Startup company Virtuix will transform every home to a new world of gaming and adventure with its Omni One Omni-Directional Treadmill that will level up the home entertainment.

Players can get the full experience of exploring the landscapes of their favorite games while tracking through battlefields or travelling with giants on snowy canyons with the launch of an Omni's home version, Omni One.

Omni One Prototype
(Photo : Virtuix Omni/YouTube)
Omni One Prototype

Level-up virtual reality gaming with Omni One

Omni One is a unique treadmill that allows players to run or walk in any direction through their videogames and other virtual reality environments. It comes with a VR headset that does not require cables or PC as it works straight from the box. It provides seamless user experience.

"Omni One is like nothing else out there - it's a breakthrough in omni-directional treadmill technology," Virtuix CEO and founder Jan Goetgeluk said. Goetgeluk explained that Omni One has no support ring, so "you essentially become one with the machine."

Omni One will have its own game store where players can choose from 30 titles developed by Virtuix, which include "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty""-style games as well as licensed third-party games. The Austin, Texas-based Virtuix created this home version, which can fit inside the living room or other areas inside the home.

Omni One Prototype
(Photo : Virtuix Omni/YouTube)
Omni One Prototype

The Omni One is inspired by Omni's commercial version, the Omni Pro, which is now available at over 500 entertainment venues in 45 countries. However, unlike the Omni Pro, Omni One is more compact, lighter as well as easy to fold up and store. It lets players to move freely such as kneeling, jumping, or crouching.

The CEO explained that they decided to build Omni One after players have been asking them then they can have a Omni Pro at home. Thus, in 2019, the hyped-up demand prompted the company to begin working on the home version. "Given our success in the out-of-home market, we're uniquely positioned to bring our popular full-body VR experience to millions of homes around the world." Goetgeluk added.

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Omni One launch date

After the sales of Omni Pro and its multiplayer version Omni Arena ramped up amid the outbreak, Virtuix speed up Omni One's launch, which is now slated for the second half of 2021, instead of 2022. Goetgeluk noted that even with some delays in their out-of-home orders due to the lockdown, they only had just one canceled order.

Currently, Virtuix sales are already recovering and they have resumed installations. While the pandemic may have slowed them down, Goetgeluk said it actually boosted the demand for entertainment and at-home fitness products such as Omni One. "It will accelerate our long-term growth," he said.

Omni One Prototype
(Photo : Virtuix Omni/YouTube)
Omni One Prototype

Meanwhile, before bringing the Omni One to the market, Virtuix is launching the funding campaign called Regulation A ("Reg A") to popularize the product among gamers, consumers, and investors. In the meantime, they may check out the latest demo video in YouTube to see how Omni One works.

Interested investors can reserve a spot in the investment round and receive 20% discount worth $400 when they buy Omni One while early birds who invest in the first week could get 40% discount worth $800.

Omni One price

The complete Omni One entertainment system will cost about $1,995, including a standalone VR headset and operating software. Meanwhile, Virtuix will also offer the "dev kit" for $995, exclusive of the VR headset. It would allow VR hobbyists and developers to use Omni One with their headsets and PCs to play VR games.

Virtuix anticipates about 1.1 million Omni players by 2022, which will either play with commercial Omni Pro systems or avail the Omni One home version.

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