OmeCare Provides an Advanced B2B Platform for Genetic Testing
(Photo : OmeCare Provides an Advanced B2B Platform for Genetic Testing)

OmeCare is both a veteran and a pioneer in the genetic testing industry, which by itself is rather young, counting no more than 15-20 years. The company conducts DNA testing for individuals and physicians. The B2C segment of the business is booming with people increasingly aspiring to healthier lifestyles, better nutrition, and a more scientifically planned physical activity. The roadmaps containing precise, scientifically proven lifestyle advice that OmeCare provides to its clients lead to life-changing behaviors. Throughout its 10- plus years of existence, some 200,000 individuals went through DNA testing and were provided with nutrition, skincare, physical activity, and medication efficacy recommendations. OmeCare's clients are 30% male, and 70% female, in the 25 to 55-year-old range, which makes for the most health-conscious and economically active age and income group. This category often sees their physicians for the same advice they seek from OmeCare.

Over 3,000 physicians have used OmeCare DNA test reports to date to the benefit of their patients. Such an alliance is a classic tripartite win-win situation: partnering physicians are provided an invaluable insight along with precise recommendations and access to nutritional professionals. This symbiosis fills the void for critical information that is pivotal for comprehensive patient care. People return to those physicians who they trust and who help them become better versions of themselves. The feeling of the tangible, life-changing advice quite naturally leads to gratitude and creates a bond between the patient and the physician. The patient then returns on the basis of trust. 

Healthcare professionals are given much more sophisticated reports, unlike reports that go to consumers and are worded in more layman terms. Tests conducted for physicians spell out specific recommendations for them to consider with their patients. By partnering with OmeCare, the medical professionals are provided screening guidelines created by nationally recognized experts, such as the NCCN®, that help them and their patients create a healthcare plan that's right for them. Among other benefits is the increased value of physicians' exams through access to personalized genetic health advice and detailed bespoke diet meal plans for patients, guided by OmeCare. By using the DietGene app physicians are able to manage patient reports, logged habits, behavioral changes, and more. By generating precise DNA reports and partnering with medical professionals OmeCare in fact creates interconnectivity that benefits all sides involved. 

What further favorably distinguishes OmeCare from its competitors is its San-Diego, CA state-of-the-art laboratory complete with all requisite accreditations and licenses to operate in every state, including New York.  Reliance on their own lab has another significant advantage. "Unlike our competitors, we are very cost-effective; since we own the lab, we are able to keep the price down. We offer our customers prices that most others cannot afford since they have to outsource," elaborates Michael Druker, OmeCare's Chief Operating Officer, on the company's edge. The laboratory recently launched a partnership with Vivera Pharmaceuticals to offer a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic testing kit, which creates another common ground for the partnering medical professionals and OmeCare to interact to mutual advantage. 

All these factors combined make OmeCare the first choice for the healthcare professionals at large seeking to add undisputed scientific credibility to their lifestyle recommendations based on genetic testing. 

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