Making sure that the team is functioning exactly how they should is hard without the use of a time-tracking app that works best for you. Nowadays, it's hard to be able to pick the right time tracking app for employees from all of the different choices available where each one seems just as good as the other.

We've narrowed it down to the 5 best time-tracking apps in order for you to be able to pick the very best one. Instead of having to experience trial and error with the time-tracking app and wasting time and money, go straight for the right time-tracking app that works great for you.

Check this out, there are 5 different time-tracking software and comparing them from price to their different features.


When it comes to the free version, this time tracking app allows up to five free users with unlimited free projects as well as project workspaces. It costs $10 to upgrade which could be quite pricey but this includes time tracking, the ability to set billable rates, time-sheets, and also employee monitoring.

For those that would rather get the premium overlook of things as to compromising when it comes to managing the team, Toggl might be a good bet. The customer service is also quite good so should you come across some problems, they are responsive enough to help.


The free version of this time tracking app only allows a single free user but like Toggl, it allows unlimited free projects as well as projected workspaces. This is actually a bit cheaper at $7 to upgrade to the premium version and comes with the same things that Toggl has like time tracking, the ability for them to set billable rates, time-sheets, and also the employee monitoring feature.

Getting the premium version of this time tracking app should not be too painful for you at only $7 a month. Although not as simplified as Toggl, it is still very maneuverable and a good choice if you are managing a team of more than 3.


The free version only allows a single free user and sadly, does not offer unlimited free projects with the free version. Although a bit disadvantageous on the free version, the paid version however is only $5 and also has the same features as the rest of the time tracker apps mentioned above.

Hubstaff is also quite popular so it has a pretty decent support system since most bugs have already been dealt with. A simple Google might be needed to solve a "major" problem that you and your team might experience. The FAQ is also pretty updated and useful and of course, the customer service is also quite responsive.


The good thing about the free version is although there is only 1 user, you can actually have unlimited collaborators. This also comes with being able to work 5 projects and having unlimited archived projects. The premium version is at $9.95 every user per month and includes time tracking, the ability to set billable rates, and time-sheets. The only thing that this lacks is employee monitoring.

What makes the free version quite good is the unlimited collaborators feature that it offers. This is quite cool if you're handling a team of collaborators working together on a project, this should make things much easier.


The free version is amazing with unlimited free users, unlimited free projects and project workspaces, and the price to upgrade is $9.99 per month but get this, this is not for a single user but for an entire workspace! The premium version offers time tracking, the ability to set billable rates, and time-sheets. The only thing that this one lacks is the employee monitoring system.

Clockify makes it much easier to work with others even using the free version without having to upgrade unless the number of workers really increases. The whole app works great and is an amazing way to work with a team of more than 10 people.

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The responsibility of getting the project done is always on the project manager which is why it is important to make sure that everyone is cooperating. Although it would be nice to work with a team that does not need to monitor each other and everyone does their own job, sadly, this is not always the case. The whole process of monitoring the team is tiring without the right app to do so. This is why time tracking apps were invented in order for project managers or consultants to properly monitor their team.

To properly utilize these apps, here are a few techniques to apply in order to make sure that you do not waste your money when directly buying the premium version:

  • Try the free version first

Instead of going out and buying the premium version right away, try working the free version before spending money on the premium version. If you do not like the time tracking app, you can easily change it.

  • Ask the team what they feel

Although as project manager, the responsibility falls on your shoulders, you should still make sure that the entire team is onboard and likes the app as well. If it makes it hard for the team to report, maybe testing another app would be a good decision.

  • Upgrade only when ready

Only upgrade to the premium version once you and your team need it. If you are fine with the free version, stick to the free version instead of upgrading right away. The upgraded version might not actually be necessary in some cases.

At the end of the day, picking out the perfect time tracking app is not that hard. You only have to make sure that it works perfectly for not just the project manager but for the team as well. Once everything works good on both ends, it will be much easier to manage projects and make sure that everything functions just as smoothly as it should.

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