Intelius is one of the topmost background check services on the internet. People who want to find details on someone online often come across Intelius and wonder 'Is Intelius legit?'.

This is the purpose of the review- to explore each and every aspect of Intelius search service and to tell you whether it is worth investing your time in doing a background check search on Intelius.

Read this review to the very end to know for sure all the right ways to use Intelius, and what not to expect from the platform. This will make sure that you do not have a bad experience or are disappointed while using Intelius.

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Part 1: What is Intelius?

Intelius is a search platform that provides online background check service, Reverse Phone Lookup, and People Search services.

It provides users with multiple ways to find information on any person, without the person knowing that they are being searched.  Intelius is connected to various public records databases and the information provided to you comes from these databases.

1.1 Is Intelius legit?

Since Intelius is providing you with publicly available information, it is a completely legit background check service. However, using the information you obtain from Intelius background check service should be used in the proper manner as suggested by the platform.

1.2 Is Intelius genuine?

Yes, Intelius is a completely genuine background check service. It is not a scam or anything like that. If you get an Intelius subscription plan, you are actually going to get what you pay for, not some randomly made information.

1.3 Is Intelius free?

No, Intelius is not a free background search service. This goes the same for any other 'genuine' background check service you try on the internet. However, the pricing plans of Intelius are more or less the same as that of the competitors.

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Part 2: Intelius Features

As mentioned in the previous section, Intelius offers multiple search options for you to find information on any entity. These include:

Name-based Search:

With Intelius' name-based search, you can find information on any person by entering their first name, last name, city, and the state of residence. Even if you don't have some of this information, you can still enter the rest. Check name search details here >>

Reverse Phone Lookup:

Reverse phone lookup provides the information on who owns a particular phone number. You can enter the phone number in the field and Intelius will show you the name of the person. You can run a reverse phone lookup here.

Address Lookup:

Address lookup is a great option to find out who is living in your neighbourhood and if they are safe to be around. It provides the details of any person by searching for their address. You can also do a background check on the search result. Just search an address now.

People Directory:

People directory lets you search for a person by manually navigating through the directory of names. All the names are arranged alphabetically and you browse to the one about which you need the background check.

Phone Number Directory:

Phone number directory feature is like an online version of the traditional paper phone books. It contains a vast list of phone numbers and you can navigate manually to the number you are searching for.

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Part 3: Intelius Use Cases

Here are some of the use cases for which people use Intelius:

Find a person's criminal history:

You meet a lot of new people every day in your lives. It could be someone moving in next door or a new friend you made at the office. No matter how clean the person appears to be, it is always a good idea to find out what their past is like.

Find long lost friends:

As time moves on, people tend to lose touch with their friends, colleagues, and several other close people. Intelius helps in reconnecting all these people with you through the people search services.

Check your background check info:

Whenever you apply for a job or a new lease, people are going to do a background check on you. Therefore, it is important to know what information is present in your background check. You can use Intelius to see your own criminal records or any red flags in your report.

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Missed caller identity:

Phone calls from unknown numbers can be quite annoying. Even worse fact is that it is hard to decide whether to call back the number or not. Through Intelius' reverse phone lookup, you can find the identity of a misser caller and know if you should call them back.

Part 4: What Makes Intelius So Popular

There are many things that Intelius seems to do exactly right and in favor of the users. Some of these Intelius benefits include:

In-depth reports:

Intelius' background check reports cover a wide range of topics such as criminal history, employment history, educational background, and more. Therefore, there will not be anything hidden from you about them.

Cheap Trial:

Intelius background check trial period makes sure that you can check out the service before you buy an actual subscription plan. Many other background check services do not provide you with a trial period.

Simple Interface:

Intelius has an easy-to-use search engine interface. You just have to enter the query and click on the search button. We all know how easy Google searches are, Intelius' searches are no different. Therefore, anyone can do a background check with ease.

User Support:

People who have used Intelius often sing praises of its user support team. They resolve any issue you face quite fast. This is a major plus point as compared to most of the other Intelius competitors.

Part 5: Things Not In Favor of Intelius

While Intelius has so many merits, there are some things on which it could show some improvement. These include:

No free background searches:

There is no way you can do a free background search through Intelius. This is strange considering that you don't get to see any pricing plans or subscription warnings before you start doing your search and spend about ten minutes on it.

Marketing Gimmicks:

The search process seems to lure you into getting the background check report as if there are quite surprising criminal records in the report. These aggressive marketing gimmicks are often criticised by the users.


Auto-renewals are another thing about which Intelius users complain a lot. The subscription plans get automatically renewed without consulting you, which can be a nuisance. However, if you submit the issue to the user support team, they will refund your subscription amount.

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Part 6: Intelius Pricing Plans

Intelius offers multiple pricing plans with different time periods. The longer subscription you buy, the less you have to pay. The details of these plans are as below:

Time Period

Monthly Price

Total Amount Payable

1 month


$22.86 for one month

2 months


$38.86 for two months

Premier Plus Membership



Not to forget, you can get the Intelius trial period for just $1.99 and do unlimited background check searches in time.

Part 7: Some Intelius Alternatives

If you want to check out some other services similar to Intelius, you might find these interesting:


All in all, Intelius is a well-rounded background check service that you can use to get a detailed background check report on a person or to find out a general overview of them. Either way, after reading this Intelius review, you can safely give Intelius a try.

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