Uber is Down, and The Future is Uncertain
(Photo : Uber is Down, and The Future is Uncertain)

As the pandemic continues to make its way throughout countries around the world and states in America, more and more businesses are being affected in varying ways. As consumers are forced to rethink their spending options, companies are continuing to cut costs where necessary, and fold if there's not enough business to go around.

Uber, in particular, has taken a big hit as ridership has been reduced to its lowest since the ride-hail service first opened its doors a few years back. A prediction is being made that it could take months or even years for Uber to get over the crushing consequence of the current epidemic, too. Of course, ridership is going to vary depending on which city or state you are in, but for the most part, the company isn't doing so well.

Some Countries Doing Better Than Others

It's all about where you live, though. Uber says that countries like New Zealand and Hong Kong that managed to get on top of the virus quickly saw an increase in ridership. However, Uber drivers located in the states are understandably taking a hit, as most counties and cities are being asked to stay at home right now to save lives.

If you drive an Uber and you've suffered financially from the current circumstances, you might be trying to think of other ways that you can use your skill set. There are plenty of restaurants determined to stay open at this time and offer delivery on Uber eats. You have to make sure that your car is up to snuff when applying for this role. Use a car stock photo to impress your potential employer, so that you can utilize your vehicle in the tough times ahead until Uber sees an increase in ridership again.

Recovery is Long and Unpredictable

New York, which bore the brunt of the pandemic when it first broke out, is now slowly opening back up again, and Uber is doing better. However, Los Angeles and San Francisco on the West Coast continue to see a decline in ridership. Governor Gavin Newsom continues to go back and forth on what businesses stay open, and what needs to be closed.

As restrictions from the coronavirus continue to force people to stay at home in most major American cities, Uber continues to suffer. While things might be looking a little bit brighter as lockdown restrictions start to ease, many cities in the states are now experiencing a second wave, which could see Uber continue to suffer for a prolonged time period.

With everyone being asked to stay at home, there are fewer drivers out on the beat, which has led to higher fares and longer wait times for those who need a lift. There are many Uber drivers out there right now that says the risk is too great, and they'd rather stay at home or deliver food to avoid close contact.

The company is taking precautions to make sure their drivers and riders stay safe, but when it comes to Uber's future, at this point, it's unknown.

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