While most people have given up the whole MicroSD life, there's actually still a huge role that it plays in society today. Although most phones now contain a huge chunk of GBs, MicroSDs are still one of the safest ways to save data.

Here are a few reasons why MicroSDs are still relevant these days:

1. Sensitive Files

With the increasing number of hackers, saving sensitive files on your phone is no longer a guarantee that they will be kept safe. Transferring sensitive files like documents and what not to a MicroSD instead of just lying around on the phone is a more secure means of storing sensitive data.

It also pays to remove the MicroSD if the data does not need to be accessed anytime soon and store the MicroSD somewhere safe from harm. The physical storage of certain sensitive files is much better than leaving them lying around online on Google Drive or even on your phone unless they are heavily encrypted. However, heavily encrypted files can still be accessed which is why physical storage still does the job much better.

2. Permanent Deletion

Deleting files from your device alone can still leave a trace for people to access once they get hold of the physical phone. A great way to make sure your pictures, videos, or other files are kept away safely is to save these files on an MicroSD to avoid leaks of these files. In order to permanently remove the files, you can easily delete it from your MicroSD or throw away the MicroSD to make sure no copy exists.

Although these are for drastic situations only, it's still worth noting that for total data deletion, destroying the hardware that holds it is the most logical thing to do. This is of course, a last option.

3. Secure Transfer of Data

Instead of sending files over the internet, they can easily be transferred with the use of a MicroSD given from one person to another. This is the best way to give data to another person without it passing through the internet. Although it might be a bit inconvenient, for absolutely sensitive data, it is better to pass it over through the use of a MicroSD.

MicroSDs can also be shipped from one person to another so in order to properly protect the data, have it saved in a MicroSD and pass it on to the person you want to send the data to. MicroSDs, however, are still a bit fragile so packing the data properly is still important.

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Of course, there are different MicroSDs with different capacities and although getting the biggest one might be your first choice of action, this is not advisable when storing different categories of files. Let's say you want to send someone a file, it's better to use a smaller MicroSD which is much cheaper and could also be considered a little more disposable.

For larger files, of course, you'll need a MicroSD with a bigger capacity. These MicroSDs rarely get filled to the top but depending on the amount of data that you'd want to send, you might need the extra storage.

Here are 5 different MicroSDs with different capacities:

This high speed MicroSD is good for smaller nuggets of files to be transferred from one person to another. Although this might not be the best choice for you to keep your own personal files, this is the best amount of space to send someone a few files. The MicroSD with 64GB is enough to send over some files but shouldn't be that reliable when it comes to storing them.

This particular MicroSD card automatically have an adaptor with it which allows for files to be transferred directly to your PC or laptop. If you do not have one already, getting this deal would be the best choice. Of course, this depends if you are content with 128 GB to begin with.

This amount of memory is better for private storage of photos and videos. Although it's good enough for a couple of movies and series, it still has a limit so you'd have to be careful when it comes to filling up the MicroSD. If you're a fan of video games and want them stored away in a MicroSD instead of a HDD, make sure you'll have a bigger MicroSD on hand.

A massive 400GB is almost as good as a laptop. Let's say you're dealing with a whole lot of data on a day to day basis, having a number of 400GB MicroSDs might be a more strategic way to store them. Imagine having a shelf full of 400GB MicroSDs to store the data and you can easily access files by categorizing them properly.

This is the ultimate MicroSD that can be used for storing or even transferring files from one computer to another. Let's say your computer is dying or you're switching up units, you can put all of your data in this MicroSD then proceed to transfer it to another unit without much struggle.

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If you're on the search for the best possible MicroSD to store your files safely or transfer your files from one unit to another, it is important to assess how much data you need and what type of brand you trust.

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