How Can Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Education
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Technology is changing the face of education. Teachers using chalkboards are now almost a thing of the past. Interactive whiteboards and tablet-based learning are now becoming a common practice in schools. Artificial intelligence is currently the hottest topic for education. How can AI help students? 

AI tools for students

AI is now widely popular from the angle of skill development for students. Suppose you write an essay but don't have time to proofread it for punctuation and grammatical errors. What do you do to ensure that you submit a flawless essay? You can go to the plagiarism, grammar, and punctuation checking the website and copy-paste your essay's content, and hit check. The site scans your content for a few seconds and comes up with the mistakes along with the suggestions you need to implement to make the essay free from any grammatical errors. That's AI working as your writing resource to improve your writing within seconds.

AI for teachers

Apart from helping students, AI is now helping teachers with individualized learning. Managing a class of 30 students isn't easy for any teacher. Teachers can't comprehend while teaching which student is learning fast and which one is lagging. Several companies are trying to use AI to read the expressions when teachers are explaining a specific topic. It would identify students' presentation and indicate whether they are finding it difficult to grasp the subject the teacher is explaining. 

The idea here is to make teaching a more straightforward job for teachers. If students don't understand a topic but don't tell the teacher about their problems, they would never know if there's something wrong in the learning process. Or maybe the teacher needs to make the lesson more comfortable to grasp by using infographics and animations. Unless the teacher recognizes the issue, she can't say why a student isn't able to learn a lesson as quickly as the others.

Using AI outside the classroom

Ask any parent if they want AI to help their kids with algebra, and they will show 100% support. That's because parents already have a lot on their plates every day, and teaching their kids a subject they don't feel comfortable with is something they would want to avoid. And so, artificial intelligence can help students outside their classrooms as well. Many apps allow students to scan a problem on their book, and they show the entire solution and answer on their mobile phone or tablet. 

No tutor is sitting in the background doing the calculations on behalf of the student. It's AI that solves the problem within seconds and provides a step-by-step guide on how to do it. This is helpful when kids don't have their parents around but need to finish their homework within a given deadline. 

It's easy to see how technology affects your life every day. Now, it's helping students and teachers both in and out of the classroom to make studying easier. Embracing AI is the next step to making education a fun experience for students. 

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