Author Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Is The Epitome Of Global Inspiration As a Celebrated Dentist With Supreme Talents in Sports & More
(Photo : Author Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Is The Epitome Of Global Inspiration As a Celebrated Dentist With Supreme Talents in Sports & More)

Previously we were limited to know what our healthcare professionals are doing in their free time. Especially since their time is limited after having a long hectic stressful work session. 

However, in the rising era of social media this missing aspect is no longer mystery and now we can relate more to our healthcare professionals, as they continue to share their lifestyles in social media.

To be discovering that some had lifestyles that are envy to many with their exotic lifestyle of fancy cars and houses. Whereas some had exceptional talents and hobbies to showcase. It would be extremely rare and sounds impossible to find someone whose has both exotic lifestyle with exceptional talents and hobbies. 

However, there is one such superhero from Kuwait that does, known as Dr. Ali AlSaqoby that has done the impossible and truly broke the limits. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is one of the most talented and successful people in the world. He has managed to utilize his superior talents as an outstanding polymath to create inspiring world-class achievements engraving his name prominently in the fields of soccer freestyle, dentistry, social media lifestyle influence, entrepreneurship and as an author. 

Leading to his growing popularity worldwide as he constantly gets featured due to his talents in offline and online international publications to be known now as an admired public figure worldwide. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is now enjoying being a great living example of success and positive influence for others to follow. 

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is able to reach more people worldwide to inspire via his popularity as a social media king with incredible talents.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is reinforced by his power in social media supported by having a 500k combined loyal fanfare, he managed to exponentially reach more people and change their lives by encouraging them to make the best life decisions and reach their greatest potentials. 

"Unfortunately, some bright minds and talents divert from pursuing dentistry or medicine perceiving that the process will stop them pursuing their hobbies and interests" said Dr. Ali AlSaqoby to his followers on Snapchat. And added:

"I am here to show you what I wanted to previously see and that is, it is possible!" 

Thus, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby popularity in Instagram and Snapchat revolved around the universal inspirational content he is providing to do everything you like and never give up. There is no better way to setting an example than being the example yourself!

No Humble beginnings yet became humble and worked hard for a prestigious dental scholarship and being a world-class accomplished athlete.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby story is every bit inspiring since most of individuals that come from a well-established family choose to live the life of comfort. In the case of Dr. Ali AlSaqoby he chose everything but comfort and managed to be an admired international soccer player and dentist that qualified for a prestigious fully paid scholarship from the government. 

One can only imagine the hard work, the sweat and the talent required to have one of the top academic marks in the country and play as an elite athlete internationally, as a transitioned soccer freestyler to be earning an impressive scholarship to study abroad. 

Accomplished entrepreneur to watch in 2021 and a prominent book author with one of the top social media engagements.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby goes beyond the first glance depth browse of his Instagram page. In which an impression of typical rich athletic talented model influencer is emitted. However, this is just hitting the surface of the tip of iceberg. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is also a prominent entrepreneur owning several companies and establishments yet is still managing, to find time to not only be a book author releasing a book soon about soccer freestyle. But also manage to be active as a social media influencer. 

Not only that, but made a huge statement as a shining unique lifestyle influencer, showcasing his lavish lifestyle and gorgeous high tier model good looks, as the most handsome dentist in the world, that gathered one of the top engagements in the middle east. 150k+ worth of likes average in each of his Instagram posts is just part of what this Kuwaiti star has gathered, from his loyal fanfare. He is truly the king of social media. Particularly that he is also playing a huge role in sports development of soccer freestyle. 

Current soccer freestyler, soccer freestyle president that is part of the world federation revolutionizing the sport.

Soccer freestyle is the sport involved with performing tricks with the soccer ball. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is involved directly with the sport being part of the world federation of soccer freestyle-based in Kuwait as a soccer president, having authority to create official championships. A prominent one done by him is the world known Red Bull Streetstyle World Championship Qualifier in which he picked a Kuwait representative for the world final finals in 2019. 

During covid-19 pandemic strict safety guidelines Dr. Ali AlSaqoby managed to bypass these obstacles through creating online virtual official championships in which everyone managed to stay connected at the comfort of their home. Thus Dr. Ali AlSaqoby got commended by the news using technology to revolutionize the sport in its dormant phase due to the pandemic.

 His passion for soccer freestyle has helped in solving issues as sport pioneer starting early and ranking one of the best in world championship going through the qualifiers at a young age. He became highly demanded for world class soccer shows such as largest EXPO in the world in Italy in which was the talks of journalists there labelling him as "the talent the shocked everybody" "Expo Milan star". He remains being one of the highest demanded for not only for his athletic abilities and also for his good looks as a model for brands.

Leading talented dentist with several degrees/qualifications

During the pandemic Dr. Ali AlSaqoby continued to health educate his followers regularly in how to stay safe and healthy. Certainly, one of the best to do so, since Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is a fully qualified leading dentist that is one of the names that topped the list in his graduation day from a reputable UK based university. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby has 3 health related degrees (Masters in Dental Surgery, Bachelor in Dental Surgery and Bachelor in Science).

In addition to his degrees in cosmetic injectables. He also got the second most talented dental student award across all UK countries. This is all seems unbelievable till you see for yourself in his following official accounts:






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