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A new tech now allows business networkers to set virtual meetings with random participants, adding excitement and opening new possibilities.

Tagged as "the business video networking community for the 'new normal,'" meeow has arrived at Nashville, Tennessee to mark the start of its expansion across the United States.

The innovative business community taps "the power of random" in bringing together four participants in a virtual meeting called "meeow." As the participants are entirely chosen at random, meetings are made more dynamic with people from different backgrounds and experiences getting together for an hour-long conversation.

Nashville's new "meeows" will be hosted by Makenzie Stokel, co-founder of EVA - a tech platform that connects event planners with their events, offering experiences for both virtual and in-person events.

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Stokel, who previously won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award back in 2015, will be hosting the meows across the entire Nashville time zone. "Networking has always been a vitally important part of doing business but what meeow has done is adapt to a changing world and use the latest technology to create an intimate setting for new people to meet," she said in a statement.

"There's only four people but it's the random nature of how they are chosen and brought together that is so exciting," Stokel added.

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Meet The World With Meeow

"Lockdown has taught us all that not only can life try and trip us up at times, but that life and business can continue during challenging times," a note on the Meeow official website reads.

Meeow was co-founded by Chriss Rabbitt and Simon Glenn, two UK-based tech entrepreneurs who launched the app in May 2020 - helping business networkers find opportunities and ways to meet in the middle of the lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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Positive reception among its first users has prompted an international expansion, moving from the UK to the US.

In an interview with Gemma Birbeck, Rabbit declared: "meeow offers a terrific opportunity for business networkers looking for an exciting new way of meeting connections." He added that the platform introduces business people across different backgrounds, with four of them meeting on the online platform - sharing their stories and opening avenues for new insights and business opportunities.

"It's a really exciting way of connecting with businesses that probably wouldn't come together any other way. We call this the 'power of random' and it really works," Rabbit added.

Fits Right With "Four Degrees of Separation"

Meeow's 4-person virtual meeting platform, in its website, offers "the perfect blend of opportunity and connection," adding that it fits right with the concept of "Four Degrees of Separation." The popular theory posits that the average number of acquaintances that separate any two people is not six as previously thought, but closer to four.

Back in 2012, researchers with social media giant Facebook collaborated with the University of Milan to cut down the famous "Six Degrees of Separation" down to four. Through the entire Facebook network of active users, researchers reported an average distance of 4.74, corresponding to 3.74 intermediaries or "degrees of separation."

Building on the previous study by Stanley Milgram, the American social psychologist who challenged a large number of people. His "Small-World Experiment" had participants route postcards to a predetermined recipient through passing postcards to direct acquaintances. The Facebook - University of Milan study, however, covers a significantly larger network, owing to the social media platform's more than 721 million users worldwide, creating a web of 69 billion friendship connections.

Meeow, the exciting new virtual networking platform, currently operates on a beta platform. Show support for the developers at through the meeow crowdfunding page at the online platform Crowdcube.

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