Meet the founder of VG Media: Mr. Shailen Vandeyar
(Photo : Meet the founder of VG Media: Mr. Shailen Vandeyar )

Intense, workaholic, and confident, these are the first impressions when you meet Shailen for the first time. The 25 years old marketing consultant did his studies at the Auckland University of Technology-New Zealand. He had that ambition and passion for internet technology, and that elevated him to the heights where he stands today. With this entrepreneurial streak, he formed his pilot project called GadgetsYouNeed, which was an online e-commerce platform selling gadgets. This became a big hit, and then Vandeyar came up with his firm called VG Media, which is a successful global digital- marketing agency. Currently, his primary focus is on connecting with more people. What makes him an admirable personage is his aspirations and perception of the marketing trade. He believes in the saying by Mark Zuckerberg, "The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

Being reasonable and genuine about what is actually achievable and then going beyond expectations is his major characteristic. After these, Mr. Vandeyar created @Laugh, which is one of the largest media accounts on Tik-Tok. Having over 1.2 million engaged users brings in diverse opportunities to his table. His profession majorly revolves around social media and building a brand or a name by creating a strong internet presence and a high-end business profile for his customers. And, then they perform social media promotions for companies and brands. They this over various platforms, but the most notable one is Tik-Tok. But it is not like that all these business processes came in smooth and free-flowing overnight. It took multiple hits and trials, flaws and corrections, numerous bad and good experiences. The difficulties and obstacles which he had to overcome to reach where he is today were the testimony of time, in which he passed with flying colors.

It is known that when it comes to the definition of the journey of an entrepreneur, "nothing ever comes easy" is silent. His hard work got him to work with some of the finest content creators, such as Michael Fallon, Neil Henry, Jimi Jackson, and Marty and Michael. Well, Mr. Vandeyar proved his mettle in the industry as a young mastermind with the power to transform ordinary names into prominent ones and drawing exceptional results with his superiority as a digital expert and tech-entrepreneur. He made it to the top, and now his story will be used as an inspiration for newbies. We asked him about how does he manage to work with clients hailing from different time zones. He smiled and told us that he sleeps less than an average person, which enables him to stay awake during work related to the USA and UK time zones. Mr. Vandeyar believes that his experiences with life have only provided him humility and gratitude towards the journey that is of an entrepreneur. He will surely be an inspiration, with hope and motivation to rise and shine. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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