regarding product support?

Whether it be product support or any clarifications regarding the Terms and Conditions, individuals should send their questions to support@korehealth.com.

Is KoreHealth backed by a returns policy?

Yes, KoreHealth has been backed by a returns policy. To be more specific, it lasts 30 days and is said to take effect the moment one's product has been received. However, to be eligible for a return, any products purchased:

Must be in its original condition (new, unmodified and unaltered)

Must be in its original packaging

Must be returned to the return facility address provided by the customer service team

How much do KoreHealth products cost?

How much do KoreHealth products cost?

On average, KoreHealth products range between $30 and a little over $129.99. That said, here is a prices breakdown on each of the products currently available:

KorePulse: $59.99 Click Here to Buy KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball Today

KoreSphere: $30.99 Click Here to Buy KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Today

KoreScale: $129.99 Click Here to Buy KoreScale Smart Weight Scale Today

KoreSurge: $99.99 Click Here to Buy KoreSurge Vibrating Roam Roller Today

It is important to mention that each purchase will be subjected to shipping fees and associated costs. Although this appears to vary depending on one's location, the average cost is about $8.95 USD.

Of course, all consumers should lead with the incredible value of the KoreTrak Smart Body Fitness Tracker Watch first and foremost!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, KoreTrak is an efficient, wearable device that captures one's phone details and health and fitness metrics. It carries a wide of features, of which majority have already been introduced to the market.

When it comes to KoreTrak, the major appealing factor is its price. Compared to the average smart/fitness watch, which usually costs anywhere between $55.95 and over $500, that of KoreTrak is quite inexpensive. In fact, most devices only come with a 2-year warranty, whereas this respective device offers the option to purchase a lifetime warranty at a reasonably low price. Who can forget its sleek design, which can be worn at any occasion?!

Based on the analysis above, it is now clear that KoreHealth has been founded on not three but, five pillars of fitness, which include exercise, rest, recovery and nutrition along with the amazing health and wellness benefits of the KoreTrak Fitness Tracker. Initially, one might have assumed that the KoreHealth products are commonly found in the market, however, this isn't the case. Each of the five tools considers the flaws or drawbacks of similar products found in the market, making KoreHealth advanced in comparison to its competitors.

What makes this all the more worthwhile is Jason Manly's involvement. Having been in the fitness industry for much of his life, he knows the ins and outs of achieving fitness-related goals and possible setbacks that can occur. Someone who once didn't give too much heed to recovery, is now spending so much time advocating it because he knows the extent to which injuries can impact one's health.


In regard to price as a factor, they all seem to be quite reasonable because one) it is rare to find similar products with an extensive list of features and two) most of the products incorporate a combination of therapies, which usually isn't the case. Overall, KoreHealth tools appear to carry a lot of value that can potentially free one of limitations.  On that note, it might be best to get in touch with customer service regarding the customizable KoreTrak Fitness Tracker wristband kit, as the option is not currently accessible at checkout. Above all, the refund policy appears to be restrictive, so one should garner more information regarding returns prior to making an investment.

To get your wrists on the best fitness tracker in 2020, the KoreHealth KoreTrak Smart Health Watch, click here now to save big and start monitoring your health and wellness optimally today.

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