How Can I Save Money When Shopping Online?
(Photo : How Can I Save Money When Shopping Online?)

Save money when shopping online? It can be so easy! You don't even have to do without anything: with a few simple tricks, you can get more out of your purchases. Whether booking a trip, buying clothes or electrical appliances - there is a lot of savings potential everywhere! 

How can I save money when shopping online?

In general, you can save a lot when shopping online by following these tips:

1: Searches for current coupons

Wadav continuously offers you current coupon codes and discounts for more than 100,000 online shops - so it definitely pays off to look for your favorite shop here before your next purchase and to win numerous discounts and savings tips.

If you are currently enrolled at a university or college, many online shops will give you a personal voucher code. You can redeem this with every purchase to receive an attractive student discount.

2: Waiting for Christmas or other sales events

Waiting for seasonal sales promotions such as Christmas or the Black Friday sale can be worthwhile: At these times of the year, many online providers offer discounts and promotions that can save a lot of money. If you don't want to wait that long - even in spring and summer, there are always sales or special offers for individual products or product categories. Some providers even have sales offers throughout the year, most of which you can find directly in the online shops under the "Sales" category.

3: Use the savings opportunities of the selected shop

A little research is often worthwhile: to secure the additional discount, use the various savings offers in the online shops. From Newsletter voucher via Free Shipping up to us to a friend - almost every online store offers one or another way to save.

How can I save when booking a trip?  

In order to save a lot when booking your next trip, book early enough, book your flight and accommodation together and get great deals straight away. If possible, travel outside the high season, watch out for hidden costs and take advantage of current offers to additionally protect your wallet. You can also find out about the cheapest travel destinations of the year, which often hide real treasures.

Book cheap flights

There is enormous potential for savings, especially when booking a flight! The cheapest are flights that take place during the week and at unusual times - a flight on a Wednesday at 5:30 a.m. will be much cheaper than a Sunday flight at 7:00 p.m. The day on which you book your flight can also affect the price.

The general rule here: It is better to book during the week and as early as possible. The assumption that flights are particularly cheap shortly before the departure date is unfortunately out of date - nowadays the demand, especially for short-term flight bookings, is very high and so are the costs. Real last-minute flight bargains are rarely found.

Pay close attention to the airlines' hidden costs - especially on short-haul flights. Many flight providers have comparatively cheap flight prices but do not include checked baggage or very limited hand baggage, for which they also charge a lot of money.

Extra tip: If you delete your browser data such as cookies and the cache before you book your flight, the search data for any flights will be deleted and you will be shown a "neutral" flight price.

Book cheap accommodation

The cheapest way to book accommodation is to choose it on provider platforms (such as Expedia or and in combination with a flight and rental car (e.g. from Alamo). One or two extra nights can also pay off - some hotels and guesthouses offer a significant price reduction from the seventh night.

In contrast to flights, when it comes to accommodation, it is definitely worth asking at short notice whether there are still free rooms at reduced prices. There is a good chance that you will get a discount if the provider is underutilized or in the off-season. If you're travelling as a group, booking Airbnb accommodation is often a great way to save money and also have your own apartment during the trip.

Even more savings tips for your next travel booking

Before booking your next vacation, be sure to first check whether you can find promotions on voucher platforms such as These constantly offer you new voucher codes and exclusive deals that can save you a lot of money.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter of your preferred travel provider to keep up to date with the latest offers and discounts. Waiting for the Black Friday sale or other seasonal offers also pays off.

How can I save when buying electrical appliances?

When it comes to electronic devices, you can save money by shopping online. It relies primarily on price comparisons and sale offers. You can save a lot with these measures:


1: Compare the prices

When you have found your dream cell phone or the perfect TV, first compare the prices of different providers. There are often considerable differences here. With online comparison portals such as Idealo is easy and uncomplicated.

2: Be patient

If you don't have to, don't buy your new device immediately after its release date - the products are often offered a lot cheaper after a few months. Waiting for sales offers or seasonal promotions (e.g. Christmas discounts) can also be worthwhile.

3: Will buy the previous model

Logical: the most can be asked for the latest model. Often these do not differ significantly from the previous model. Compares all technical data and weighs whether it has to be the latest model. Additional tip: Find out when the new model will be released - the previous model will probably be available much cheaper afterwards.

4: Pay attention to consumption

Even if you're looking for household electrical appliances, you can save money by shopping online. Pay attention to the power consumption of the various items. The more expensive purchase price often pays for itself after a few months. This helps: Recalculate as well as compare acquisition and running costs.

How can I save on buying groceries online?

To save on online grocery shopping, think about what exactly you want to buy and how much of it. Use loyalty programs and promotions, shop only once a week and plan your food consumption in detail. Comparing different providers can also help you pay less.

Although it's still in its infancy compared to buying clothes and electrical appliances, shopping for groceries online is becoming increasingly popular. Here, too, there is potential for savings, for example with the customer loyalty programs of the supermarkets, which regularly reward loyal customers with discounts and offers.

Furthermore, you save unconsciously, because you don't let the many delicacies that surround you in the store tempt you to make impulse purchases. Buying groceries online also usually takes much less time, as you save long transport routes and can conveniently plan your next purchase from anywhere.

You can also save money when shopping online by planning your shopping more precisely: Think carefully about the amount of food you will realistically consume. If you only buy what you actually prepare, you will save money too, as you will waste less food. If you only order once or twice a week, you also save delivery costs. In addition to a nutrition plan, a vegetarian and vegan diet can also help save a few dollars.

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