Instagram goes on the attack of Tik-Tok by launching the Instagram Reels.
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After the failure of a few years ago with "Lasso" (few will remember), Zuckerberg tries again to emulate Tik-Tok and launches Instagram Reels.

In reality, it is not the first time that Instagram takes inspiration from winning ideas of other social networks.

It had happened with Snapchat stories, replicated and become very popular on Instagram to the point of making you forget the original version.

But what exactly are Instagram Reels?

They are mini-clips of 15 seconds that users can customize thanks to a series of tools made available by the platform.

Instagram has introduced Reels within Instagram itself, choosing not to separate the two applications, but simply inserting it into an already run-in social network.

Thanks to this choice, Instagram didn't have to ask its users to download a new app, but simply invited them to discover a new feature.

Why has Instagram launched Instagram Reels?

For a couple of years Facebook has been watching with great interest Tik-Tok and its format that have been so popular with Millennials and Generation Z.

Instagram felt that the IG stories alone were no longer enough to capture the attention of the youngest, so it has tried to recreate a feature similar to Tik-Tok.

To what has been said, it should be added that, in recent months, United States has made life particularly difficult for the creators of Tik-Tok, banning (temporarily) users and companies from transactions with the Bytedance app.

We still don't know how this situation will evolve, but the event has undoubtedly accelerated the launch of Instagram Reels in over 50 countries.

How do you make an Instagram Reel?

To create them, just select the camera at the top left of Instagram and scroll to "Reels" at the bottom of the screen. 

At this point, a series of tools will appear to help you create your own clip. Here are what tools you can use:

  • Timer: its function is to pre-set the duration of the clips up to a maximum of 15 seconds. Once the function is activated and the record button is pressed, a countdown will initiate for the start of the video.
  • Align: Helps improve the smooth transition between clips by making it more realistic. This function helps in case you want to make a video that involves clothing changes or the progressive entry of new people into a video.
  • Slow down or speed up the playback speed of the clip.
  • Add filters with augmented reality effects and bright colors.
  • Insert an audio clip taken from your personal library or from the one made available by Instagram.

In case of public profile, the audio is linked to the profile and can be used by others by simply clicking on "Use Audio" from the reel. 

Where can you share Instagram Reels?

You can choose whether to share them as an IG Story or in the Explore section of Instagram, where the trendiest ones are contained.

You can also choose to publish a Reel as a post and it will end up in your Reel Wall. 

In this case the Reel will remain on your profile permanently, and the interactions and views received will always be visible. 

What are the most important interactions for Instagram Reels?

Reels can also receive likes (hearts), comments, views, shares and can be saved by other users, but we must distinguish between interactions that are visible to everyone and those that are not.

Likes, views, comments and shares are always visible, saves are not.

This does not mean that saves are less important.

Saves help the algorithm to understand if a Reel is liked by other users and improve its visibility. 

Furthermore, saves are a fact that Brands often ask Influencers and Bloggers to evaluate how convenient it is to choose them for a collaboration.

The other interactions are equally fundamental to the Instagram algorithm as long as these are quality ones.

Receiving more interactions means gaining more exposure and accelerating the process that leads your content to popularity.

The purchase of likes, comments, shares and saves is essential in a context of social growth of a Brand, especially if you consider that it is crucial to bring your Reel in the coveted Explore section of Instagram.

Ready to start the rise to popularity with your Instagram Reels? Then we recommend you to take a look at this page!

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