Black Friday 2020 is coming soon, and the Amazon deals are now pouring on the store. For example, if you're looking for low prices of a robot vacuum, here is the time to make it happen.

Early Black Friday deals coming up!

Are you weary of all the dirt inside your house? Tired to do all household chores by yourself? Maybe you need help. How about an automatic robot vacuum?

The Robot vacuum has been one of the best technology developed for the household. Though it's now a necessity for most houses, each robot vacuum's prices could be not so reasonable for the average American household.

Luckily, we have early Black Friday deals, just for you!

Goovi by Onson Robot Vacuum

Finding a quality yet cheap robot vacuum nowadays can be tricky since everyone's online. Many stores take this chance to put higher charges to items--considered a total need. 

Goovi by Onson robot vacuum is the first in our list. We know the brand is not that familiar for many, but this robot vacuum has 2100PA Powerful Suction Technology, capable of absorbing dust, debris, and dirt in the most maximum level.  

ILife Robot Vacuum 

Do you remember each time you need to clean your pet's fur out the sofa, clothes, or floor tiles? There's a remedy for that. Before your pet's fur gets to any of your clothes, ILife robot vacuum can make all these hair go away instantly. 

This robot vacuum has a runtime of 90 to 100 minutes. It has a tangle-free pet hair care technology that is particularly set for animals at home. 

Goovi Robot Vacuum

Goovi has another robot vacuum brand that fits in our list of best Black Friday robot vacuums on Amazon. 

According to the page, this model has a powerful 1600Pa of intense suction that can pick up dust, crumbs, and dirt. This particular Goovi model is also more durable to use on hardwood floors.

Another thing, this model automatically reconnects to its charging platform, so you won't need to put it by yourself.

eufy by Anker robot vacuum 

Last but not the least in our list of best Black Friday robot vacuums is Anker's Eufy robot vacuum. 

Compared to the above choices, this particular robot vacuum has the best motor for care-free cleaning at homes. For 100 minutes, you already have the time of constant, powerful suction vacuum at a volume no louder than an operating microwave.  


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