How to support e-commerce channel development
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MT: How to support e-commerce channel development?

L: For the past few years e-commerce channels have been developing rapidly. From price analysis to automation tools, there are already a number of technologies supporting the growth of e-commerce. Check out this article to learn a few of them and see how you can improve your online store by using services for e-commerce sites.

E-commerce audits

If you're looking for services for e-commerce sites, you should definitely look into e-commerce audits. They will ensure stable growth of your online business by improving your UX, page speed and other technical and visual aspects, while helping you define what works well and what does not. Audit-related expertise is usually focused on code analysis, security, architecture and documentation and makes it possible to detect performance, security and architecture defects and issues. Such an investment will help you improve your online store by enhancing its functionalities and features to the maximum. E-commerce audits can be offered for a number of platforms, including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. To learn more about such audits, you can check out the services provided by Divante:

Payment System Integration

As the popularity of online banking and shopping is constantly growing, it also contributes to the development of online payment solutions. If you still haven't integrated them with your e-commerce store, you should definitely do it. Payment system integration will provide your customers with excellent UX and the possibility to complete their online payments fast and conveniently. This way you will receive more orders in your stores and get more loyal clients. Such services for e-commerce can be integrated with any CMS system, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and others. 

Price monitoring

Price monitoring is a must if you want to run a successful e-commerce business. By knowing the prices on the market, including both yours and your competitors', you will be able to figure out the right pricing strategy and to gain a competitive advantage. Price monitoring services are usually based on web scraping tools that analyse shops and marketplaces across online marketplaces. With such tools, you will receive all the necessary prices from your target platforms automatically, with no manual tracking, of a number of stores and websites. By using such services for e-commerce sites you will save a lot of time and will be able to focus on your core business activities in order to increase your income.

Where to find services for an e-commerce site

If you're an e-commerce site owner, you might be interested in searching for e-commerce services. There are already a number of software houses and agencies delivering services to e-commerce businesses, including the services mentioned above and more. You might look into, for example, the services provided by Divante or other e-commerce agencies found on Google or recommended by your contacts.

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