How These 3 Companies Are Winning With Sisense's Embedded Analytics Solution
(Photo : How These 3 Companies Are Winning With Sisense's Embedded Analytics Solution)

Organizations that analyze the large volumes of data they collect are able to build more value into their offerings, gain deep insights into their markets, and stand out from the competition. It pays to go with an embedded analytics solution that makes it easy for product teams to work towards enhancing operational performance and, in turn, improving customer satisfaction.

In fact, a global survey on enterprise analytics use reveals that 94% of organizations believe data and analytics are important to their digital transformation and business growth.

These business intelligence tools are designed to simplify data management complexity and enable self-service analysis. This way, organizations don't have to worry about developing and deploying bespoke analytics apps with minimum friction.

Sisense helps companies integrate analytics into their applications using their embedded, white-label analytics platform that's designed to lift user experience, at scale. With a powerful set of APIs, code libraries and sandboxing tools, Sisense's offering for product teams also ensures that companies are able to integrate with their existing authentication systems and systems of record for better security.

One of the key benefits of using an embedded analytics solution is that organizations don't have to spend additional resources on developing and deploying their own custom analytics software packages. As a result, companies are able to focus on their core offerings, instead of setting aside a hefty budget for ongoing development and building out capabilities from scratch in-house.

The greatest benefit of using a third-party embedded analytics solution, however, is that you're able to launch rapidly, thereby reducing time to market. This allows companies to generate revenue and hasten ROI by offering compelling features like pre-built dashboards and insights as a service (IaaS).

With this in mind, in this article, we'll take a look at how three companies use Sisense's embedded analytics solution to deliver value to end-users.

Orion's Customer Investment Drill-downs

Orion is a premier portfolio accounting SaaS provider for advisors that gathers and analyzes data on client investments, allowing companies to view their overall performance and drive insight into their finance strategies. They use the data they collect to help clients make informed business decisions.

With Sisense's embedded analytics solution, Orion has been able to create custom in-house interfaces that allows them to provide clients better data visualizations and direct access to updated data via an intuitive interface that is equally easy to use for users with little to no technical knowledge and IT experts.

"Our customer support team loves it, because they can go in and figure out exactly what the data is, and how they got the answers they got," Orion Business Intelligence Specialist Malinda Jepsen told Sisense in a recent case study. "They can drill right down to the detail, so it's perfect for them."

Before switching to embedded analytics, Orion's manually built reporting platform was incredibly slow. Once they committed to migrating, the company was able to go from the concept stage to getting their final product to market within two months. In this way, Orion was able to eliminate the need to build a custom analytics app in-house with their own app components. The embedded analytics solution also made it quick and easy to pull data sources together.

As a result, Orion's clients are able to use pre-configured dashboards and drill down into the finer details without having to request a special data query. This way, they could trace data back to the source to better understand what happened. In addition, Orion was able to simplify the amount of data they used by more than half, which further helped improve their app's performance and their users' ability to derive value.

Nasdaq Gives Customers Interactive Dashboards

One of the world's leading stock exchanges, nowadays, Nasdaq depends on an automated network of computers instead of the traditional trading floor. For this, they use Sisense's embedded analytics solution to provide interactive reporting to customers through their flagship product, Investor Relations (IR) Insight.

The platform gives investors access to all sorts of information, including asset ownership, meeting analytics, and real-time research. With a unified interface, IR Insight allows users to manipulate the data to glean their own insights in a secure way.

"Our customers rely on a range of content sets, including information that they license from others, as well as data that they input themselves," notes James Tickner, Head of Data Analytics for Nasdaq Corporate Solutions "Being able to layer those together and attain a new level of value from content that they've been looking at for years, but in another context."

Sisense's embedded analytics solution has allowed Nasdaq to elpower clients to interact with the data they were already familiar with, but in a new way, while ensuring high security and privacy standards. This allows them to better understand the information and communicate it across their organizations.

Processing Disparate Signals for Broadridge Apps

Broadridge provides investor communications, technology-driven solutions, and data and analytics to the financial services industry. The firm's asset management division integrates the different technologies used by the companies they acquire, which involves handling information from a wide variety of data sources, each with its own schematics.

Using Sisense's embedded analytics solution, Broadridge allows its customers to keep their data on-premises while slowly moving towards a hosted or cloud-based solution. In addition, the platform gives them the flexibility to handle many types of data.

"What was really important to us was the ability to handle both structured and unstructured data," Broadridge Asset Management division President Eric Bernstein explains. "Most companies we looked at were really great at structured data, but we had no idea what a customer was going to put in our container. Enabling them to have dynamic queues and act on them was super important to us."

Using Sisense's engines to process and unify all of these signals allows Broadridge's customers to interface with their own data visually, and see how it aligns with other available data sets. And it can all be done through a universal container, which is simply impossible when different kinds of data are put into separate containers, each with a different environment and infrastructure. This approach also enabled Broadridge to manage dynamic data models and act on them on an agile basis.


With Sisense's embedded analytics solution, organizations are able to effectively reduce their time to market, lower their total cost of ownership, and integrate analytics into their apps that deliver value by spending the minimum amount of time on deployment.

The platform's open architecture enables product teams to build, scale, and deploy analytics apps and integrate them into other applications. As a result, they're able to gain competitive advantage and drive impact. Sisense also enables companies to deliver a consistent brand experience complete with white-labeling capabilities.

By using an embedded analytics solution, you can get your apps to market faster and generate new streams of revenue to grow your bottom line while standing out from the competition.

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