The envelope red-white color pattern Gmail logo will soon be changed into something more colorful. Google has now officially released the newest logo for the free emailing service. And here's what it looks like.

Where's the envelope?

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Google Workspace via The Verge has officially released the well-known email service's newest logo, Gmail.

Tech Times initially reported that Google was planning to change the logo back in September. The article quoted 9to5Google, which said that a company representative first sent the new logo image to the news site.

It was also said that this change was already expected from the company since all of its products, including Google Chrome, Maps, Play Store, or Drive, have the same color pattern on their logos.

Here's the new design of the Gmail software:

As you can see, the rumor turns out to be true. Google is changing its logo for the Gmail service.

The new-look is widely different from the original red-white color scheme. It has colors of red, blue, a little bit of yellow, and green.

The new logo's technical drawing is also parts of the letter 'M' put together in one figure. What's missing, though, is the envelope design originally covering for it.  




When others like the new logo, most of users, unfortunately, sees this inessential.






There is still no explanation via Google on the decision to finally remove the 'mail' figure on the logo. However, it could be cited that it is now rare to see someone using a postman to deliver their letters to houses.

Another thing: after all, Gmail is no longer 'just' an emailing service. It has video calls or chats called Hangout.

It's not the first time

The last time that Google was reportedly changing its Gmail logo was back in 2015.

The Verge reported at the time, and Google changed the logo in order to highlight the updates that the platform will have for its products.

9to5Google said that the new Gmail logo might have to be in connection with the upcoming updates of the free email service platform.

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