WINTER IS COMING, and the responsibility of keeping everything ship-shape at home comes up to keep the family from freezing amidst cold around. Getting an electric heater installed at the apartment or at home might cost quite a bulk plus, let's face it, those devices aren't really used all year round. In fact, they are not even used for about maybe half of the year.

This is why portable electric heaters have come to be of fashion because not only are they cheaper to buy, they are also easy to store and require no set up whatsoever. Simply place the portable electric heater in any room and enjoy NOT freezing to death.

How to pick the perfect portable electric heater

There are a few guidelines to follow to pick out the perfect portable electric heater. These guidelines help the buyer pick out a good quality portable electric heater for a price that they can afford. 

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Brand - although sometimes picking out a random brand won't matter, it is mostly better to purchase a trusted brand and has good customer service when it comes to electronics. It is advisable to try out the customer service before purchasing a portable electric heater from any brand.
  • Materials - you'll have to find out what type of materials are used by these portable electric heaters, but this should not be something taken lightly. In fact, there are a lot of questions to ask to make sure you pick out the right portable electric heater.
    • What type of materials are used?
    • Are they safe materials to use?
    • Are the materials used expected to last long?
    • Are the materials used effectively in providing heat?

Although three's no need to know everything on a scientific basis, you have to ask these few basic questions and do a little additional research.

  • Wattage - usually, portable electric heaters come in two choices, 750W and 1500W, and it really depends on the space which one to choose. Should a room be too big, getting the 750W would not be as effective as the 1500W? But if the room is only a simple bedroom, the 750W should be fine.
  • Portability - Since the goal is to find the perfect portable electric heater as opposed to a regular heater in general, it's an important thing to pick out the one right size. The bigger the heater, obviously, the harder it will be to bring along, but the smaller the heater, the less effective it might be.
  • Price - pick a completely honest price range that you are comfortable spending. Don't set it too low that you would end up buying a portable electric heater that is not as good. Find the sweet spot and perfect price range that gets you a good quality portable electric heater.
  • Additional Features - Additional features that might be included are LED lighting and etc. These are good additions to the portable electric heater, but they are not the main priority.

Picking out the right portable electric heater shouldn't be something dragging or overly complex. It should just be an extension of the thought, "Hey, how do I get my money's worth when picking out the best portable electric heater?" Well, we've done the job for you and narrowed it down to three different electric heaters, all under $30.

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Three best portable electric heaters from cheapest to moderate

Finding a portable electric heater should not be difficult. To give you an idea of what are the best heaters with affordable prices available in the market, here are the portable electric heaters. Another good news, they are all under $30.

Andily Space Heater Electric Heater

This is a small heater that measures about 6.2" x 4.74" x 8.3" that runs on manual controls and is already fully assembled. Of course, it includes an adjustable thermostat to make things more comfortable at home. The ideal use for this heater is both for home and office environments. The small ceramic heater comes along with a few interesting features.

  • The wattage of this portable electric heater is 1500 watts for the high heat option, 750 watts for the low heat option, and then there's the FAN option that barely uses anything.
  • The portable heater uses ceramic space heater technology to produce great heat without having to open the coils.
  • The thermostat system can automatically adjust to the room's temperature making the heater easy to use in small or big areas.
  • The unit will automatically shut down when a part of the portable electric heater overheats to save the heater from being damaged. The heater is also ETL certified.

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

The small heater with a size of 6.2" x "7" x 9.2" weighing only 3.2 pounds, is a mini heater capable of heating up to 200sq.ft in just 15 seconds. The portable electric heater is both quiet and safe for offices, rooms, putting on the desk, and other indoor uses. It also comes in black or silver, so it's really up to you to choose from.

  • The wattage of this portable electric heater is the same as the last at 1500 watts for the high heat option, 750 watts for the low heat option, and then there's the FAN option that barely uses anything.
  • The temperature ranges from about 0℉-158℉, so if you can't find the perfect temperature just yet, no worries, just keep adjusting.
  • The 120V heater comes with a 6ft long cord, and two-prong connection fits, making it easy to use anywhere.
  • The heater is also made up of certain flame-retardant material that achieves zero fire hazards, and tip-over protection shut off the heater should it be knocked over. It will also shut down automatically when overheating.
  • The heater also comes with a 1yr warranty and is ETL Certified.

Mudshi Portable Electric Space Heater

This portable electric heater is just like the last one but has a few more sophisticated choices. The dimensions are at an easy 5.9" x 5.9" x 10.2" and are easily maybe the best choice for your office, bedroom, bathroom, study room, etc. The portable electric heater only takes three seconds to heat up, saving you from waiting for a while.

  • This portable electric heater uses the same wattage as the previous one but comes with six different modes to choose from to find the perfect one for you.
  • The rotating blades can also switch to different positions promoting better air circulation throughout the room.
  • The auto-shut system makes sure that everything is safe even when being tipped over to avoid accidents.
  • There is also no bad smell of plastic, chemicals, and etc. this portable electric heater also keeps your room fresh and smelling great.

Basically, this portable electric heater has almost everything the other portable electric heaters have a more!

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