Wondering if Instant Checkmate is safe to use? Here is a detailed Instant Checkmate review that explores each and every aspect of the service, focussing on the good and the bad alike.

After reading this review, you can decide for yourself whether or not Instant Checkmate is safe for you to use. Read this review till the end to find out some things about Instant Checkmate that no one will tell you.

Part 1: What is Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate is a background check service that people from all walks of life use to find information on any person. It provides users with a variety of ways to search for information on a person (even if you do not know the person's name).

It has a search engine interface where you enter the search query and click on the search button. It then takes some time to find out all the information there is on the person online.

You can find a range of records about the person, which include:

  • Location history (present address and past address)

  • Employment history

  • Criminal background

  • Traffic records

  • Vital records (birth and death certificate, marriage and divorce certificate)

  • Alternative Phone Numbers

  • Relatives and Acquaintances

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1.1 Is Instant Checkmate Genuine?

Yes, Instant Checkmate is a genuine background check service. There are many people who want to know if it is a scam due to some negative reviews out there on the internet.

However, Instant Checkmate is actually a real search engine for finding all the information on a person.

1.2 Is Instant Checkmate Background Check Legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to do a background check through Instant Checkmate. Instant Checkmate is linked to multiple public records online. The information provided by Instant Checkmate is compiled from sources that are publicly available already.

However, the information can be used in various ways, which include ways both legal and illegal. The good thing is that Instant Checkmate will clearly describe to you which are the illegal ways in which you cannot use the background check information.

1.3 Is Instant checkmate a Free Background Check Service?

No, Instant Checkmate is not a free background check service. However, if you want to try it before you buy it, it offers a five day trial period for just $1, which can be technically considered free.

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Part 2: How Instant Checkmate Works?

The working process of Instant Checkmate is simple. Instant Checkmate is integrated with countless public records globally.

Whenever you search for a person using any related information, Instant Checkmate uses these records to search for the matching information.

The databases contain millions and millions of records, so it takes a few minutes to search through them. Once the matching information is found, it provides all the matching profiles to you.

You can narrow down to the exact profile using the additional filters or by reading the profile overview. Once you select the matching profile, you will need to buy a subscription plan (or a trial period) in order to view someone's detailed background report.

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2.1 What Can I Search For Using Instant Checkmate?

You can use a variety of search terms to do a background check on anyone using Instant Checkmate. Here are a few of these options:

Name-based Search:

Through a name based search, you can do a background check by entering the first name, last name, city, and state of the person. Even if you are missing any of this information, you can still search for the person.

People Search:

People search offers a search directory of people based on their names alphabetically. You can browse through the directory manually by the starting and ending letters of their full name.

Criminal Records:

There is a dedicated tab for finding the criminal records of a person. You can search for them through their first name, last name, and the location state. You will see overview of reports of traffic, criminal, and arrest records. Opening the full report requires subscription.

Part 3: What You Will Like About Instant Checkmate?

Since Instant Checkmate is one of the best background check services, it has a lot of things that you are going to love. Some of these things include:

Easy to Use:

Since Instant Checkmate has a search engine interface, you can just enter the query and it will get you the entire background report on the person. Therefore, anyone can do a background check without needing any technical expertise.


Instant Checkmate searches for all the information on a federal level. You do not have to jump from platform to platform trying to collect the information yourself. You get the entire background report on the person at a single place.

Cheap Trial Period

Instant Checkmate's background check trial service costs only $1 for five days. This is something everyone can afford to try out their service before getting an actual subscription plan.

Uncovering In-depth Records:

Instant Checkmate provides a lot of information on the person, most of which you might not have known already. From minor traffic offences to major crimes, there is hardly anything that will miss from your eyes if you use this service.


Information on Instant Checkmate is found to be quite accurate as compared to other background check methods.

Part 4: Where Instant Checkmate Might Disappoint You

With all its qualities, there are also some little quirks about Instant Checkmate that some people often complain about. These include:

Lack of Updated Information:

There are various instances in which information on Instant Checkmate is not found to be recently updated. If you are looking for very recent criminal records of a person, there is a small chance that you might not find them on Instant Checkmate.

No Free Searches:

While the service appears to be a free background check service, there is actually pricing involved. You do not find this out until you have already spent about ten minutes doing a background check search. This is often seen as misleading by some people.

Auto Renewals:

Instant Checkmate subscription plan is auto-renewed every month unless you cancel the service. Therefore, if you did a background check today and got a subscription plan, keep in mind you will get another charge to your credit card next month till you cancel.

Long Search Time:

Since all of us are used to Google Searches that take about a microsecond, you are going to find the time taken by Instant Checkmate to be a bit excessive.

Part 5: Instant Checkmate Pricing Plans

As is already described earlier, using Instant Checkmate is not free. You need to pay for the service to use the service.

Instant Checkmate offers subscription plans on a monthly basis. You cannot buy individual reports even if you are looking for a one time use only. The good part is that the subscription plan does not put a maximum cap on the number of searches you can do.

This means that during your subscription plan, you can do unlimited searches without worrying about any additional payments for it.

Membership Period


5-day trial period

$1for entire duration

One month subscription

$22.86 monthly

Three months subscription

$14.86 monthly

Six months subscription

$9.86 monthly

While unlimited background searches are included in the plan, you will need to pay $2 extra if you want to download any background check report as a PDF file.

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Is Instant Checkmate Worth My Money?

In this day and age, you never know which person in your acquaintances might have a dangerous past. Considering this, paying a meagre amount for unlimited monthly background checks is actually quite a good deal.

This is why if you try out Instant Checkmate, you are going to like it. The service provides information available in public records (such as government criminal records). Even accessing the information directly at the government source costs a fee.

Therefore, considering this, you actually will be on the saving end since Instant Checkmate accesses the information at countless public records sources and presents it to you at a single place.

Part 6: Instant Checkmate Alternatives

Still don't think Instant Checkmate is good enough? You can try the below alternatives for Instant Checkmate.

Final Verdict

Instant Checkmate is a well designed and balanced background check service. If you try it out, you are going to be happy that you made this decision. All the information on the platform is legally obtained and you have all the right to view it.

All in all, it is a genuine background check service that you can freely use for as many background checks as you want.

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