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The world is still recuperating from the blow of the COVID situation that has pretty much dismantled the economy. The top cryptocurrencies have suffered a severe blow. But now, due to the rise in retail trading, cryptocurrencies are expecting a positive change that is coming with the "v-shaped" graph, the marker of economic revival.

Keeping this in mind, YouHodler is all set to help the crypto lovers get a chance to earn 5.5% APY on the Litecoin savings account. 

The three-step process of earning from the LTC savings account is super convenient. 

1. You need to have a YouHodler wallet where you will add the LTC. 

2. The user must understand and sign the agreement about the savings reward.

3. Just sit back and relax to see the magic of compounding as the cryptocurrency will earn interest every day. 

There are a few pointers to follow:

  • Within four hours, the interest on the cryptocurrency is calculated.
  • The payment is rolled-out every week.
  • You will receive the payment in the form of cryptocurrency that is already there in your wallet i.e. Litecoin, in this case.
  • You will receive compound interest on the YouHodler savings account. To put it simply, you will receive interest on your principle as well as on the interest that is accumulating with time.
  • The longer you deal with HODL, the better return you can expect.

Financial analysts suggest that LTC is expected to turn bullish shortly. Hence, whoever will open an account now is expected to earn a huge sum of profit in the future. The profit comes both ways from the interest that you will earn i.e. 5.5% APY, and from the price growth that the coins experience with time. If we consider the predictions of the financial analysts, then LTC is ready to break the upper trend line in a few months, the first target being $83, the peak that LTC touched before the pandemic. Another reason is LTC on YouHodler is filled with opportunities such as users will be able to use Multi HODL accounts along with interest accounts.

When you use the YouHodler savings account with Multi HODL, you are investing smartly because you are combining a passive investment strategy with the potentially riskier profit-making tool. You can keep 80% of the total amount in your savings account, and you can transfer the remaining 20% to the multi HODL; this way, you are ensuring more profit, and at the same time, you don't have to put your entire investment at risk.

Being an "active HODLer" can help you to reap the benefits from LTC's volatility in the future. This new and innovative concept is expected to help crypto users immensely in the months and even years to come because the graph is positive, and the crypto-market is full of possibilities. 

About YouHodler 

The YouHodler team is operating in this sector for years. They are based in Switzerland with another office in Cyprus. They have developed this one-stop-solution for crypto-users who want loans based on cryptocurrency, sell crypto, earn interest via a Litecoin savings account, watch the crypto assets grow by using amazing trading tools, and more. They aim at providing the best crypto experience to people who love this concept and help the entire community.  

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