(Photo : thephotostick)
(Photo : ThePhotostick)

Some years ago, you would have to carry around a camera to keep your pictures with you. That camera probably couldn't store very many pictures, though. There is now a way to carry around thousands of pictures with you and transfer those photos from one computer to another. That's the Photostick, which is one of the leading photo storage methods available.

It is really worth a purchase, though? After all, you could store photos on your PC and keep them there. What are the advantages of storing photos on a smaller device, you may be wondering? We will look at why people buy the photostick and what it has to offer, examining why it might be a good choice for you.

This Photostick review is meant to be unbiased and fair, so you can see the good with the bad and have a good idea of whether the Photostick is what you really want from a photo storage product.

Photostick Detailed

You might be curious as to what the photostick is and what it can do. I think that is a good place to start, so let me explain. The Photostick is a photo storage device similar to flash drives. It can store thousands of photos from your PC, laptop, or another computer. It doesn't work with phones and other mobile devices like tablets, though. There is a separate Photostick for that called the Photostick mobile.

The one for PCs can hold your photographs safely, as well as your video files. It works with many different file formats and a lot of different devices, so there is a good chance it will work well for you.

The Photostick is designed for convenient storage and mobility. Even though it won't function with mobile devices, it is very mobile itself, so you can take it wherever you like, transferring files from one computer to another. You can take your files to any school computer or work computer and access the photos you had stored on your home computer. In that way, it is very versatile and convenient, so it's no wonder it is so well-reviewed, and such a sought after product.


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How the PhotoStick Functions

What makes this device stand out from your typical flash drive is how it works. It doesn't really require you to sort through all of your files and transfer them one by one to the drive. That can be tedious, especially if you have thousands of photos. You want a quick way to get them all over to the storage device, and PhotoStick offers that for you.

Here is how it works- you just put in the Photostick and then let it find the files for you. It is designed to automatically sort through a lot of different files, focusing on the major formats, and transfer them on its own. It does all of this automatically to ensure that you have little work to do. That's pretty amazing and probably the number one reason why people choose The Photo Stick over other file storage options. This can save you a ton of time you would otherwise have to spend tiring your eyes out looking for your files.

Not only that, but the Photostick can also find files that aren't stored in conventional places. You might think that most of your photos would be stored in the photo section of your computer, but that doesn't always happen. Some are stored in downloads, and others are in various folders that they probably shouldn't be in for whatever reason. Photostick can find all of them, regardless of where they are located.

It also eliminates the duplicates from the search, filtering out copies of files so that you only get one of each photo. A lot of computers have multiple copies of the same photos because the user may have downloaded the photo more than one time and not realized it. Photostick only transfers one copy of a file over so that you are not wasting space on your storage device.

Photostick's Pros and Cons

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  • Really easy to use, even if you aren't tech-savvy
  • Automatic file finder software
  • Works incredibly fast in finding and transferring files
  • Inexpensive price tag when compared to the competition
  • Safe storage for all of your files
  • Works on the majority of PCs, computers, and laptops
  • Works with most file types


  • You can't buy it in retail stores
  • Does not work with mobile devices

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How Customers Have Responded to the Photo Stick

The Photo stick is popular enough that you can find tons of reviews for it online. These aren't just reviews from industry professionals like myself. A lot of consumers who have tried the product have written reviews as well, and these are a valuable resource to tell you if the product is good or not, and if it is worth your money.

The good reviews call out the advantages that Photostick has over the competition, like its ability to find files for the user. People love how it is super easy to start up, too, working as soon as it is plugged into the computer. It starts right away and does a lot of the work on its own, and consumers are raving about how it saves them so much time. They no longer have to find and sort files for themselves. Some consumers are commenting on how they were able to transfer files they thought were lost to them forever, all because the PhotoStick found those for them.

The negative Photo Stick reviews talk about how the device doesn't work on their computer or how it doesn't transfer all the files and leaves some behind. These kinds of problems can occur if the photostick isn't used with the proper device that it is designed to be compatible with or if it isn't set to find the right kind of files.

People are also having issues with a Photo Stick scam that looks like an authentic product but is not. In order to avoid buying the wrong product, consumers should buy from trusted sources or from the manufacturer directly. This ensures they get a product that works like it is supposed to.


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Is This a Good Purchase?

If you go searching for photo storage options online, you are going to see a lot of options. The Photostick isn't the only choice you have, so you want to make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Is it worth buying the Photostick, or should you choose something else?

I consider this product to be a good value because the price is low and affordable for most people, and the Photostick works very well. It is compatible with the majority of operating systems, computers, and files, which means it works well in most instances.

Photostick does things that other file storage options do not. Most flash drives are not going to find your files for you or eliminate duplicates in the transferring process. Most of them simply hold photos that you manually send over to them, but Photostick does plenty of the work for you to minimize your input and keep things simple, streamlined, and fast for you.

It's a good buy because it is a safe way to store your photos. If you keep photos on a computer, you might think they are safe there, but a single power outage could render them unusable. Not so with the Photostick, which can securely store all of your files, keeping it protected from power surges and power outages as well as from computer viruses and hackers.

A major alternative to the Photostick is cloud storage, which is really popular these days but compared to the photostick, it doesn't seem like a very safe choice. The photostick is a lot safer from hackers, and data loss than the cloud is for storage, so your photos and precious memories will be more secure on a Photostick than they would be kept stored up in a cloud.

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Photostick Mobile Explained

There is a mobile option for the Photostick, which is designed for people who have photos on their phones or tablets and would like to store them somewhere else. This is great for people who are running out of storage space, as many phones and tablets have very limited storage capacity. Storing the photos on a drive like the PhotoStick mobile is a good alternative because it saves room on the portable device for other things, like apps and messages.

The mobile Photostick is designed to work with most iPhone and Android phones. It won't work with every single version of these phones, but it definitely works with all the latest ones. The Photostick manufacturers make sure that the Photo Stick is compatible with the latest mobile devices, guaranteeing compatibility for their customers.

If you have an Android phone or an iPhone or iPad, then the Photostick mobile is the way to go. It works just like the regular Photostick, where it finds files for you, starts up automatically, and works simply. It also ensures that duplicate files are not transferred over, copying just one version of a file rather than all of the copies of it that may be sitting on your phone.

After all of your files are copied over, you could delete the files from your phone and have tons more space to work with. The Photostick is an excellent space saver, helping you have more room for the things that are important to you.

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How Quickly Does the Photostick Work?

By most accounts, the Photostick is super fast. How fast are we talking about it working? Well, consumers are reporting that their Photostick is transferring thousands of files in just minutes, which is really impressive. If you want to get your photos found and sorted, and transferred to a portable device fast, then this seems to be the way to go.

A lot of other file storage devices would take much longer to transfer the same number of photos, or they would require a lot more input from you. Photostick is very fast, doing work for you, allowing you to step away while it works, and then finishing quickly. It does not waste your time, which is one of the reasons so many people love thephotostick.

You may be concerned that you have so many photos that it would take hours to transfer them all or for the Photo Stick to find them all, but that likely isn't the case. Most of the time, the Photostick can find your files in short order and copy them to itself in a matter of minutes. Accessing them on another device is as simple as plugging in the Photostick and then seeing them appear on the computer. It's so fast and simple, without a lot of complicated steps like you might get with other storage options, so yes, the Photostick is incredibly fast.


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How Many Photos Does the Photostick Store?

There are three distinct versions of the PhotoStick made for laptops, computers, and PCs. They come in different sizes for your convenience and to provide an affordable option to suit the budget of the consumer.

So, the cheapest one is the smallest one, offering 8 GB of storage. This may be the best Photostick for people who are on a tight budget and who just have a few thousand photos to transfer or store. This small Photostick can store up to 3,500 photos at once. You may not be able to store quite that many on it, though, depending on file size. The number 3,500 is simply an estimate based on typical file size.

If you are storing videos rather than photos, then you will be able to store far less than if you were just storing photos. That is because video files are much larger than photo files, so they take up more space. If you have a lot of video files to transfer, you may want to go with one of the larger Photostick options that offer more storage space.

The second option is the 64 GB version of the Photo Stick. This one can store as many as 30,000 photos, but once again, your actual storage numbers may vary based on file sizes.

If you need tons of storage space, then you can go for the 128 GB one, which can hold as many as 60,000 photos at once.

Before you choose one of these, you should check to see about how many files you plan to transfer over. It's always better to be safe and buy one with more space than you think you will need. Also, keep in mind that you can use and reuse the Photo Stick for years to store and transfer photos, so make sure you get one that is offering enough storage space to accommodate your file storage needs for years to come. You can also buy multiple Photo Stick devices at once, saving yourself some money by taking advantage of the deals offered for that, and then have plenty of storage space for the future.


Which Places Does the Photo Stick Work?

This is a very versatile device, allowing you to take your photos wherever you want to. It can be used on most types of computers, like laptops and PCs, as well as Macs. It can transfer from one computer to another with ease, as long as they are both compatible with the PhotoStick. You can use this product to transfer from computers and keep your files stored safely or use it to move files from one computer to the next.

Many people use the PhotoStick at their home, saving files that they care about and ensuring that they are kept safe from floods, power surges, viruses, and more. So, this can be at home storage that just clears up space for you, or it can be used as storage on the go, taking your files wherever you like. It's like taking your PC's memory on a stick, so you can just plug it into another PC and access all of your photos and videos wherever you may be-at the computer lab, at school, at work, or anywhere else.

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What Kind of Files Is the Photostick Compatible With?

You can use the Photostick to find all sorts of files that are stored on your computer. It is set to find only certain kinds of files- usually the most common types. It can search and transfer not just photo files as the name suggests but also video files of all kinds. When it stores the files, it does not change them in any way. The files are not modified or changed from their original format. So, when you want to access the files, they will still be there in their original form. When you transfer them to another computer or back to the same computer, the files will still be intact and accessible.

Photostick is able to locate and store tons of different photo files, including PNG, JPEG, and even files that were modified in Photoshop. It can also locate files in the TIF, KDC, NRW, and CRW formats.

Photostick searches for video files, too, like MOV, VID, MPEG 4, and more. It can transfer these easily without losing any data or harming the integrity of the files.

It is likely that the Photostick will be able to find files that you need to transfer, but it is not a bad idea to check the format of the file against the Photostick manufacturer's list to ensure that the device will be compatible with your file type. If it isn't, then it may be possible to convert the files using a free program online to ensure compatibility with the Photostick.


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How You Can Use The Photostick on Your Device

As I said earlier, this is a product that is meant to be simple to use. You don't have to be very technically minded to make it work and to operate it. There is nothing complicated about using Photostick, so just about anyone should be able to use it with ease.

You just plug the product into your computer device and let it start up. The computer needs to be on, and if it is, then plugging the Photostick drive into your computer should prompt a notification to appear. You will be asked to start the Photostick or click the "Go" button. Doing that takes you through the process, which is simple and mostly automatic.

The Photostick work on its own for the most part, finding files that you want and transferring them over for you. This shouldn't take long, and when it is done, you can safely remove the product by using the device removal feature on your computer. This ensures that no data is lost when the device is removed.

From that point, the photos and videos will be safely stored on the Photostick. There is nothing else to it, and once you plug the device into another computer, all of your files will still be there, ready to load and be accessed.


Does Photostick Download Software on Your Computer?

Some people worry that anything they stick into their computer will download software there or possibly add something harmful to their computer.

While the Photostick has software on it to help it find and sort files, it doesn't download anything onto your computer. The only things that the Photostick will put on your computer are photo and video files that you copied from a device. It doesn't need to download any software from the internet, nor does it need an internet connection. The Photostick has everything it needs already on it and doesn't need to add anything to your computer.

It is completely safe and will not harm your computer or open your computer to the threat of viruses or hacking. You have nothing to fear from using this device and plugging it into any kind of computer. Whether you use Photostick or on your home, work, or school computer, there is no risk of spreading a virus, and you don't have to make extra space for any software to download.


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Does Your Device Work with the PhotoStick?

Compatibility is one of the key problems people face with flash drive products like the Photo Stick, but Photostick is designed to work with most computers. It is compatible with Macs and Windows OS, so it will work on the majority of computers and laptops.

How Much Does The Photo Stick Cost?

If pricing is an important factor for you in deciding whether to buy the Photostick or not, then you will want to know how much it costs. As of press time for this Photostick review, the cost was just $34.99 for the 8 GB version, which you will remember holds 3,500 photos. If you buy more than one through the manufacturer, you may be able to get a deal and save some money.

The 64 GB version costs $49.99 right now, and that stores up to 30,000 photos for you, so it's quite a deal if you are talking about sheer storage space. For $79.99, you can go for the biggest storage capacity that's offered by the 128 GB Photostick.


My Verdict on the Photostick

I have looked at a number of different photo storage options, and I think the PhotoStick outshines them in a few key ways. First of all, it finds the photos for you, saving you all the work of finding them yourself. It can even find files that are not where they should be on the computer.

The Photostick also transfers only one copy of a file rather than multiple copies that may be stored on your computer. Photostick reviews point out how beneficial this is and what a space saver it can be to have a product that only transfers one copy of a file. So many people have multiple copies of photos on their computers and end up wasting space that way.

The Photostick is also a good option because of the price. Not only is it already affordably priced regularly, but the manufacturers offer great deals for those who are willing to buy more than one Photostick at a time.

The compatibility needs to be mentioned again as well, and it's impressive how many devices this product works for. You'll need a different Photo Stick for iPhone or Android devices, but the regular Photo Stick works great on Macs and Windows devices. It also works with so many file formats that it is very likely to find and transfer every kind of file you want it to, so long as they are video or photo files.

I recommend that you try the PhotoStick out and see for yourself how well it works. It's a great option for anyone needing photo storage and needing a way to keep files safe or save some space on their device.

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