Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One
(Photo : Amazon ) Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One

Car driving is one of the most common dangerous thing that anyone can do. One slight problem may lead to something harmful for the driver or passengers. Even a simple thing of being distracted when facing the road could result to an accident.

A lot of things may trigger this: a cellphone beeping, your friend narrating a story, or even when drivers read the essential car gauges in the bottom part of your visual peripheral. If you are like anyone, that is easily distracted on knowing how fast you're driving, or your oil tank pushing off the limit, here is the best solution we've got for you.

What is a car HUD?

Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One
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Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One

A car HUD or Heads Up Display is a device that presents data in the front of a driver's usual viewpoints. It displays the car's gauge such as gas usage, speed, car temperature, and other essential car information you should know while driving.

Not all car owners have this type of technology, but it is one of the best safety device to get if you're just a beginner in driving.

So, what are the things you should consider when buying a new car HUD display?

Information display and portability

A car HUD's main purpose is to provide comfort when looking at a car's gauge while driving. So one thing you should consider when buying one is the portability once you put inside your car, and the information it displays.

Commonly, a regular car HUD shows car's speed, temperature, gas tank, or sometimes GPS. Look for these information when buying this device.


HUD display is commonly connected to the car's power. Usually, you connect it to the USB interface, a cigarette lighter, or the OBDII port.

Once you look for this device, find out its power requirements before buying. Then, check your car to get the correct power supply you need.

Screen Format and Size

Screen format and size of your car HUD device is probably the most important thing you should consider, out of all the requirements.

You need a device that will not get your full attention from the road or blocks your view. But, it should be big enough to have you eyes for a split second then back on the road.

Therefore, considering the size of the HUD should be tested first, before paying an item.

Top 5 best heads up display for cars in 2020

To stop you from choosing wrong car HUD for your vehicle, here's the top five best heads up display for cars, that we looked out from Amazon pages.

Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One
(Photo : Amazon )
Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One

1. Car Phone HUD (Best Budget)

If you're looking for a budget car HUD device, here's the best option for you so far. This Amazon item costs only $16.99 on the store.

This device works in a 2-in-1 function: an HUD and a phone holder. It clearly reflects the GPS image with the HUD mode under the bright sunshine and night.

Not only that, but it can also charge your device while projecting the car details. It has a size of 6.5-inch, that is quite bigger than other HUD devices.

It can hold almost all Android phones like Samsung, Nexus, LG, Nokia, and others.

2. Timprove T600 Universal HUD (Best for Non-Wind Shield Option)

Let's say, you don't like anything shiny or reflecting on your wind shield, Timprove's T600 universal HUD device is the best device for you.

This is the best choice when finding a HUD device that is for non-wind shield option. Unlike other HUD, this T600 won't be an issue for your ca'r compatability.

It has a high definition 2.2'' TFT LCD screen, which displays the information more clearly than the windshield HUD, companied with a multi colors switching function, it may make you feel more comfortable to monitor the speed and bring more fun to your driving experience.

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3. Lemsir C500 HUD (Best in Convenience)

Overall, Lemsir C500 HUD is one of the best devices you can get from Amazon. This item has a strong compatability that is available for at least 97% of car brands and models in the world.

Aside from being a great HUD, it can also display reminders for your meetings or multiple alarms for the day. It can track your car's water temperature, shift reminder, and other important stuff you need.

4. Sherox HUD (Most easy-to-read)

For a price of $49.99, Sherox HUD is an elegant, small, brightly lit car device that is great when you want something to have a very easy-to-read HUD.

It has a 3.5-inch display, but not too little to be seen near your wind shield. However, since it's also smaller than others, only general car information are shown in Sherox HUD.

That's fair, for most people.

5. ITEQ GPS HUD (Best Overall)

5 Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One
(Photo : Amazon)
5 Best Heads Up Display 2020: What to Look For, How to Choose One

Last but not the least in our list of best HUD to buy in 2020, is this ITEQ GPS HUD. This device is commendable for its compact display that shows real-time data display that captures driving speed, direction, altitude and time.

Compared to others, this HUD is available for any car with lighter socket (12V DC), including BEV (Battery Electrical Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electrical Vehicle).

What makes it more awesome is you can choose to use it with a suction cup and reflect the data on the map, or intergrate the polarizing pad with the HUD together, no need to paste anything on windshield.

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