There are several US federal agencies that recently gave warning to the hospitals as well as cyber-researchers about a particular "credible threat" towards the entire medical facilities. The report came from two people that were apparently very familiar with the whole advisory.

The FBI warns over 'coordinated' ransomware attack targetting US hospitals

The actual FBI, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the known Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, and even a part of the Department of Homeland Security much known as CISA stated that they have received intelligence asserting that the hackers were indeed preparing to use a Ryuk ransomware in order to attack a number of medical facilities.

According to certain people who actually weren't given authorization to speak to the media itself, Trickbot was used to distribute this ransomware. The Cyber Wire gave a lengthy explanation as to how trickbot works. The whole story was reported by Bloomberg stating that the official federal agencies refused to give any comments with regards to the investigation.

The US hospitals' ransomware attack comes as COVID-19 cases are piling

The warning actually comes as the Covid-19 cases as well as hospitalizations started to surge all across the known country. A particular cybersecurity company known as the FireEye Inc. said that there have already been multiple US hospitals that have fallen victim to the "coordinated" ransomware attack. It was reported that there had been at least 3 different hospitals that have already confirmed being actually struck some time this week.

It was reported that the attack was actually done by a particular cybercrime group called the UNC1878 that was motivated by money. This nickname was given by certain computer security researchers, according to FireEye's strategic services chief tech officer Charles Carmakal.

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FireEye: Recent US hospitals' ransomware attack is the 'most significant cybersecurity threat' ever

According to Carmakal, at least three hospitals have severely fallen victim to the ransomware and that multiple hospitals have already been impacted over the period of the past several weeks. The UNC1878's stated intent was to target as well as deploy ransomware over to hundreds of other known hospitals, according to Carmakal.

According to Carmakal, we are currently experiencing the absolutely "most significant cybersecurity threat" that has ever been seen within the United States. It was stated that the UNC1878 is a known Eastern European threat actor that is financially motivated and is said to deliberately have been targeting as well as disrupting the different US hospitals, forcing them to actually divert the patience to other said health-care providers.

There have already been a number of hospitals that have been reportedly impacted by the Ryuk ransomware in a significant way as their networks have been said to have been taken directly offline, according to Carmakal. The UNC1878 is said to be actually be one of the most brazen, disruptive, and heartless threat actors that Carmakal has ever experienced or observed in his career.

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