Blaux Heater Review: Is Blaux Personal Heater Legit or Scam?
(Photo : Blaux Heater Review: Is Blaux Personal Heater Legit or Scam?)

Blaux Heater is a new personal space heating unit with an antimicrobial filter that uses convection ceramic heating technology for rapid, targeted, instant heat wherever you need it the most. Found exclusively at, the built to last Blaux Personal Heater serves as a dual purpose device that offers users personalized heat with an antibacterial filtration system that kills bacteria and eliminates odors in an energy-efficient, cost-saving solution right out of the box.

Known as the ultimate chill killer, the Blaux Heater is the latest and greatest innovation from one of the leading direct to consumer health and wellness brands in the world. As we transition from the hot summer into the cold winter months, heaters become necessary for millions of consumers. Central heating is always a solid option; central heaters are expensive but work relatively consistently throughout a home, apartment, and mobile homes. However, many consumers might not be able to afford an expensive high-end central heating system. Some heating and AC experts also argue that personal AC/heating units might be preferable to larger, bulkier central systems for some people.

For individuals who currently live in places without central heat, personal heaters are a solid option. A quality personal heater can turn an entire isolated area from an uncomfortable cold to hot in minutes. Unlike larger systems, the portable personal heaters can be moved around, meaning that users can modify the temperature of specific rooms instead of turning up the thermostat to heat the home's drafty areas.

The intuitive benefits of personal heaters are pretty clear. But consumers should also note that personal heaters often come with a few additional benefits, making them uniquely desirable as a must-have item for Winter 2020. For instance, some of the top personal heaters on the market today can clean the air that it heats. Also, many of these solid personal heating devices can seriously cut down on energy costs for users.

Blaux is a household name in the personal air conditioning market. This Winter, the company is also attempting to name themselves within the extensive personal heater market. Given the company's solid reputation among consumers within the existing personal AC sector, it should come as no surprise that people are already excited about the Blaux Personal Heater.

As always, it's tough to find clear information on AC units in the fast-moving portable heater market. We're here to help. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Blaux Personal Heater, as well as the company behind it.

We recommend that consumers do their own research before investing in any personal heating or air conditioning unit. Blaux HeatCore Heater makes some pretty substantial  claims about this portable heating unit's functionality and effectiveness, so users should read closely to learn more about whether or not the product is likely to live up to the hype. It is time to review the Blaux Heater for personalized heating from the inside out, allowing consumers to get a full spectrum look at all of the pertinent details about this powerful personal heater that can warm over 250 square foot utilizing convection ceramic heating technology and antimicrobial filter to reduce dust, bacteria, mold, and foul odors in your immediate living space. Whether it be in the bedroom, bathroom, office, camper, dorm room, den or basement area, lets research all of the important information and significant findings regarding the new Blaux Heater.

What is a Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater?

What is a Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater?

As the name suggests, the Blaux Personal Heater is a small, portable heating unit that can turn air from cold to hot in seconds. As temperatures continue to fall all over the United States, consumers are faced with the difficult task of deciding how to heat their homes. For some users, this is not much of a struggle. Homeowners with central heat are unlikely to have much of a problem during the harsh winter months.

But millions of Americans are likely to be without a reliable central heating unit during this holiday season. This is more than just an inconvenience; exposure to cold during the winter months can easily become a deadly problem. For people who don't have a cost-efficient way to heat their homes, gearing up for the Winter, means purchasing some different items to keep warm. Portable heating units can be a solid choice-but some companies promote ineffective units unworthy of their high price tag.

Blaux is one brand extremely popular on the portable air conditioning market. The company produces many different kinds of portable AC units, which can help people improve heating and cooling in their homes. Lately, Blaux has put quite a bit of work into promoting their new personalized heating system. In many ways, this device works the same as the portable AC created by Blaux. Users can just set the device up, plug it in, and quickly heat the air around you using built to last quality materials with plug in play warmth ability straight out of the box.

Like the popular Blaux AC systems, this heating unit comes with several major innovations. In particular, the official Blaux product website outlines that its 'press and go' capabilities, air cleansing functions, and a compact design are the three main ways Blaux products are built differently.

How Does Blaux Heater Work?

How Does Blaux Heater Work?

The effectively instant, fast acting Blaux HeatCore Heater is very easy to use as it works right out of the box. Much like other personal heaters, the Blaux Heater works by simply converting electricity to heat, passing through the unit's non-exposed coils and dispersing warm heated air into the surrounding area up to 250 square feet. The convection ceramic heating technology inside the Blaux Heater generates heat by warming up the ceramic plates, allowing for instant hot air to blow directly towards your desired direction.

But the dual purpose personal heater from Blaux also offers the antimicrobial filter too. With replaceable, easy to change and swap out filters, the Blaux Heater not only takes users' living space from freezing cold to warm and cozy at the press of a button, but also cleans and purifies the air of odors, bacteria and molds in the air quickly and safely.  The compact, lightweight, durably designed Blaux Heater offers a great addition to any flat surface area such as a table, desk or countertop for the coldest corners of your house.

How Does Blaux Heater Work?

The cool to the touch Blaux Heater offers fast targeted heat whenever, wherever needed most while effectively filtering out dust and unwanted bacteria while preventing mold growth, leaving users immediate space with fresh, clean air unlike most personalized heating devices that give off a musky unpleasant odor. All in all, you will not find a more valuable personal heating unit like the Blaux Heater that gives users instantly cleaner and warmer environments. Most HVAC heating systems can take up to an hour to heat a whole home whereas the Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater offers instant heat as soon as it is plugged in and turned on with the power source that is located in the back of the device. It is also pet and kid safe, with enhanced safety measures as it will not burn anyone who touches the device as all of the heating elements and coils are not exposed on the outside.

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Blaux Heater Benefits: Features and Functions

Blaux Heater Benefits

The high quality Blaux HeatCore for personal space heating offers users with all of the most desirable features and functions a mini ceramic heater can provide. Here is an overview of all of the technical specifications the Blaux Personal Heater offers users during this long and cold winter season:

  • smart energy efficient convection ceramic heating technology that warms personal areas up to 250 square feet

  • three distinct presets for high power, low power, and no-heat fan mode only settings

  • hard plastic outer case that is safe to touch and grab without burning fingers due to no exposed heating elements

  • 350-watt heating power supply works with any standard 180-watt outlet, minimum power 700 watt, maximum power 1,200 watt

  • three easy to set timer options for 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours durations, or simply allowing it to run without any timer function setup

  • the standby gravity kill switch is located on the back of the Blaux Heater device and will turn off if tipped over or not upright on flat surface

  • smart intuitive design about wrapping the power cord around the base or pedestal to make for a compact carrying wherever you go

  • high quality ZPT anti-microbial filters that are easy to swap, replace and change out utilizing the quick-release cover

  • handy storage case with easy to follow operating instructions, making it easy to put up when not using our out of season


The smart design features and full fledged functionality of the Blaux Heater make it one of the best portable personal space heaters to buy for this fall and winter season. By generating heat without the fire hazard risk or threat of being burned, the ceramic space heater from Blaux offers an incredibly safe yet effective method to have a furnace at your fingertips. Let's quickly review who can benefit from the use of Blaux's Personal Heater unit and examine the company behind it to ensure consumer confidence and user satisfaction.

Who Should Use Blaux Personal Heaters?

Who Should Use Blaux Personal Heaters

Anyone can use a personal heating device. We generally advise that consumers consider buying a personal AC or heating unit if they are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Central AC/heating is becoming too expensive.

  • Repairing a central AC system is too costly.

  • One or more rooms in the home are under heated.

But to a larger extent, anyone should consider buying a portable air conditioner or heating unit to better heat their homes. Even the most well-insulated homes and apartments can benefit from a bit of extra warmth. Some students at university report that using a portable heating unit while studying can substantially improve their productivity. College students and people who work from home seriously benefit from using a portable heating unit in their work and study spaces.

It's also worth noting that this personal HeatCore heater by Blaux isn't just capable of heating the air. It can also help to clean the air as it heats it. This is a massive benefit. Many people struggle with small toxins and contaminants in the air. Additionally, having a device capable of filtering out bacteria, viruses, and other toxins in 2020 is extremely important in the midst of this global pandemic. While we cannot guarantee that Blaux and their personal heater can prevent the spread of COVID-19, it should be noted that this device uses a filter to keep bacteria from spreading throughout a room.

Concerning why consumers should use Blaux's heating unit instead of other popular personal heaters, the answer lies in Blaux's proven track record of excellence in the air conditioning and heating sector. The company's portable AC products have gotten several positive reviews from people all over the world. The official product website for this Blaux heater includes some non validated reviews from accounts that could be fake, but given all of the adjustable settings and multiple features the Blaux Heater provides users looking for extra warmth and coziness this winter, it is hard pressed to believe a company with a strong reputation would put up non authentic reviews. While being skeptical of these reviews is only natural, it is not a one to one equation as this doesn't necessarily mean that the Blaux Personal Heater isn't a solid product. After scouring all of the top personal heaters on the market in 2020, there is no doubt that the powerful, compact heating with fully adjustable settings and changeable antimicrobial air filters with an instant-off safety switch is the go-to personal space air heater to buy for the winter season and makes for an excellent, thoughtful gift idea to friends and family members.

Who Created Blaux Personal Heater?

The name should easily tip readers off about its creator. Blaux isn't shy when it comes to marketing their products. This device is marketed by Blaux, a leading direct to consumer health and wellness company that specializes in air conditioning electronics based out of New Jersey. The "About Us" page for Blaux outlines that the company works to help make people feel more "comfortable in [their] own homes." Blaux products come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee by Blaux is one reason for the company's high approval among habitual consumers in the personal air conditioning industry. Users can return Blaux heating or air conditioning products within a given period of time and get all of their money back. This allows consumers to try these personal heating and cooling products with minimal risk. However, it is important to note here that customers must still pay the return shipping fee when taking advantage of this refund policy. All in all, the Blaux (pronounced "Blwow") name is a household brand that holds customer satisfaction to the highest regards as it effectively cuts out middlemen and offers competitively priced goods without the markup of traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blaux Personal Heater

Frequently Asked Questions About Blaux Personal Heater

It can be hard to find reputable information online about Blaux or the personal heater now being marketed by the New Jersey organization. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Blaux Personal Heater and the company behind it.

Q: How is Blaux Personal Heater used?

A: Using this device couldn't really be easier. Just plug it in, press the on button, and wait for it to get to work. Within minutes, Blaux Personal Heater can heat the immediate area around the device. It is unclear the size of the room that can be heated. This is a bit troubling, considering that most personal heaters can only heat specific sized rooms.

Q: Can Blaux Personal Heater clean the air?

A: Yes! This is actually one of the big benefits of this particular device. Blaux is well-known in the air conditioner industry for producing products that both cool and clean air. The company has extended this policy to its brand new personal heater. These devices can filter out many microbes, including toxins and bacteria that hover in the air.

Q: What are the benefits of personal heating?

A: Personal heating comes with many benefits. Most clearly, consumers with central heating may use personal heaters to help make certain home or apartment warmer areas. Even the best central air systems may fail to heat or cool some parts of the domicile. This device can help to bridge the gap and provide specific, isolated personal heating.

Q: How does Blaux HeatCore Heater clean the air?

A: The key to Blaux Personal Heater's cleaning capabilities is its antimicrobial filter. This filter can filter out "dust, bacteria, mold, and foul odors." This last part is especially important; consumers can use this heater to eliminate stinky smells in a room while also heating the room. The Blaux Heater report on The Health Radar goes into great detail about this process more.

Q: Are personal heaters dangerous?

A: No. Rumors that personal AC or heater units can hurt people have been circulating for decades. However, these rumors are generally false. There is no substantive scientific evidence that personal heaters can come with negative health effects. On the contrary, the air filtration system in this device can actually help promote users' health.

Q: Is Blaux Heater Scam a Real Risk?

A: No. While this is a popularly asked question, the Blaux Heater is far from a scam as the legitimacy of the product speaks for itself. As a category creating innovator in the world of instant, personalized space heating, the Blaux Heater scam narrative is all but a moot point. The only real risk of getting scammed when buying the Blaux HeatCore Heater is by ordering a cheap knockoff offered by shady third-party retailers attempting to capitalize on the trendy Blaux Heater name. For example, one can simply avoid being conned by visiting the official Blaux Heater website at It is worth mentioning that all Blaux Heater Amazon listings on are also fake and to be considered fraudulent. Purchasing the Blaux Heater directly from the company's website also ensures customers are protected by the money back guarantee and will authentic the actual Blaux Heater.

Purchasing a Blaux Personal Heater

Purchasing a Blaux Personal Heater

The only way to purchase Blaux Personal Heater right now is on the official product website. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many companies start marketing their personal heaters and air conditioners on an official company website before rolling out to distribute the devices on larger online markets, such as Amazon and eBay.

It's hard to say whether or not Blaux Personal Heater will soon be available for purchase from major online retailers. For now, the only real way to access this device is to purchase it directly from the product website. There's an upside to this as well. Blaux products purchased through this website are eligible for the company's generous money-back guarantee.

Current prices for Blaux Personal Heater include:

It is said the average American family will spend up to $500 to $1,500 minimum per winter season in electric bills for heating up the whole house. Considering consumers can shop with confidence in the built to last Blaux Heater and get the unit as low as $63 per, this is almost a no brainer decision to make versus the alternative of inefficiently heating up the whole home and racking up electric bills when most of the time users need the extra emphasis on their immediate environments whether in the bathroom, bedroom or office areas of your home.

Final Thoughts

Blaux Heater

The Blaux Heater is absolutely one of the best innovations to come into the personalized heating industry in recent years. When comparing the Blaux Personal Heater to central heating systems, oil-filled radiant heaters or even fireplaces, it is clear to see why this is the top selling, most recommended personal space heater on the market in 2020 and into 2021.

As the winter approaches and temperatures fall, consumers need to take advantage of all that portable heating units have to offer. Blaux has been a major name on the AC and heating market for several years. The New Jersey tech company is now marketing its Blaux Personal Heater, which can help people heat specific areas of their home while also cleaning the air. Consumers can be assured that Blaux's new personal and portable heating device is an effective way to keep things warm and toasty during the frigid winter months.

The science behind the Blaux Heater is straightforward, its safety measures are top of the line and gives the enhanced ability to effectively fight off mold, bacteria, and funky smelling odors right out of the box. Not to mention how the Blaux HeatCore Personal Heater will also allow users to put money back into your pocket and save big on electric bills, more than paying for itself this cold, long winter cycle. As the saying goes, tis the season and the Blaux Heater makes for a very thoughtful, life enhancing gift idea as well to where it makes a lot of sense to buy bulk considering the unit price can drop from just under $90 to just over $60 per unit.

In closing, the fact is right now the Blaux Heater is running an incredible 50% off discount during this introductory pricing phase. Do not wait as this high in demand personal heating unit with air purifying qualities will be on a first come first serve basis as the interest and intrigue in Blaux's personal heater is quite literally, heating up.

Act now and take full advantage of this energy-efficient, cost-saving personal heater from Blaux today. Simply visit the official website to ensure the best pricing online at to enjoy your new Blaux Heater!

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