Anti-theft Devices: Does It Have an Impact on Your Car Insurance?
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Your car insurance premium is not only calculated based on your risk assessment results. Insurers also factor in the various measures you take to prevent or lower these perceived risks. Insurance companies wouldn't want your car to get stolen. Otherwise, they will have to compensate you for such loss. That's why some carriers offer discounts for drivers who have anti-theft devices (ATD) in their vehicles. If you're searching for companies that can help lower your premium through this theft prevention system, just read reviews of MetLife auto insurance first.

4 Common Types of Anti-theft Devices for Your Car

There are many types of do-it-yourself and professionally installed ATD that you can place in your car, such as:

1. Car Alarm. One way to protect your vehicle is by arming it with a car alarm system. Once tampered with, the system will raise a loud alarm as soon as it detects forceful entry. Some car alarms have a car locator button and may even have smartphone connectivity. 

2. Electronic Immobilizers. Some advanced car keys have a cutting-edge technology that sends signals to your car to start the engine. Your ignition key uses an intelligent communications interface with code. When someone tries to switch on the ignition, the interface reads the code via the antenna. If the code is a match, the electronic immobilizer will release the engine electronics system and start the vehicle. 

3. Mechanical Immobilizers. Even modern security systems today may not entirely prevent thieves from stealing your car. You can strengthen your defenses by using a physical barrier, such as a steering wheel lock, gear lock, and tire lock. This way, you can create an extra layer of protection to keep your vehicle safe. Products generally vary in price, size, and locking mechanism. But they are all hard to crack and primarily designed to stop specific mechanical components of your car from moving. 

4. Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker. This ATD can come in handy if, despite your efforts, your car gets stolen anyway. Installing a GPS tracking device in your vehicle can help authorities recover it faster. If activated, the system can provide the real-time location of your car. Opt for compact tracking devices, so they are easy to hide in your vehicle. 

How Anti-theft Devices Impact Your Premium

Even as simple as a car alarm can go a long way to stop would-be thieves from stealing your car. It's a feature that most cars have. But disabling devices and other modern ATD systems tend to be more effective. They seem to yield more significant results when it comes to getting discounts from your insurance premium. Does your car automatically shut off, lock up the ignition, or stop fuel intake from unauthorized use? If it's going to make it impossible for a thief to access or move your vehicle, it will essentially render it useless to the criminal. 

Another effective way to deter thieves is to etch your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto your windshield. This number is linked to your insurance carrier. Thieves would be less likely to steal your car, or if they do, resell it because they know that the police can easily track your vehicle. 

By installing different forms of ATD in your car, your car insurance will understand that your risk for theft is significantly reduced. This makes a more expensive coverage unnecessary. A GPS tracking device can lower your premium rates by as much as 25 percent. However, there isn't a standard rate for discounts from theft prevention systems. But many insurance companies offer between five to 30 percent savings. 

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