One of the most unexpected but also very memorable games of the year is a particular game called "Among Us." From popular YouTubers like PewDiePie all the way to certain actors like "Game of Throne's" The Mountain actor known as Julius Bjornsson, according to an article by Sportskeeda, everyone seems to be playing the game. If you want to learn how to get "Among Us" Halloween costume and maybe even DIY to get the crewmate's cosplay look, this article can help you.

The game is played with the use of Discord and a group of people all trying to solve different tasks found around the game's map. The catch, however, is that there is an impostor in the group and the team of players have to work together in order to catch this impostor. Who will it be?

There are two ways to make the costume, one is through the DIY method and the other would be buying one online. Although there were hilarious costume ideas that showed people using a simple reverse jacket covering their face and a facemask for the eyes as the whole costume, this type of creativeness could actually work.

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'Among Us' DIY Ideas

Since it's hard to get the actual figure of the game character, the best thing to do would be to match both a hooded jacket or sweater with same-colored pants or jogging pants. This would be the base of your character. Either find a way to cover your face completely or reverse the top with the hood on backwards. Then, like some people did on Twitter and TikTok, tie a face mask in the eye area to resemble the in-game character.

Voila! You have your base for the character. Now, it's time to put on the most common customizations in order to make it more recognizable. Maybe a tissue paper on top of the head, a cowboy hat, or those devil horns? However, you want your costume to look like. It's up to you now!

Or... you could get a little more crafty and follow this instructions in the videos below:

DIY Astronaut Helmet by Lost Wax

If you really want to emulate the look of the crewmates, use the templates provided by Lost Wax. Watch how they make their costumes.

'Among Us in Real Life DIY Costumes by Joey Graceffa

You would need a lot of paint for this DIY! But what made their costume really cute are their customized hats and the mini crewmates.

Inflatable 'Among Us' Cosplay by Odin Makes

This costume is definitely close to the appearance of the game's colorful crewmates! But you would need a lot of fabric and sewing skills!

How to Make a Spacesuit in Your Living Room by Random Encounters

Take a look at how this spacesuit looks like. Sewn from scratch, it may look like a crewmate but there's a catch- you can't use your arms and hands.LOL

How To Make An 'Among Us' Costume Space Suit (DIY) by William Jakespeare

Who would think that a floor mat can actually look great as a costume?

DIY 'Among Us' Last Minute Cosplay by BKreative

Are you looking for a quick way to make a Halloween attire? Take a look at what BKreative did using poster board and other materials that you can find at home.

How to Make 'Among Us' Helmets by PixelPoyo

For sure, astronaut helmets are best sellers this year. If you want to paint your own helmet to a certain color you want, here's how to do it.

How to DIY a Helmet & Light-up Backpack by Daria S.

If you are crafty, you can actually make your own helmet from paper mache and a backpack from cardboard. Well, she did not really make this for an "Among Us" costume but you can use this tutorial to make a space helmet from scratch.

How to Make an 'Among Us' Costume by Heylianne

You would need to spend a lot of time to make this one. But for sure the outcome is all worth the effort!

How to Get 'Among Us' Halloween costume online

Although the actual costume is hard to get, some people have resorted to getting astronaut space suits of different colors! This costume works best if you are with your friends. Since "Among Us" is a game set in outer space, it's actually not that surprising that the characters could be represented by real life astronaut costumes.

Let us say you want to get the look of a orange crewmate, here are the things that you can buy.

Check out the astronaut body costume:

Now, all you need is a helmet.

You might want to modify the helmet and add something white perhaps in order to copy the crewmate's look in the game. Otherwise, the costume is ready to go for this year's halloween party! So, that's how to get "Among Us" halloween costume this 2020.

All that's left to do for the best Halloween ever is to produce spooktacular Halloween designs that will persuade people to attend your party. You've already chosen a venue, fixed the date and time, chosen a costume, and filled the candy buckets - all that's left to do for the best Halloween ever is to create a spooktacular invitation that will persuade people to attend your party. 

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