3 Ways Tech and Innovation Have Transformed The Dental Industry
(Photo : 3 Ways Tech and Innovation Have Transformed The Dental Industry)

Clinical practice has always been a high-skilled domain: one that can only be practiced by skilled professionals that have gone through years of painstaking medicinal education an practice. When talking about highly-skilled clinical practice, dentistry cannot be left out of the equation. Traditionally, the dental practice did not rely much on the offerings of technology and innovation.

Dental professionals relied on manual tools to evaluate the aural medical conditions of a patient and then perform an apt diagnosis. But recently, technology has made significant inroads in the world of dental practice. These days, technological innovation has made the job of dentists profoundly easier, improved patient diagnosis and experience, as well as improved the overall patient outcomes. 

The area of dentistry impacted the most by innovation has been diagnostics. With the help of electronic gadgets and state-of-the-art diagnosis practices, dentists can accurately evaluate the oral condition of a patient and construct effective treatments. The shift towards technology in dentistry has had a global impact, where the practices have seeped into the vast majority of areas around the world. For example, Turkey has coopted the modern practices of dentistry. When looking for dental implants in Turkey, you can expect to go through a painstaking process of being evaluated through intraoral and digital cameras to have an implant of a perfect fit.

Below we have dissected three ways dental practices have changed with the onset of tech and innovation.

Digital Oral Health Records

The dental experience offered to a patient that walks into a clinic is constructed around the whole process. Traditionally, clinics had to rely on paper-based records that included scheduling of appointments, documentation of health records, charts, and images. But these days, digital records have completely eliminated the need for bloated paperwork. With the help of an electronic patient profile, a dental clinic can enjoy an enhanced workflow. Furthermore, if information needs to be reviewed swiftly to process insurance claims or referrals, with the help of electronic records, sifting becomes extremely convenient.

Innovative LED Headlamps

Previously, dentists had to wear dental loupes that fairly illuminated the oral cavity when a diagnosis was being performed. Nowadays, innovative and flashy LED headlamps have replaced the outdated loupes. With the extra quality of illumination, dental practitioners can extensively study the visual details and improve the quality of their work. The batteries on these headlamps have also reduced in size, and have improved charge retention so that the professional can work seamlessly for hours.

Intraoral Cameras

To get a detailed insight into the oral condition of a patient, intraoral cameras are used. When evaluating the internal dental condition, it is instrumental to graphically picture all the minute details, and this can only be achieved through the use of a sophisticated camera. Camera imagery is also extremely powerful to document the before and after journey, so that patient trust can be one-over by showing them exactly how they have benefitted from the treatment.


Tech and innovation are the gifts that keep on giving. Previously, it was though that dental practices will continue on their primitive path but this is not the case. Using sophisticated and powerful gadgets, dental practitioners can improve the service they offer, and overall increase the notoriety of the profession.

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