Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt: My Expertise as a Software Developer Helped Me Transform Simple.Savr
(Photo : Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt: My Expertise as a Software Developer Helped Me Transform Simple.Savr)

We live in a digital age where new websites pop up every day. Most never make their mark and are destined to get lost in the dark and forgotten corners of the internet, unloved and unknown, but a rare few have that specific something which makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition. Simple.Savr is one such website that captured people's attention from the get-go, and it's due to the expertise and technical know-how of its creator, Rishab Bhatt.

As a text and file sharing concept, Simple.Savr is an uncomplicated concept, but like all such concepts, it's how you put them into practice that counts. Simple.Savr does pretty much what is said on the tin. It's simple to use, accessible and bug-free, as millions of users worldwide will testify. It will come as no surprise that the man who designed it is a veteran software developer who has been passionate about new technologies since he was a child. 

"When I was seven, my father brought me some typing tutorial software because he wanted me to learn how to touch type," explains Bhatt, who is originally from Nepal. "Thanks to the software, I was eventually able to type the entire alphabet without looking at the keyboard. Soon afterward, I was introduced to the internet for the first time. I became intrigued by how websites worked and how they were designed. So, I started watching YouTube videos on their development from scratch and began to study everything I could about programming and coding." 

Within a few years, Bhatt was creating some pretty sophisticated websites. He was still in high school when a pet project called Simple.Savr was born. Over the years, Bhatt's website has gone through many transformations as its owner attempts to build the ultimate in user-friendly experiences. 

Yet behind Simple.Savr, there is an even more fantastic idea: Bhatt's lifelong passion for helping charities provide clean water to every human on earth.

Bhatt explains, "I've had a long-term association with ssavr.com/mission, which is there to raise awareness of the global water crisis and provide people across the world with sanitization and clean water. It's a basic human right, and if we can put men on the moon and provide the world with the internet, surely we can ensure every child has access to clean drinking water. To that end, Simple.Savr donates 40% of all its revenue for the cause. I truly feel it's a win-win situation for everyone involved."

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