Drinking water may be a basic thing to do, as it is a necessity that was around since the dawn of time, from the first generation of human beings. This technology may be mocked or frowned upon as a complete waste of money. There are cheaper bottles out there that provide insulation and keep water designed for sports and activities.

Smart Water Bottles
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"A thing of the Future," is what Smart Water Bottles are usually referred to, and this is true among all brands and makes. It is the dawn of the new era, the era of technology, and the digital age. Despite the many laughs it endures, Smart Water Bottles help monitor the body's dependence on water.

Amount and intake sensors, temperature measures, freshness timers, time reminders, and daily statistics are some of the features that Smart Water Bottles offer, according to IOT Business. These are all connected through the tracker's Bluetooth-to-phone connection, and in turn, a smartphone application from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Smart Water Bottles: Future of Hydration and Wellness

The adult person's body comprises 60 percent of water and liquids that flow freely inside one's system. A certain percentage of it is lost throughout the day, bringing some of the wastes that humans have used. Hydration is an essential factor in every person's life, and it is a universal law. This applies to everyone living in the world, regardless of age, race, and stature.

A cheap alternative to hydration is widely available, such as tracking apps or simply, the phone's reminder system. This is quite a helpful option already, especially for those who forget to hydrate most of the time. However, this method is incomplete and inaccurate, especially for meticulous people, on what comes into their bodies.

This reason is one factor that bores Smart Water Bottles, keeps track, reminds people, and monitors a person's wellness through water intake. With its direct smartphone compatibility and connection through apps, drinking water will be a process in which people will pay attention.

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5 Top Picks for All Your Hydration Needs

Here are some of the best finds in the market that will surely be of service and fulfill its role as the 'smart' bottle you aspire.

Hidrate Spark 3 - Best Smart Bottle for Fitness Workouts

Hidrate Spark 3
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One of the most recurring top smart bottles of 2020 is the Hidrate Spark 3, medical-grade stainless steel that glows to remind its user to drink up. This bottle is the top choice of most fitness experts and reviews, being the most recommended of all. The bottle comes with its free application that will track your water for you-giving real-time updates and statistics that will monitor your intake and progress on your fluids.

The downside to this water bottle is that it is not insulated and will have cold or hot liquids lose its temperature in a few hours. However, despite this downside, Hidrate Spark 3 offers a user-friendly interface while using an app and has an ergonomic design that can fit most holders in cars or bikes. The bottle's integration proves not to bother a user's workout as a soft notification on the phone or a "glow" from the bottle itself will remind the cue for hydration.

Hidrate Spark 3 is currently offered at $59.95 on its website, together with a free application. However, it is out-of-stock at the moment but is available on Amazon for $62.95.

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle - Best Smart Bottle for Hiking

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle
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A start-up company based in Hong Kong named Groking Labs developed a smart water bottle that looks like an office coffee cup with a lid, is one of the top-rated bottles among all available out there. Groking Labs' Ozmo Hydration bottles, particularly the Active Smart Bottle, are among the most lightweight and portable containers on this list.

This bottle is the go-to choice for most runners and hikers who brings their water along with them. With good reviews and a decent lightweight approval, Ozmo offers users an ABS plastic-made bottle with a 16 oz. capacity. The bottle's unique feature can also tell if owners either poured in water or coffee in the cup. The bottle will alert users if it is not adequately closed through vibrations and has three led lights that indicate the water levels.

Ozmo Smart Cup Hydration Tracker is available on Amazon for $60, including the application and bottle.

ICEWATER 3-in-1 Best Smart Bottle that is BPA-Free

ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Bottle
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A US-based start-up's take on Smart Bottle Water brings forth an exclusive design that does not only connect one's phone to a tracker but also a built-in Bluetooth speaker right at the bottom of the bottle. The ICEWATER 3-in-1 is a 22 oz. Water bottle that is made of Tritan 100 percent BPA-free plastic, further extending its usability and life.

This smart water bottle glows when it needs to remind the user to hydrate and change color on command. ICEWATER's bottle may have limited features compared to others, but it brings a unique design and addition that elevate the world's smart water bottles. The downside to the bottle is that it has no tracker and phone connectivity application, but is transparent to see the content.

ICEWATER 3-in-1 is available for purchase through its website, for a discounted price of $19.99, from $59.99.

Trago - Best Smart Water Bottle on Amazon

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The Trago Smart Water Bottle sets itself apart from other water bottles available in the market. Trago offers a six-month battery life before it needs replacement, using a 'coin-like' battery just like the ones used in watches. This provides a worry-free use for half a year, with a 20 oz. Capacity for any drink users prefer.

The bottle is made up of stainless steel for the body and has a plastic lid containing smart connectivity via Bluetooth and sonar technology. The color mostly comes in black and can track water intake and levels in real-time.

Trago Smart Water Bottles are available for $69.99 at Trago's Website. Amazon also offers the bottle; however, it is currently out of stock.

Thermos Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid - Best Smart Bottle That Work With Fitbit

Thermos Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid
(Photo : Thermos)

Thermos is one of the most recognizable outdoor and household brands globally, primarily focusing on insulation and maintaining a specific liquid's temperature. Thermoses are mainly intended to hold hot water in dispensers that can last for extended hours. Now, Thermos offers its hydration bottles that can keep both hot and cold liquid temperatures and maintain it for a prolonged period.

Not only that, but Thermos also created a 'Smart Lid' that can tell the water bottles' levels, daily water intake, and set reminders through the smartphone app connection. Also, the application can work with the lid to determine the temperature levels of the liquid in the bottle. Thermos' Smart Lid can also work well with FitBit smartwatches.

Thermos Hydration Bottles are available for $25.99 on their websiteAmazon also offers the bottle for $23-$30.

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